I finally did it, I just got all the star coins in World 9 of New Super Mario Brothers for the Nintendo Wii! (Wow was level 9-7 hard!!!)

The game said something like "Congratulations, you"ve done everything there is to do!"... But knowing Nintendo, I am skeptical. Without spoiling it, is there anything left for me to do, or have I really maxed out the game? (If there is some hidden thing to do, a hint would be much more appreciated than a direct explanation of what the hidden thing is)

FYI, My save game icon does have 5 stars on it.

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Nope. 5 stars is the maximum. You"ve really done everything! Congratulations!

Technically, I suppose you could go and buy all the videos now, but you don"t get anything from viewing them all.


Well, there is one thing. You can make the stars on your save file sparkle by never having a Super Guide appear (the green box that rings like a doorbell if you fail to pass a level within 8 attemps). Just not using one doesn"t count.

Once even one appears, I believe to earn the sparkly stars you have to start over from the last point you saved, so that the Super Guide appearing isn"t part of your save file.

I would probably beat the game as fast as possible. Once you"ve beaten Bowser, you"re able to save your game at any point, not just when you"ve finished a castle or taken a cannon. This should make restarting a level if the Super Guide appears much less time consuming.


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