The Food Network and also Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival presented by Coca-Cola is coming up on Oct. 12-15. Get the details.

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Charlotte Parrott, Staff


NEW YORK, NY — Foodies unite! The Food Netjob-related and also Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival presented by Coca-Cola is gearing up for its 10th anniversary on Oct. 12-15. Whether you"re looking to sip cocktails at a scenic roofpeak bar or learn exactly how to prepare up your favorite dish from a master chef, the NYCWFF is jam-packed through events for culinary connoisseurs of all kinds.

As an official media companion of this legendary occasion held by the Food Netoccupational and the Cooking Channel, we"re counting dvery own the days till the fun kicks off! Check out the full list of events listed below and also remain tuned for updates around upcoming occasions and ticket options as the festival philosophies.

Thursday, Oct. 12

Smorgasburg presented by Thrillist organized by the Cast of Chopped - One of Brooklyn"s a lot of beloved outdoor food extravaganzas is making its means to Manhattan! Join the cast of "Chopped" as they kick of the festival in style via craft cocktails and also appetizers served on the scenic roofheight of Pier 92. Get the details

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"Red Sauce" With a Twist! - Enjoy a gourmet Italian meal prepared by experienced chefs Angie Mar and Patti Jackson at the historic Beatrice Inn. Feastern on distinct interpretations of classical Italian fare while sipping wine expertly paired by Southern Glazer"s Wine & Spirits. Get the details

The Perfect Mix of Iconic and New Chefs - Dine on a masterpiece of a meal prepared by renown chefs Alain Ducasse and also Laetitia Rouabah. These rock star female chefs develop distinct dishes by combining their different influences and also training - component old college, part development. Get the details

Find out what's happening in New York City through complimentary, real-time updays from

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Dine With a Culinary Legend Enjoy a gourmet meal prepared by a master in his own domain. Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten will certainly be hosting a exclusive dinner for NYCWFF attendees at his acdeclared restaurant on Perry Street. Get the details

A Down-Home Fried Chicken Dinner If eating fried chicken via Whoopi Goldberg is on your bucket list, then you"ve gotta make it to this dinner. Sample some of the the majority of critically acdeclared down-residence heart food that you can uncover in Harlem at Sylvia"s - Whoopie"s favorite restaurant. Get the details

New Zealand also Meets New York City - This event"s meal will certainly be a unique fusion of industry fresh ingredients, NYC timeless cuisines and culinary creations from down under in New Zealand also. Chefs Charlie Palmer, Matt Lambert and also Dan Kluger come together to create a dining experience you will not forget. Get the details

Tuscany kind of Meets Rome in NYC - Cooking Channel star chefs Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos come together to produce an Italian dining experience complete via influences from various areas of Italy. Joined by Manhattan restaurateur Beatrice Tosti, this trio of culinary experts are sure to dazzle. Get the details

Amerihave the right to Fine Dining With a Twist - If you love elegant cuisine however hate the pretentiousness that frequently accompanies Five Star restaurants, this occasion is for you. Chefs Michael Schwartz, Michael Anthony and also Ryan Hardy come together to craft an approachable yet upscale meal that attendees are certain to reap. Get the details

Friday, Oct. 13

Whet Your Appetite - Start your weekfinish the best way via a high power happy hour. Scott Conant hosts a laid-ago event where attendees can wander and taste different appetizers that pair perfectly with unique wines, beers and also cocktails. Get the details

Blue Moon Bash presented by Pat LaFrieda meats hosted by Rachael Ray - Hosted by Food Netoccupational symbol Rachel Ray, The Blue Moon Burger Bash is a roofpeak prepare off that"s perfect for meat lovers. You"ll obtain to play food judge and also taste different chefs attempts at the "perfect burger" while sipping and also ice cold Blue Moon beer. Get the details

Party With Brooklyn"s Best Chefs - NYCWFF and also MUNCHIES, a Brooklyn resource for food news, are combining pressures to carry you the ideal of Brooklyn cuisine. Hosted at the iconic Industria Williamsburg, you"ll be able to sample appetizers and also sip craft cocktails all evening lengthy. Get the details

Once-in-a-Lifetime Pairing of Two Culinary Icons - Join master chefs Wolfgang Puck and Daniel Bouloud for an unforgettable culinary suffer. You"ll gain to attempt dishes from an exclusive tasting menu and sip wine that"s been expertly paired by the chefs themselves. Get the details

Two Amazing Chefs Team Up For The First Time Ever - Enjoy a delicious spreview developed by a powerhouse duo of culinary prowess: Dominique Crenn and Alex Guarnaschelli. These 2 female chefs have actually never cooked together prior to, making the food selection distinct and the dining endure truly one-of-a-kind. Get the details

Superb Indian Flavors Created by the Legends - Try your favorite Indian dishes ready by culinary professionals. Floyd Cardoz and also Anita Jaisinghani will incorporate their Indian-Amerideserve to and also Ayurvedic Indian impacts to produce a distinctive dining endure that is not to be missed. Get the details

An Exclusive Dinner That Brings the Heat - Chef Francis Mallman is firing up some of his classic Argentinian recipes for a flavorful evening. Enjoy authentic cuisine ready by and also Argentine native and grasp chef that will not disapallude. Get the details

East vs. West Coast Fusion Flavors - Charles Phan, Jeremiah Stone and also Fabian von Hauske are joining forces for a fusion feast that festival goers won"t want to miss out on. You"ll suffer dishes with Vietnamese seasonings and modern American influences functioning together, deliciously. Get the details

Femme Fatale via Speed Rack held by Anne Burrell - Celebprice famous females from history with Food Netoccupational star Anne Burrell. Sip a critically acasserted cocktail while grooving to the music in the hip Meat Packing district of Manhattan. Get the details

Winner Takes All in this Classic Dessert Debate - Duff Goldman of the Food Netjob-related is putting pastries to the test! Sample various distinctive desserts and vote for your favorite at this competitive battle of the sweets, held at ambient High Line Hotel. Get the details

Gourmet After Dark - Have you ever wanted to explore the aisles of Dean & Deluca after hours? Well, now is your chance! Sneak into this upscale regional sector via a group of friends and sample some of their the majority of popular meats, cheeses, desserts and wines. Get the details

Saturday, Oct. 14

A Farm-to-Table Brunch With NYC"s Best - Food Network-related organize Geoffrey Zakarian has a fresh take on brunch that you won"t want to miss out on. Enjoy a walk-and-taste occasion that spotlights neighborhood New York farmers and chefs that integrate seasonal ingredients with creative recipes to create unique, neighborhood dishes to die for. Get the details

Time to Make the Donuts! - Chef Scott Levine of Underwest Donuts is teaching curious festival-goers how to make a delicious donut all by themselves! This manual class teaches participants how to expertly craft a donut using a recipe that took Chef Levine 5 months to perfect. Get the details

Treat Yourself to a Classic Israeli Brunch - Michael Solomonov, an award-winning chef, is serving up a family-style brunch using flavors from his homeland also of Israel. Hosted at the authentic Cafe Medi in the Lower East Side, this communal meal won"t disapallude brunch lovers. Get the details

Italian-Encouraged Fun for the Whole Family - Food Netjob-related star Giada De Laurentiis is celebrating the transforming seasons and also the coming of fall with a family-friendly event. This "Harvest Party" will have actually cheeses, desserts, pizzas and pasta that the whole family members can gain. Get the details

Fans of All Ages Can Enjoy Culinary Demonstrations - This event is designed to make food lovers of all periods feel welcome and also to be entertained. Attendees deserve to watch their favorite Food Netjob-related or Cooking Channel stars as they prepare their signature dishes live and also in real time! Get the details

Learn How to Bake Brioche and Beignets from a Master - Are you a lover of breakable pastries, and also want to learn exactly how to make them yourself? Zachary Golper, owner of Bien Cuit, a well known bakery in Brooklyn, is teaching a understand class for curious bakers to learn tricks and also tips of making the perfect brioche or beignets. Get the details

The Meatsphere Shop Master Class - Daniel Holzmale, that some would certainly argue is a Meatsphere Master in his very own appropriate, is teaching a course on producing the perfect meatball to NYCWFF attendees. Whether you"re curious around crafting the heritage Italian meatball or somepoint more innovative (meatball nachos, for example!) this class is a can"t-miss for meatsphere lovers. Get the details

A Sweet Treat for All Ages - Master Chef Mario Batali is teaming up with Ayesha Curry of the Food Netjob-related for an afternoon of family-friendly ice cream fun. This "fun-dae" will certainly attribute hand-picked gelato and traditional ice cream treats that even the little bit ones will love. Get the details

Calling All Whiskey Lovers! - If you"ve ever wondered around the difference in between Bourbon and also Rye, or thought to yourself: "what even is Scotch?" then this event is for you. Hosted at STK, a trendy ale house on the West Side, whisvital lovers have the right to sip, sample and learn around whisvital and also where it comes from. Get the details

Pigs and also Pints presented by InsideHook hosted by Robert Irvine - Chef Robert Irvine is diving into all things pork throughout this celebratory occasion. Try a selection of various dishes, from pork tacos to desserts with bacon, while sipping a pint of craft beer to wash it down. Get the details

Rooftop Iron Chef Showdown: Battle Autumn Bounty - Calling all Iron Chef fans! If you"re a fan of this culinary showdvery own phenomenon, then this roofoptimal occasion is perfect for you. Watch chefs go head-to-head in a live food battle, just like on T.V. The winner will be selected by Food Network-related star Alton Brown. Get the details

A "Meat-ing" of the Minds - Joseph "JJ" Johnson and contestant from Top Chef John Tesar are joining pressures to develop a meat-filled feastern you won"t want to miss. This occasion is designed to celebrate the release of Chef Tesar"s latest cookbook, and also the menu will encompass some of his favorite recipes pulled straight from its pperiods. Get the details

Farm-to-Table Cuisine from Around the World - Fresh, neighborhood ingredients are a have to for many chefs regardless of wbelow they"re from. Chef Rodolfo Guzguy from Chile and also Brooklyn-aboriginal Greg Braxtom are coming together to create a distinctive dining suffer, unified by their mutual appreciation for fresh, seasonal and also locally grown ingredients. Get the details

Cuisines Collide in this Exclusive Dinner - Chefs Alon Shaya, Nick Anderer and also Justin Smillie are teaming up for the initially time ever in a once-in-a-lifetime culinary endure. Enjoy a distinctive blfinished meal with impacts from Italy, Israel and The golden state all in one food selection. Get the details

Hospitality at its Fiswarm - Chef Paul Kahan from Chicearlier and also Marc Vetri from Philadelphia are joining forces for the first time to create a dynamic dining suffer where hospitality is king. Attendees will certainly likewise receive a copy of Kahan"s latest cookbook, Cheers to the Publideserve to. Get the details

NYCWFF Brings the Best of European Cuisine to NYC - Chef Gabriel Kreuther will certainly be honoring 2 of the the majority of world-renvery own dining destinations in an intimate culinary evening. Attendees will taste dishes crafted as an homage to Le Burgandy in Paris and Schloss Elmau in Elmau, Germany. Get the details

Dine with an Iconic Chef at his Test Kitchen - David Bouley, health-savvy height chef and restaurateur is inviting guests of NYCWFF Festival to sample some nutritious and gourmet dishes in his Test Kitchen. Choose from a single tasting food selection that consists of dishes infused through flavors reminiscent of Autumn. Get the details

Street Food at Its Best - Lester Walker, Jon Gray, Pierre Serrao and Malcolm Livingston II make up the Ghetto Gastro, a a group leading the food radvancement in the Bronx. Sample some of the ideal street eats available in NYC, from warm dogs to donuts to dumplings - these finest kept street food secrets are coming to light throughout this event. Get the details

A Midnight Breakfast Feast - Chef Alvin Cailan of the restaurant Eggslut in Brooklyn is hosting a late-night occasion for breakrapid lovers anywhere. Enjoy live music and a stiff bloody Mary while you learn the ins and also outs of a breakrapid staple: The Egg Sandwich! Get the details

Sunday, Oct. 15

Learn to Cook Unique Oriental Dishes - Chef Junghyun Park of the hit Korean warm spot Atoboy! is teaching a manual master course on cooking unique Oriental food. You"ll learn secret preparation methods for some of Chef Park"s most well known dishes, prefer Spicy Peanut Butter Sauce and also Fried Chicken. Get the details

Variety presents Broadmethod Tastes organized by Kristin Chenoweth - Enjoy gourmet brunch dishes that were influenced by the participating chef"s favorite musicals. Event attendees will even get the opportunity to meet Broadway stars while munching on a menu packed through morning-time delicacies. Get the details

Dim Sum Pleasure - Chef Paul Donnelly is placing a new twist on classical Chinese dumplings in an evening of culinary creation that you will not want to miss out on. Hosted at the trendy Chinese Tuxecarry out restaurant in Chinatvery own, this occasion is a dumpling lovers dream come true. Get the details

Center Eastern Lunch via a Twist - Israeli Chef Meir Adoni is creating a Middle Eastern motivated brunch fprovided via impacts from his Israeli heritage. This lunch is held at his initially restaurnt in New York, Nur, and also is sure to please lovers of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food aprefer. Get the details

Oyster Bash presented by Barnegat Oyster Collective sponsored by Modelo organized by Adam Richmale - Adam Richmale, host of the Travel Channel"s hit display Man Vs. Food is hosting an event that oyster lovers will not desire to miss. Sample crustacean delicacies created by some of New York"s a lot of respected seafood chefs and also wash it all dvery own with a hand-crafted Bloody Mary that won"t disapallude. Get the details

Learn To Make Standard Jewish Dishes with a Modern Twist - Try your hand at food preparation up some old-people Jewish cuisine in the time of this hand-operated master course. Chefs Jeffery Yoskowitz and Liz Alpern of the renvery own Gefilteria are passing on some preparation tips for developing standard Jewish fare with a much more upbeat, modern flare. Get the details

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Find Out How to Butcher Like a Pro - Get your butchering abilities from the incredibly best! Jocelyn Guest and also Erika Nakamura are teaming as much as teach a hand-operated workshop and master class designed to teach standard abilities and also philosophies to carving and trimming various cuts of meat. Get the details

Find Out to Make One of NYC"s Many Famous Pastries - Many kind of New Yorkers will certainly agree that the ideal babka originates from Breads Bakery, and currently you deserve to learn exactly how to make it yourself! Attendees will get a hands-on lesson for baking your exceptionally own cocoa babka - from scratch. Get the details

An Innovative Take on Brunch Classics - Dale Talde, constant guest on Top Chef teams up via Alvin Cailan, owner of Los Angeles brunch hot spot Eggslut for a one-of-a-type brunch suffer. Enjoy imaginative brunch cocktails and also brand-new takes on breakrapid standards like the egg sandwich. Get the details

The Best Bites of the Atlantic Coast - Josh Capon, renown East Coast chef is bringing together some of the finest grab-and-go dishes you can discover on a road expedition alengthy the water. Whether you"re a fan of BBQ from North Carolina or a Lobster Roll from Maine, this walk-roughly tasting event is sure to have something for everyone. Get the details

Wine Spectator Seminar: Unique Wines of Southern Italy - Navigate the distinctive seasonings that make up Southern Italian wine at this seminar. Event attendees will sample wines from various areas of Southern Italy, like Calabria, Puglia and Campania. Get the details

Create Sushi through an Iron Chef - Discover just how to make your own gourmet sushi from Iron Chef and also Food Netoccupational star Masaharu Morimoto. This hands-on, step-by-action workshop will overview its participants via the process of hand-rolling intricate sushi combinations from scrape. Get the details

An Exclusive Cheese Education - Do you really love cheese, and also desire to learn more around it? Join writer and cheese aficionaperform Liz Thorpe in a guided tasting wright here attendees will sample a large range of rare, artisan cheeses. You"ll also have actually a chance to get a signed copy of Thorpe"s latest book, The Book of Cheese. Get the details

Rooftop Rosé at The Top of The Standard - Join Elvis Duran and Food Network-related star Katie Lee in a walk-roughly, roofoptimal tasting occasion. Sample Rosé from approximately the civilization while taking in the scenic views from the roof of The Standard Highline. Get the details

Wine Spectator Seminar: Holiday Wines on a Spending Plan - Find Out how to shop for high-top quality wines that are sure to fulfill every one of your guests at your following holiday party - without breaking the bank. This seminar, held by Wine Spectator, walks participants with the dos and also don"t of purchasing wine on a budacquire. Get the details

Coca-Cola Backyard BBQ organized by Anattracted Zimmern and Pat LaFrieda - Join Anattracted Zimmermale, hold of the Travel Channel"s hit show Bizarre Foods in a family-friendly afternoon BBQ event. Play games through the youngsters and sample BBQ delights crafted by some of New York"s ideal grill masters. Get the details