1. People that can’t seem to carry themselves to admit they don’t know somepoint. Instead of “I don’t know,” they’ll answer concerns that weren’t asked, steer the conversation to somepoint they carry out know, or also resort to straight-up making shit up.

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2. The kind of perboy who just compliments you or is nice to you when he desires something.

3. Perpetual Victims. They blame everyone about for the negative points that happen to them however aren’t willing to look at themselves and readjust their habits for their very own advantage.

4. Positivity robots. The kind of human being that are always talking around being positive and also loving one one more have, in all my suffer, been the oppowebsite.

5. Those who insurance claim never to have had bad thoughts or temptations. What are they going to do as soon as they do have actually one!?


6. People that name drop constantly.

7. In the conmessage of dating: once a guy starts calling you “pet names” right off the bat. Sir, we simply met, that the fuck you calling babe?

8. Story toppers. If they’re willing to lie around something as insignificant as that then possibilities are that they’ll lie around anypoint and every little thing.

9. People who have the right to never before seem to admit they may be wrong or apologize.

10. Men who are only nice to woguys they uncover attrenergetic. They lack empathy and seem to be unable to view womales as people.


11. People who talk shit around another perkid, only to become her bestie later. It’s choose, wait, you despised that person yet now you’re in her wedding party and also execute couple’s weekends? Okaaayyyy.

12. People that use my name too a lot when talking to me. It’s an old sales trick that some people still think functions. It simply comes throughout as annoying and manipulative to me.

13. People who entirely readjust their character as soon as other human being hang out with them.

14. People that can’t host a project and it’s ALWAYS the employer’s fault they quit or were fired.

15. If you bring up exactly how hoswarm and also reliable you are, then I understand to never to perform service through you or count on you to do the appropriate thing.


16. The moment someone refers to themselves as ‘brutally honest’. Generally, they’re a lot more interested in brutality than honesty.

17. People who gossip. Or make fun of human being for their looks or just how they dress.


18. People that will never before answer direct questions. They are so busy lying and consisting of stories that standard concerns streatment the crap out of them.

19. People that don’t like pets.

20. People that write-up eincredibly element of their resides on social media. Purposetotally offering up this filtered, perfect, fine-tuned version of themselves and also their stays, and also expecting us to accept this as reality. It renders me wonder what they are hiding, or what, possibly, they’re overcompensating for.


21. People who constantly agree on whatever.

22. People that believe 100% in astrology. To the level of basing task choices and relationships off of whichever before horoscope works best for them.

23. The sort of perchild that shouts curse words at their mommy.

24. People who are also nice to everyone ALL the time.

25. People who lie to your confront, also if they think they are protecting your feelings.


26. Anyone that desires to constantly borrow your stuff.

27. People that overshare as soon as you meet them, and want to be close friends best amethod. It feels favor required intimacy (platonic or otherwise) and seems to regularly lead to control/boundary difficulties.

Also, world who have a brand-new ideal friend eextremely few months.

28. Non-recovered alcoholics… I have been fucked over by everyone in my life who’s been addicted to alcohol.

29. People that have actually a thousand friends.


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30. When I see someone be a dick to someone just bereason they deserve to, I instantly assume that perkid can’t be trusted.



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