By Billy Dennis

One of the the majority of damaging side results of social media is the proliferation of misindevelopment. Spreading prefer a virus, it has actually begun to infect our culture all at once.One current phenomenon caught my eye: misquoting our founding fathers. I’m certain both factions of our political ideological backgrounds get involved in some degree, but the lion’s share of these erroneous quotes originates from the conservative and also Tea Party crowd.Here, I have decided to tackle a few of their favorites.“The Holy bible is the resource of liberty.”I discover this one to be particularly puzzling considering that Thomas Jefferboy was a Deist, and as such, did not exactly revere the Scriptures. Since Jefferkid didn’t think in the divinity of Jesus, he created the Jefferkid Holy bible, which took out all mentions of miracles attributed to Jesus and any referrals to him being the Son of God.The earliest source I can find that attributed this quote to Jefferboy was from the 1952 book, Our Public Schools – Christian or Secular, by Renwick Harper Martin. Basically, we have the right to blame this quote on America’s brand-new religiosity in the confront of Soviet atheism.At the time this quote became famous, we were also amfinishing our Pledge of Allegiance to include the words, “Under God.”“Never trust a federal government that doesn’t trust its own citizens through firearms.”I’ve seen this quote numerous times as a result of the current mass shootings and calls for more powerful gun regulations. The just difficulty, Benjamin Franklin never before sassist it. I have actually scoured Franklin’s writings in search of this quote, and also it has actually proven to be quite elusive.It’s not found is any type of of his Poor Richard’s Maxims and also cannot be uncovered in the digital archive of The Franklin Papers, a website sponsored by Yale University. The genesis of this quote shows up to be a meme circulated on social media.“When governments are afraid the civilization, tbelow is liberty. When the world are afraid the government, tbelow is tyranny.”Sorry Libertarians, but Jefferchild didn’t say this one either. It is among those quotes we can all imagine him saying, which is specifically why it’s so pervasive this particular day.The earliest recognized appearance of this quote in print was in 1914. However, this quote was not attributed to Jefferson until 1994. Like the various other quotes, this one have the right to be straight tied into the politics of the moment.In 1994, two years into the Bill Clinton presidency, many Conservatives and also Libertarians thought the federal government was ending up being also intrusive and also overgetting to. This quote was offered to bolster their allude of check out.While we all reap analysis and also hearing our favorite quotes from the beginning fathers, it is extremely tough, if not difficult, to take quotes from the 18th and 1ninth century and superimpose them onto our politics this day.For example, one actual quote of Franklin’s that I hear all the moment is, “They that can give up necessary liberty to attain a little momentary security deserve neither liberty nor safety.”This quote made a lot of sense as soon as the chief risks of the day were cannons and muskets, however something tells me Franklin would certainly amfinish this quote if he lived through the danger of chemical, organic and also nuclear tools in the hands of rogue states and stateless terrorist teams coupled through our very own jingoistic nature.

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Brad onJuly 13th, 2015 10:20 pm


Researching:The Papers of Thomas Jefferkid, digital edition;Thomas Jefferson: Papers and also Thomas Jefferson: Biographies collections in Hathi Trust Digital Library;Thomas Jefferboy Retirement PapersEarliest well-known appearance in print 1914Earliest known appearance in print attributed to Thomas Jefferboy, 1994


allows instead stick with the kewl steady thinker truther wisdoms such as “the CIA swarm JFK” “the Moon landing was faked” “coffee enemas cure cancer” “smoking cigarettes weed avoids and cures cancer 100%”


Oooooh! The eeeeeevillllllll Tea Party.Ironically, the pompous, rookie attempt at journalism above is itself highly biased, and also misclaims or misrepresents history, such as Jefferson’s Deism, and also the .Also, tright here is exactly NO proof the assertions that specific quotes were not uttered by the human being claimed, specifically in some form if not precise citation.The Leftist propaganda in the silly piece boundaries on disgusting, such as:“it is exceptionally difficult, if not impossible, to take quotes from the 18th and also 19th century and also superimpose them onto our politics this particular day.”This pretty a lot sums up the pathology of Leftism, and also it is utter nonsense: These anti-Amerideserve to, anti-Constitution Leftist tyrants and their “Polyezniy idioti” (“Useful idiots” – Lenin and Stalin, and also YES they DID say it) have NO use for wisdom and also universal truths, such as individual liberty, restricted government, and the supreme legal record that promises them, bereason they stand square and also solid in the way of their imposing tyranny at their whim.


Hmmm……I would believe this, yet this all sounds much also pro-federal government, anti-WeThePeople….. Whether they did say these things or not, the person that DID was a true guy or woguy of the People and I for one respect the hell out of them for stating the ACTUAL reality of things and also just how they should be. If you dont believe that Franklin said “Do not trust a federal government that does not trust its citizens through arms” then possibly you’ll believe THIS one….that actually IS plain as day to research. “To dominate a country, you should first disarm its citizens.” – Adolf Hitler.

Caine murdered Able with a stick, David eliminated Goliath through a stone, Sampboy slew a multitude through the jaw bone of an ass, which is holding office somelocation surrounding.The trouble is folks forget that history is written by the victors and also over the bodies of their victims!We have moved so far forward that we are catching up with our very own history, and also if we don’t learn then we will forever before repeat. I deliberately use quotes to present this post as irpertinent, the human endure is never before static so weather Ben Franklin or Jefferson, or Mvarious other Teresa shelp somepoint or not alters not the sentiment nor the factor.

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Um…are YOU sure? And given that I’M SURE you were there to hear and see everything the founders said and also wrote, I’M SURE you’d understand EVERYTHING the founders shelp and wrote. /sThis is ridiculous speculation.