Personnel:Nat King Cole (vcl, p), Billy May (arr & cond), Willie Smith (as), Buddy Collette, Ted Nash (ts), Harry Edichild, Pete Candoli (tp), Si Zentner (tb), Red Callender (tuba), Jimmy Rowles (p), Barney Kessel, John Collins (g), Charlie Harris (b), Lee Young (d),

Reference: EJA035

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This release has Nat King Coles complete 1957 original album Just One of Those Things, through orchestra carried out by Billy May. It is taken into consideration his ideal swing album ever as a singer. Several bonus tracks showcasing Cole with both the Billy May and also Nelkid Riddle orchestra have actually been added.Tracklisting:01. WHEN YOUR LOVER HAS GONE (2:34)02. A COTTAGE FOR SALE (2:59)03. WHOS SORRY NOW (2:59)04. ONCE IN A WHILE (2:49)05. THESE FOOLISH THINGS (3:48)06. JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT (2:36)07. DONT GET AROUND MUCH ANYMORE (3:13)08. I UNDERSTAND (2:26)09. JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS (2:15)10. THE SONG IS ENDED (2:47)11. I SHOULD CARE (2:48)12. THE PARTYS OVER (2:44)13. TANGERINE (2:46) (*) Bonus Track14. ST. LOUIS BLUES (2:25*) (*) Bonus Track15. ANGEL EYES (3:15) (*) Bonus Track16. LOVER, COME BACK TO ME (2:32) (*) Bonus Track17. CANT I (3:16) (*) Bonus Track18. TEACH ME TONIGHT (3:12) (*) Bonus Track19. WALKIN MY BABY BACK HOME (2:40) (*) Bonus Track20. WHAT DOES IT TAKE (2:47) (*) Bonus Track21. WALKIN (2:50) (*) Bonus Track22. IM HURTIN (2:51) (*) Bonus Track23. PAPA LOVES MAMBO (2:40) (*) Bonus Track24. TOO MARVELOUS FOR WORDS (1:55) (*) Bonus Track25. ITS ONLY A PAPER MOON (2:11) (*) Bonus Track26. ID RATHER HAVE THE BLUES (2:54) (*) Bonus Track27. NEVER LET ME GO (2:55) (*) Bonus TrackTotal time: 75:14 min.Tracks #1-12 from "Just One Of Those Things" (Capitol W-903).Nat King Cole (vcl) on all tracks, with Orchestra carried out by Billy May, featuring: Willie Smith (as), Buddy Collette, Ted Nash (ts), Harry Sweets Edichild, Pete Candoli, Conrad Gozzo (tp), Si Zentner, Murray McEachern, George Roberts (tb), Red Callender (tuba), Jimmy Rowles (p), Barney Kessel, John Collins (g), Charlie Harris (b), Lee Young (d) and Jack Costanzo (perc) among others. Recorded in Los Angeles, July 10-August 7, 1957.The bonus tracks #13-27: Nat King Cole (vcl, p) via orchestras conducted by Billy May and also Nelkid Riddle. Tracks recorded in Los Angeles & Hollywood, in between 1951-1958.-------------------------------------------------Notes:"Just One of Those Things is a theme album comparable to one of Frank Sinatra"s up-tempo swing albums of the very same duration (Come Fly With Me, and so on.), and employs the exact same arranger/conductor, Billy May. Nat King Cole is a little much less efficient than Sinatra at up-tempo material; he often tends to undersing these sprightly standards, and also May conserves his dramatic horn charts and percussion shots for moments as soon as Cole is amethod from the microphone.

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Even so, by the fifth track, "These Foolish Things Remind Me of You," May has actually retreated to ballad time, and though his embellishments threaten to break out behind the singer, Cole gives an assured, unhurried performance. And that"s the point: that Cole has actually tamed the rambunctious May does not mean he doesn"t provide wonderful interpretations to some wonderful songs: "Don"t Get Around Much Anymore," "Just One of Those Things," "The Song Is Ended (But the Melody Lingers On)." And the light-handed swing supports those efforts well."William Ruhlmann -All Music Guide"I"m an interpreter of stories, as soon as I perform it"s like I"m simply sitting dvery own at my piano and informing fairy stories."Nat Cole -Time magazine (1951)