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5 reasons to buy

Great traction: The spikes are much longer, thicker, and also well-put so they dig right into the grass or turf even more precisely.Comfortable upper: The materials that consist of the upper are soft, light, and feels excellent on foot.True-to-size fit: Several existing wearers of the Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360 recommfinish getting the true sizes.Sufficient lockdown: The snug fit and elastic cuff administer support without being also restrictive, as occasionally is the case via pincluded collars.Trendy look: The footsphere cleat"s sleek building and construction and ghost lacing device give it a much more modern-day streamlined appearance.

4 reasons not to buy

Serious durcapacity issues: Many footballers are complaining that their cleats begin breaking acomponent after simply a couple of wears.Thin insoles: Though he understands the principle behing the current setup, an experienced shares that he"d appreciate if the insoles are thicker.Heavy: Though still light, an expert points out that the Vapor Edge Pro 360 is still at least half an ounce heavier than his average.

Bottom line

Frankly speaking, the Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360 is an amazing football cleat, however it has actually one major flaw: it can"t last lengthy. Getting it shouldn"t be such a negative concept if tbelow are no plans of using in more than two games.




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Any shade
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Overview of this review

Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360: For quick offense

Nike starts a transformation among footsphere cleats via the development of the Vapor Edge Pro 360. Though the innovation has actually currently been used on soccer cleats, this shoe is the initially one for Americal football that is equipped through a ghold lacing device. This tech streamlines the shoe, making it a lot even more suitable for sprints and also also kicks. Aside from this, this Nike footsphere cleat additionally delivers the following:

Non-restrictive assistance. Instead of boosting the height of the Vapor Edge Pro 360"s collar, Nike chooses to include an elastic cuff to contain the ankle without being also limiting.

Precise grip. The outsole is equipped through studs that are bigger and also more extensively spaced, making it for the shoe to dig on grass.

Springy response. Below the comfortable insole is a plastic shank that helps catapult the footsphere forward, going past defenders to go right to the opponent"s goal line.

Lightweight comfort. The upper is thin however without compromising sturdiness. It feels nice and also snug, but never before to the suggest of discomfort.

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Distraction-free Vapor Edge Pro 360 from Nike

With the Vapor Edge Pro 360, it becomes obvious that Nike is at the forefront in removing distractions from the game. This footsphere cleat"s light and centralized building, hidden laces, and also no-nonsense tractivity renders sure that footballers have their minds set only on winning. Check frequently so that you obtain this masteritem just for the finest price.