The Order of the Thistle is the best order of chivalry in Scotland, recognising sixteen Knights with the greatest honour in the country and recognises Scottish guys and also womales who have actually organized public office or that have added in a specific means to national life. The Order is second just in precedence in England also to the Order of the Garter.

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The day of the structure of the Order is not well-known, although legfinish has actually it that it was started in 809 once King Achaius made an alliance with the Emperor Charlemagne.

It is possible that the Order may have actually been established by James III (1488-1513), who was responsible for transforms in symbolism in Scotland, consisting of the fostering of the thistle as the plant badge.

James II (James VII of Scotland) established the Order with a statutory foundation under new rules in 1687 - to reward Scottish peers who sustained the king"s political and also religious intends.

The Queen is the Sovereign of the Order, and also appointments made to the Order are totally her individual gift, in acknowledgment of men and also women that have held public office or have actually contributed substantially to national life. Current Knights and also Ladies of the Thistle incorporate music teacher and also ex-Director of St Mary"s Music School in Edinburgh, Lady Marion Fraser, and previous Chief Scout of the United Kingdom, Sir Garth Morriboy. In addition to the 16 Knights and Ladies, The Battle Each Other of Edinburgh, The Princess, and The Duke of Cambridge – well-known in Scotland also as The Earl of Strathearn – have actually been appointed as Knights of the Thistle. 

Motto: Nemo me impune lacessit (No one damages me via impunity)

Chapel: Thistle Chapel, St. Giles" Cathedral

Ranks: Knight or Lady 

Post-nominals: KT or LT

The Thistle Service

Eincredibly various other year, dressed in their striking green velvet robes, glistening insignia and also white-plumed hats, the knights take component in a grand also procession to the Chapel of the Order of the Thistle in Edinburgh, for the Order of the Thistle Service. The Knights and Ladies meet for a ceremony at The Thistle Chapel in St Giles" Cathedral, wright here any type of new Members are mounted into the Order by The Queen. The procession starts in the Signet Library in Edinburgh Town Centre, while just external the Library in Parliament Square collect The Guard of Honour with the Colours (flags) of the Company type of, accompanied by the Band of the Regiment of Scotland also.

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The Soveregime and the Knights, accompanied by the Chancellor, Dean and also Secretary of the Thistle, then process right into the Chapel of the Order of the Thistle, wbelow The Queen installs the new Knights. The procession then continues to the Cathedral for the remainder of the Service. 

Following the Service tright here is a brief Reception in the Signet Library, and a lunch at the Palace of Hollyroodresidence.

Tickets to the Service

To be able to check out the procession, please apply in breakthrough for tickets by creating to:

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