As quickly as Mae wakes up on Day 6, inspect the computer system for messages from both Gregg and Bea which will certainly let you understand where they have the right to be found for the day. As per usual, make your way downstairs and chat to your Mom aacquire prior to leaving.

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Just like Day 5, head right into the right-hand also side of tvery own and soptimal to Selma aacquire and also select to listen to her poem when she uses it. Mr Chazokov deserve to additionally be found on the roofpeak over Selma this particular day.

Note: Remember, Mr Chazokov will offer you a mini-game wright here you use the telescope to hunt dvery own Dusk Stars. Basically, you usage the reticule to scan the sky until it starts shaking. At this allude, straight the viewpoint towards one of the surrounding larger but much less bbest stars to find a constellation. We deserve to perform this twice on Day 4, 6, 8, 10 and also in the Epilogue. Finding 2 stars each time will certainly net you a Diary Keep in mind for each and also at the finish, an Achievement/Trophy ‘Dusk Stargazer’.

After grabbing the first three ingredients, return to Bea. We’ll then have the ability to head for the deli further to the best. Here we’ll sheight to Mae’s dad. Choose to purchase the Chicken right here. After the decision, a couple of scenes will certainly play.

Note: if you decided the ingredients detailed above, you will unlock the ‘Accidentally Good Dinner’ Achievement/Trophy.

Once dinner is over, follow Bea right into her room for another conversation. You’ll finish up arguing, however there’s nopoint you can carry out to make it much better.

Once the conversation ends, leave Bea’s apartment to uncover yourself ago at home.At this point, we’ll have a brand-new Diary Note or two - , and .

Option 2: Gregg

On Day 6, choosing to hang out through Gregg will have actually you take a bike expedition out to a surrounding woodland. Upon arrival and a brief chat, you’ll have to partake in a knife fight. Move your hand up and down to prevent Gregg’s strikes whilst striking earlier with your own. You’ll have to hit him sufficient times that he ‘wusses out’.


Following the knife fight, follow Gregg’s instance and also jump with him up and also down on the log until it breaks to create an additional conversation.

The next thing on the agenda is playing about with Gregg’s crossbow. Once you’ve common a short chat about it, he’ll hand also it over and you’ll obtain to shoot at the ‘Foremainder God’ he has actually created. Make certain you shoot this in the head in between the eyes for an Achievement/Trophy. Once you have actually done that, feel cost-free to shoot at whatever else approximately until your run out of bolts.


After running out of ammo, head to the best after Gregg for another lengthy chat. Once the conversation ends, you’ll discover yourself earlier at residence.

Now that we are residence, soptimal to Mae’s Dad three times and agree to watch TV via him (you’ll need to execute this if you desire him to relocate the boxes in the crawlroom for an Achievement/Trophy later). Later on, head up the stairs and also go to bed.

Once we are asleep, a dream will certainly start.

Dream Sequence

As with the last few dream sequences, we have to discover and interact with four musicians situated approximately the location.


They deserve to be uncovered in the complying with areas:

The first deserve to be uncovered to the left of the start place. Just run left till you can go no further to discover him.Rerevolve to the begin area and also head to the right until you discover a tiny scaffold tower we deserve to climb (tbelow is a pair of flashing red lights on it). At the optimal, head to the left and also up until you reach the horizontal wooden beam (not the slope!). Follow this all the way to the best and drop down at the end to land on a roof listed below. From right here, hop ideal for the second musician.Climb back up the tower to the ideal of the start location and this time, head to the left until you watch a huge neon authorize that claims ‘Posamount Springs Deep Hollow County’. Run up and also triple jump towards the authorize to land on rooftops listed below it. Use the frameworks on the rooftops to climb up to the sign. From right here, head throughout the roof to the left to discover the 3rd musician.For the last musician, climb the tower once aacquire and also this time climb to the very top of the level on the ideal to find the musician.

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After finding all 4 musicians, go back to where we first gone into the dream for a scene to end it. When we reget regulate, it’ll be the next morning - Part 2: Weird Autumn, Day 7.