NEW OBJECTIVE: Aid Boddly out through her initially little bit errand!

I... I do not favor exactly how the game claims "little errand". Go ahead and also ask her what the initially errand also is and also she"ll desire... a red rose? Huh. She"ll go on around walking north from Goldpaw, but needing "Bridge" magic, saying "Li Li" can aid us. Sounds like a brand-new spell. This sounds like busy-body occupational, yet we"ll gain a new spell out of it? Ah, let"s carry out it.

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NEW OBJECTIVE: Go and also find Li Li, the specialist in spellcraft!

Li Li is actually rather cshed. Just to the northwest, dvery own the stairs. Talk to her to learn we have a potential brand-new citizen, yet she"ll desire us to kill 3 skeleplasms. Everybody wants somepoint.

QUEST 008: Li Li, the Troubled Genius - ACCEPTED!

This is easy sufficient to carry out, so make it your energetic quest and also go outside. The Skeleplasm is in the marked location and also it is just one battle! Very easy! Kill them and also return to Li Li and report the search finish.

QUEST 008: Li Li, the Troubled Genius - COMPLETED!

She"ll become a citizen currently, but we still don"t have the "Bridge" spell. Time to go acquire it! Head back to your kingdom, put Li Li in the Spellfunctions, and also have them research study "Specific Spell Development: Bridge".

This won"t take lengthy, so simply wait surrounding (and take care of your kingdom elsewhere) and soon it"ll be done. Complete the study for some dialog, then we can continue.

NEW OBJECTIVE: Go and pick a red red rose!

Go ahead and also warp ago to the "Calmlands" and make your method north (look at the map... you want to be above the sand fields to the ideal of the "bridge"). The search marker will certainly present you wright here to go. You"ll get some dialog once you obtain there and have the right to cast the "Bridge" spell.


This skirmish should be pretty straightforward compared to... well, they"ve all been pretty basic (minus that level 16 one if you tried). Still, we have actually 2 more leaders here, which is saying somepoint. One of them in certain, can go out on their very own (you obtain the Independent Units tutorial as well) for a cheap amount of could.

Continue forward and bust up the adversary as you chase down the jewel. You"ll damage a cannon ultimately and get the Rebuilding and also Reutilizing Enemy Installations tutorial (we can rebuild the cannon for ourselves now!). From tright here, simply go forward and smash whatever crosses you, using skills and ruining cannons whenever before you see them. Reconstruct whatever you discover for yourself and also remember to reinforce once needed!

The last "boss" of this skirmish has a surprise: ogre-kind creatures. Two of them. They deserve to wipe out troops extremely conveniently, so absolutely usage your skills against them (the shout one and the bombing-run one are both really good). Win right here and also you"ll re-claim the Starlight Stone.

Head back to tvery own currently and... wait. Before you go to the library, look throughout the street to watch a search marker. Go talk to "Tabbias", who will certainly ask for our aid. Seems he messed up really badly and also left his boss and also goods in Cloudcoil Canyon. Gah, looks choose we"re helping out someone else!

QUEST 014: Tabprejudice, the Trusting Traveler - ACCEPTED!

Go ahead and warp to Cloudcoil Canyon (use the Sidewinder Gorge location). Talk to the vendor to the eastern right here to learn that we have to be checking "Crookneck Cavern". From here, warp to "Slitherslide Trail" and leave the canyon to the north.

Crookneck Cavern

I do not think we actually went to this area, to be honest. That is a full faitempt on BK"s part! Hang left as you departure Cloudcoil Canyon and go dvery own to the water once you have the right to. Go around the transforms and ideal up the slope, across the land also bridge to the cavern.

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There"s not much in right here. One sparkle and, to the best, a chest via 600 Guilders. More importantly for us is a vendor... in here, for some factor. Keep in mind that his shop is labeled "Suspicious Shop". Go ahead and also buy the "Tabbias" Knapsack" for 1,000G right here and also we"ll obtain a scene.

Ah, he"s in on it through them. Go ahead and whoop up on the bandits and also after winning, we"ll gain our money back. Sweet! Go back to Tabpredisposition now and provide him his Knapsack ago. He"ll learn the truth around his task and also accept our offer to sign up with our kingdom! Hurrah!

QUEST 014: Tabprejudice, the Trusting Traveler - COMPLETED!

OK, let"s go to the Library currently and also turn in the last item. Enjoy the scenes below ("enjoy") and shortly we"ll have actually out Library Card. Hurrah!