Nicki Minaj has this whole breaking the internet point in the bag, and that’s, in component, many thanks to her luscious lady lumps that the Queen femcee is anypoint but shy about.

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Don’t believe us? Just head over to her Twitter header, wbelow Ms. Minaj’s bare bosom is sitting pretty aoptimal her profile. The flick more than likely doesn’t come as a surprise for the Barbs though, who experienced at least among Nicki’s 2 girls in the time of 2017’s Paris Fashion Week. Not to point out, her equally lusty Queen album cover. The head Barb rocked an asymmetrical Mugler top for the Haider Ackerman present featuring her one exposed breast, spanned loosely by a single pastie on her nipple.

For her 2018 fashion week excursions, the “Barbie Dreams” rapstress is reportedly skipping dvery own memory lane with the photo, and this time, mirroring both exposed breasts through the Agent Provocateur pasties.

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And the Barbs are drooling, dreaming and dropping to the floor over it.

See their reactions to Nicki’s busty Twitter banner listed below.

The new header