L>"Family Feud" surveys | Season 20 | 7-answer surveysWhat would you perform if you uncovered out a coworker renders even more than you do for the very same job?100COMPLAIN/NEED RAISE61BE THRILLED FOR THEM3QUIT/GET NEW JOB12WORK HARDER2FEEL ANGRY/CUSS10DO LESS WORK2NOTHING/IGNORE IT10We asked 100 married men...Name something you love to watch your wife perform.100UNDRESS31COOK10SHOWER25PUT ON MAKEUP3SLEEP17CLEAN/THE CAR2DANCE12We asked 100 married woguys...Name something you put on and also you deserve to gain your husband to execute just around anything.99SEXY THONG/CLOTHES77DINNER/BACON3PERFUME8A TIARA2JUST A TOWEL4A POUTY FACE/"TUDE2A SMILE3We asked 100 woguys...When you view a guy, where"s the initially location your eyes go?99EYES/FACE/TEETH77HIS ARMS/BICEPS3DELICIOUS DERRIERE6HIS BIG HANDS3FIRM PECS4THICK HAIRY LEGS2HAIR/NO BALDIES!4Name an animal that does not have actually a leg to stand also on.99SNAKE59DOLPHIN/PORPOISE3FISH/SHARK/EEL23SNAIL/SLUG3WHALE5WORM2SEAL/SEA LION4We asked 100 married males...If you desire to have a good marriage, name somepoint you and also your spousage must do eexceptionally day.99TALK/SAY "I LOVE YOU"55HOLD BACK COMPLAINTS4GO TO POUND TOWN15GO TO WORK3KISS/HUG13BE APART/SLEEP ALONE3LAUGH/SMILE6Name a rumor a woguy can spreview around her ex-boyfriend just so no various other woguy will certainly date him.99HAS THE CLAP/VD54CHEATS/DAILY4BAD LOVER22KICKIN" BREATH3DIGS DUDES8HE"S CHEAP2MEAN/NUT JOB6When a man"s wife is out of town, name somepoint of hers he could sleep via.99SLOBBERY PILLOW46HER CAT/PET4NIGHTIE/CLOTHES31HER BLANKIE2HER BEST FRIEND9STUFFED ANIMAL2HER SLUTTY SISTER5We asked 100 married woguys...Tell me one way your husband reminds you of a bear.99HUGS/CUDDLES23HIBERNATES11GRUNTS/SNORES23EATS LIKE ONE5HAIRY22MEAN/TEMPER2STRONG/BIG/TALL13A cow might think, "If the farmer"s going to grab my boobs, he must at least buy me" what?98DINNER/HAY/MILK71A BRA2"A DRINK"/BOOZE16A RING2A BARN3COW PAL/HOT BULL2FLOWERS2Name somepoint about J.Lo that grandma hregarding soptimal imitating.98DANCING/BOOTY CLAP50HER ACCENT/TALK4SKIMPY CLOTHES21HAIRDO/PONYTAIL3HER SINGING12MAKEUP/GLITTER2HAVING A HUGE BUTT6Name a factor anyone would desire to be Ellen.98ROLLIN" IN DOUGH49INFLUENT"L/OUTSPOKEN3FAME/TALK SHOW21DANCE SKILLS3FUNNY/CHEERY13PRETTY/GETS CHICKS2GIVES GIFTS/KIND7Tell me a area you go wbelow you take off your apparel.98BATHROOM/SHOWER45MALL/DRESSING ROOM4BEDROOM20SWIMMING POOL3DR./HOSPITAL15SPA/MASSAGE JOINT3NUDE BEACH8Name something that can injure you if you execute yardwork-related in the nude.98TOOL/WEEDWACKER44ANGRY NEIGHBOR5THORN/PLANT/TREE27ROCKS3THE SUN11THE COLD/SNOW2BUG/WASP SWARM6Name a reason you could not want to suck the poison out of a friend that got bitten by a snake.98I"D BE POISONED/DIE38DIRTY SKIN8ON WIENER/BAD SPOT22IT WON"T HELP!4HAS SYPHILIS/GERMS12AFRAID OF BLOOD2WANT THEM TO DIE12Name something you put in your ear that you wouldn"t desire to put in your rear.97Q-TIPS47EARPLUGS6EARBUDS/HEADPHONES20EAR DROPS3EARRINGS11HEARING AIDS3MY FINGER7We asked 100 single women...Good luck trying to find a man who likes to perform what?97CLEAN/LAUNDRY46DANCE6SHOP/SPEND MONEY14GO TO THE OPERA5LISTEN13COOK2CUDDLE/ALL NIGHT11Name an animal that can like to watch the DVD "Squirrels Gone Wild."97DOG39COYOTE3CAT21BIRD/EAGLE3SQUIRREL21RABBIT2CHIPMUNK8Fill in the blank: You only saw that party because you were told tbelow would certainly be what?97FOOD/A FAB CHEF37CELEBS/CHRIS PRATT5FREE BOOZE30WEED/CRACK2HOT MEN/WOMEN16MUSIC/DANCING2STRIPPERS5Name a reason a wife states to her husband also, "Don"t you dare take my image."97NUDE/SHOWERING31FEELS FAT9NO MAKEUP23HATES PICTURE TAKEN4BAD HAIR/CURLERS13EATING/PIG"S FEET4JUST WOKE UP/IN BED13Fill in the blank: A clown might ask his wife, "Honey, have you checked out my" what?96RED NOSE59RUBBER CHICKEN2WIG16SPINNING BOW TIE2FLOPPY SHOES12SQUIRTING FLOWER2HORN3Name something a female dog catcher might use from her project to catch herself a man.96NET/POLE/HOOK57FOOD/TREAT4LEASH/COLLAR15THAT SEXY UNIFORM4A CUTE PUPPY8DOG WHISTLE3STUN GUN/TRANQ"LIZER5If a male stripper was nicknamed Popeye, what could he have?96MUSCLES/FOREARMS56BIG WEENIE4A PIPE15SAILOR SUIT/HAT4SPINACH7SQUINTY EYE3TATTOOS7When a waitress tells the chef a customer was rude, what could he mix right into their food?96SPIT55A MYSTERIOUS HAIR3HOT SAUCE/SPICE18GREEN SNOT/BOOGER3LAXATIVE8DIRT2EXTRA SALT7A womale can say to Superguy on a day, "Enough already -- soptimal talking around your" what?96POWERS/STRENGTH54FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE3CAPE/OUTFIT14SUPERDONG2KRYPTON/KRYPTONITE13CRUSH ON LOIS2YOURSELF/HEROICS8Name something you"d love a huge piece of best currently.96CAKE/CHEESECAKE53STEVE"S $/LOTTO $5PIE12STEAK/RIB EYE5PIZZA9TIGHT JUICY BOOTY3CANDY/CHOCOLATE9Name something a hospital patient can easily hide once a nurse enters the room.96SMUGGLED FOOD/SALT48DRUGS/MEDS5CIGARETTE18DOC-NURSE PORN4BOD/BUTT CRACK11CELL PHONE3MARTINI/BOOZE7We asked 100 married woguys...If your hubby was in a "warm husbands" calendar, name somepoint he can pretend to be doing about the home for the photo shoot.96VACUUMING/CLEAN"G46LIFT WEIGHTS/FLEX9COOKING11YARD WORK/CHOP WOOD7REPAIRS/WELDING11NAPPING2WASHING THE CAR10Name something you prefer to perform on a day so you don"t need to talk.96GO TO A MOVIE45DANCE3EAT26TEXT/USE PHONE2SWAP SPIT/KISS15DRINK2MUSIC/SING-ALONGS3We asked 100 guys...Name somepoint about your blind date that reminded you of Minnie Mouse.96MASSIVE EARS40CUTE NOSE5SQUEAKY VOICE31THIN FIGURE/SKINNY3HAIR BOW10HANDS/4 FINGERS2DRESS/OUTFIT5While Santa delivers presents and gets all the glory, what are the elves doing ago at the shop?96DRANKIN"/EGG NOG39EATING3WORKING/OUTSOURCING26COMPLAINING2SLEEPING13REEFER MADNESS2CLEANING UP11Fill in the blank: A woman would certainly dump her male if she experienced him flirting via her ______.96BEST FRIEND38BROTHER3SISTER27OTHER BOYFRIEND2MOM18ENEMY2DAUGHTER6We asked 100 married guys...Name someone you need to never before tell your wife you think is warm.96HER SISTER37CELEB/BEYONCE4ANY WOMAN AT ALL23HER MOM4HER BESTIE20MY EX3NEIGHBOR5Name somepoint Mrs. Claus could gain from Santa in a divorce negotiation.96REINDEER/RUDOLPH35TOYS/PRESENTS3THE SLEIGH29COOKIES2ELVES/THE HOT ONE18MONEY2NORTH POLE/HOUSE7We asked 100 married woguys...Name somepoint you would certainly not accept from an additional man.96JEWELRY/RING34MONEY9KISS/MORE THAN 320LEWD/FOUL LANG.3A DATE14HIS PHONE #2HIS WISHFUL WEENIE14Name somepoint that"s hairy and stinky.96SKUNK33BIGFOOT2PEOPLE30FERRET2DOG23CLOGGED DRAIN2MONKEY/APE4Name something you do not want to take place when you call 911.96BUSY SIGNAL30SOMEONE DIES/HURT6LOSE CALL/HANG UP30NOBODY COMES/LOST4NO ANSWER13I DIAL WRONG #3PUT ON HOLD10When you acquire to job-related, name a factor you suspect you"re around to be fired.96PEOPLE QUIET/ACT ODD27ACCESS/KEY CUT OFF9BOSS/H.R. WANTS ME24PINK SLIP THERE FOR ME4DESK/OFFICE EMPTY18NEW GAL AT MY DESK4I"M LATE AGAIN10Name something bridesmaids comsimple about.95DRESS/COSTS76THE FLOWERS2BRIDEZILLA7THEIR HAIR2BEING SINGLE4THE HEAT2THE GROOMSMEN2We asked 100 women...Name somepoint you could do if you acquired to heaven and there were no guys.95REJOICE/THANK GOD54GO SHOPPING7CRY/BE BUMMED10GET A DOG5RELAX/LIVE IN PEACE8MEET GALS/GO LESBIAN3ASK WHY8Name somepoint moms scream at kids to acquire their fingers out of.95THEIR NOSE50THE DIRT3FOOD/COOKIE JAR26THE FAN3THEIR MOUTH7THE BLENDER2THEIR BUTT4Name somepoint particular you could check out when you die.95WHITE LIGHT45DEAD FAMILY/PALS5GOD/JESUS17DARKNESS/NOTHING4ANGELS14FIRES OF HELL2HEAVEN8We asked 100 single womales...What"s the initially point you carry out once you acquire home from an annoying blind date?95TELL PALS/TWEET41PIG OUT/ICE CREAM6DRINK/WINE22CRY/SCREAM5BUBBLE BATH/SHOWER11HIT THE SACK2ERASE HIS NUMBER8We asked 100 married males...Between us, tell me something about a chicken that reminds you of your wife.95CACKLES/CLUCKS40SCRAWNY NECK2PLUMP BREASTS24SCATTERBRAINED2LEGS/THIGHS20FINGER LICKIN" GOOD!2BOBBING HEAD5If you win the lottery on Monday, wright here would we uncover you on Tuesday?95VACATION/BEACH37THE BANK7HOME/IN BED22CPA/ATTORNEY7WORK/FLIP"G BURGERS8LOTTO OFFICE6TESLA DEALER8Name something a magician must take out of his pants before sending them to the cleaners.95RABBIT37CARDS7HANKIES/SCARVES17COINS/$/WALLET7WAND12HIMSELF/HIS HANDS6DOVE/BIRD9We asked 100 single men...Name somepoint you"d perform if your boss hit on your girlfrifinish.95PUNCH/KICK HIM36DEMAND A RAISE7CONFRONT/WARN HIM26CLAP/HIGH FIVE HIM4REPORT HIM11QUIT/NEW JOB4LAUGH7Name somepoint in the residence a wife could put her dead cheating husband"s ashes in.95THE TRASH35ASHTRAY5THE CRAPPER32VACUUM3URN/VASE9FIREPLACE3FOOD CONTAINER/BAG8We asked 100 married womales...What would you perform if someone believed your husband also was your son?95CRY/MAD/SAD34SHOCKED/"WHAT?"6LAUGH31GET A MAKEOVER6GET FACELIFT/SURG.8BE PROUD/I"M LUCKY3CORRECT THEM7We asked 100 woguys...Name something about a womale that males should realize improves via age.95WIZARDRY OF WANG31LOVE/FAITHFULNESS4INTELLIGENCE/MIND30CONFIDENCE4HUMOR/PATIENCE15THEIR BEAUTY4COOKING7We asked 100 married womales...Name one change your husband also might make that could revolve him ago right into your dream guy.95LOSE GUT/GET FIT30SMILE MORE11BE ROMANTIC19BE LESS STUBBORN8STOP CRITICIZING14SHOWER/HYGIENE2REGROW HIS HAIR11We asked 100 single woguys...Fill in the blank: I would never day a guy who didn"t usage what?95TOOTHBRUSH/PASTE27HIS BRAIN/SENSE5CONDOMS/MAGNUMS21MOUTHWASH4DEODORANT20HUMOR EFFECTIVELY3SOAP/THE SHOWER15Name somepoint a wife would hate to discover on her husband after his office Christmas party.94LIPSTICK/GLITTERY69HARLOT"S PHONE #3PANTIES/CHICK DUDS9TRAMPY COWORKER2HICKEY6MISTLETOE/ON NAVEL2PERFUME3Name something that could be on ice.94DRINKS/COFFEE67INJURY/SORE KNEE4FOOD/OYSTERS8DISNEY ON ICE4CORPSE/MY VICTIM5ICE SKATER2MARRIAGE/RELA"SHIP4Name somepoint you might break in.94SHOES/BOOTS56A HORSE4CAR/ENGINE13A SAFE3A HOUSE/WINDOW8A SADDLE3GLOVE/BASEBALL GLOVE7Instead of water, name something a Beverly Hills housewife might take a bath in.94CHAMPAGNE/BOOZE55BUBBLE BATH2MILK20CHOCOLATE2MUD7MONEY2PERRIER/BOTTLED H206Name something a guy wears that"s a chick repellent.94BADVERTISEMENT CLOTHES/DIAPER52BEARD/MUSTACHE5PUTRID COLOGNE21FANNY PACK2JEWELRY/RING6MAN MAKEUP2WIG/UGLY HAIRDO6Name somepoint about a guy that might remind you of an elf.94BIG POINTY EARS49MUNCHKIN VOICE4HIS HEIGHT20CLOTHES/HIS TIGHTS4HIS NOSE9TINY HANDS/FEET3HIS 2-INCHER5We asked 100 married men...Fill in the blank: I was so drunk last night, I actually kissed my what?94DOG/ON THE BUTT45EX3BOSS23PHONE3CAR12WIFE"S FRIEND3WIFE/HUSBAND5Name something world eat eexceptionally day that most likely implies they"ll be resting alone every night.94GARLIC45ICE CREAM3BEANS19FISH/ANCHOVIES3ONIONS18TACOS2EGGS4Name something a witch can run into that proves drinking and flying on a broom don"t mix.94TREE40A PLANE4HOUSE/WALL25THE MOON3POLE/LAMPPOST13BIRD/HER CROW3ANOTHER WITCH6Name somepoint one coworker can steal from another.94PEN/PENCIL37IDEAS/CREDIT8FOOD/LUNCH24PROMOTION/JOB5MONEY10MATE/SPOUSE2STAPLER8Name an animal with a bottom that you"d hate your bottom to look like.94BABOON/APE36HORSE6ELEPHANT19COW6HIPPO16RHINO3PIG8We asked 100 guys...Name a factor you"re glad no one can watch the underwear you have on.94HOLEY/OLD33I"M MODEST/PRIVATE4DIRTY/SKID MARKS23GUT BULGES OVER "EM4COLOR/PATTERN16I DON"T WEAR ANY3TOO TIGHT/SAGGY11We asked 100 single women...I"m not on a dating site bereason too might men lie around their what?94AGE31RELATIONSHIP STATUS11JOB/INCOME16WEIGHT6LOOKS/FACE PIC14INTENTIONS5HEIGHT11Name an exercise a man does in the gym that provides him a better lover in the bedroom.94PUSH-UPS28TREADMILL/RUNNING8SIT-UPS/CRUNCHES21YOGA5SQUATS15ROWING MACHINE4LIFTING WEIGHTS13Name something you can put in an innie belly switch yet you can"t put in an outie.94LINT/FUZZ21FOOD/WHIPPED CREAM13COIN/PENNY19ALCOHOL/SHOT6JEWELRY/PIERCING16MARBLE5A FINGER14We asked 100 guys...Fill in the blank: The more hair I shed from my head, the even more I uncover on my what?94SHOWER/SINK20PILLOW11CHEST19FACE9BACK17BUTT/DUMP TRUMPET5EARS13When Steve Harvey was 5 years old, he might have told his friends, "Some day, I"m going to have a" what?93TV SHOW/JOB59MANSION6MUSTACHE8BALD HEAD4BOO/COUPLE EXES7LOTTA $$$/BILLION2SICK RIDE7Name somepoint you reap that"s not worth offering up to have a couple of added years of life.93FOOD/PIZZA45SODA POP3CIGARETTES/CIGARS18COFFEE2BOOZE14WEEEED!2SEX/ONE-NIGHTERS9Name something that a cowboy provides on the range that he might lug into the bedroom.93ROPE/LASSO44WHIP9BOOTS12BUTTLESS CHAPS4HAT11STIRRUPS4SPURS9We asked 100 married males...Fantasy only: What carry out you think you would perform the initially day of being divorced?93CELEBRATE/DRINK43GO ON A DIET6MENAGE A TWINS17GO ON VACATION3CRY13JOIN DATING SITE2SLEEP9Name somepoint you desire in your coffin so you"ll be cozy for eternity.93SOFT PILLOW42BIBLE/BOOK4WARM BLANKIE26PET/DOG2STUFFED ANIMAL/DOLL9MY WIFE/HUBBY2COAT/SLIPPERS8A clvery own might squirt you through water out of a flower. But you"d really be upcollection if the water came out of what?93HIS MOUTH40A TOILET5HIS PEE-PEE19CUP/BOWL3HIS RED NOSE17BUTT/BEAN BLASTER3HOSE/FIRE HOSE6We asked 100 married men...90% of my wife"s thoughts are devoted to what?93KIDS/FAMILY38"HERSELF"9HER JOB14SHOPPING/SPENDING6CLEANING12LOVE MAKING3ME/DESTROYING ME11Fill in the blank: When trying to explain a hiccrucial, you could say, "Oh, that? That"s just a ______."93BRUISE/PINCH34RASH/HIVE8BURN/RUG BURN16BIRTHMARK/MOLE5HICKEY/KISS14FESTERING ZIT4BUG BITE12Name somepoint you"d be surprised a male would do to the hair on his earlier.93SHAVE/CUT/A DESIGN31DYE/BLEACH IT8BRAID IT22PLUCK IT4WAX IT14CURL IT3COMB/STYLE IT11Fill in the blank: I went to a really negative restaurant -- everybody had to share what?93SILVERWARE/1 FORK30FOOD9NAPKINS20A TABLE5DRINKS/GLASSES16A CHAIR4PLATES/BOWLS9We asked 100 womales...Tell me something that provides a bubble bath even more enjoyable.93WINE/BOOZE29BOOK/HELTER SKELTER10CANDLES18BATH SCENTS/OILS4MUSIC/BARRY WHITE15QUIET/ALONE TIME4MATE/HOT CHICK13Name a reason a pig renders a very excellent pet.93EAT ANYTHING23CUTIES/TWIRLY TAIL10SMART/DO TRICKS21CAN EAT THEM/BACON10LOVING/AFFECTIONATE13NO BARKING/QUIET5CLEAN/DON"T SHED11We asked 100 married woguys...When your husband also is acting favor a small boy, name a means he should be punished.93NO COOCHIE!22GROUNDED/TIME OUT12SPANK THAT BADINK!15NO TV10WALK AWAY/IGNORE15CLEAN/DO DISHES5NO DINNER14We asked 100 womales...Name somepoint your mate could perform that would certainly take the romance out of a bubble bath.92BLOW BUTT BUBBLES54FILL W/ COLD WATER5PEE/POOP IN TUB11FORGET CHAMPAGNE5BURP7JUMP IN/JOIN ME4FORGET CANDLES6Name somepoint a woman can contact her male that starts with the word "sugar."92SUGAR DADDY44SUGAR LIPS4SUGAR PIE19SUGAR PLUM3SUGAR BEAR11SUGAR BUNS2SUGAR BABY9Name somepoint Steve Harvey counts so he have the right to obtain to sleep.92MONEY38FAMILY FEUD POINTS2BLACK SHEEP37MISS UNIVERSE2EXES8MUSTACHES2TEETH3Name something people postpone doing for as lengthy as possible.92TAXES/BILLS38BIRTHIN" BABIES3DOC/DENTIST/SURG.30WRITING A WILL2CLEAN"G/LAUNDRY12POOPING/BATHROOM2MARRIAGE5After swimming, you"d hate to uncover that the point relocating in your bathing suit is a what?92FISH/PIRANHA38ANGRY CRAB7LEECH19ELECTRIC EEL5SNAKE10BUG/MOSQUITO4JELLYFISH9Name something a prisoner might perform that would annoy his cellmate.92SNORE29TALK/IN SLEEP7SING/JAILHOUSE ROCK29TAP/A PEN2WINK HIS SPHINC16TICKLE HIS PICKLE2WHISTLE7We asked 100 married woguys...Name somepoint you think your husband neglects to do on objective just to annoy you.92CLEAN/LAUNDRY29"LUV YA"/COMPLIMENT6PUT SEAT DOWN22REPLACE TOILET PAPER5TAKE OUT TRASH19FLUSH/HIS TURDS4LISTEN TO ME7Name somepoint a cheap male does at church once the collection plate comes approximately.92PASSES IT/IGNORES29EMPTY ENVELOPE/FAKES9STEALS CASH21LEAVES/BATHROOM6GIVES COIN/A BUCK15PRETENDS TO PAY3ASKS FOR CHANGE9We asked 100 married males...Name a reason you"re afraid your wife is actually turning into a witch.92READS MY MIND27DOESN"T WEAR MAKEUP7MEAN/EVIL NAG26WARTS ALL OVER5DIGS BROOMS14CASTS SPELLS4CACKLES/HER LAUGH9We asked 100 married males...Name something you"d be willing to pay $100 to acquire out of going to.92WEDDING23CHURCH11MALL/SHOPPING18OPERA/BALLET8FUNERAL/MY OWN14TIME WITH IN-LAWS6WORK12We asked 100 woguys...Name the worst point you"ve done on a date.92SNEAK AWAY22BURP/MID-KISS11PUKE/GET SICK19GIVE UP THE COOKIE8LIE/PRETEND TO LIE15HIT ON OTHER GUY3FART/ON HIS LAP14Name something guys only require a couple of that womales choose to have actually many kind of of.91SHOES66PAIRS OF UNDIES2FRIENDS/GIRLFRIENDS9CHOCOLATES2RINGS/JEWELRY7KIDS2BIG O"S3We asked 100 married women...What carry out you do for your husband that provides you feel favor his mommy?91LAUNDRY/PICK UP AFTER48GIVE MEDS/NURSE HIM5COOK/SERVE FOOD16DRESS/BUY CLOTHES4NAG/SCOLD/"NO!"8CUT/PART HIS HAIR4TUCK INTO BED6We asked 100 guys...A first date becomes much even more amazing if she says she does what for a living?91STRIPPER/DANCER46COOK/CHEF5HIGH-CLASS HO16MODEL3NURSE12MASSEUSE2DOCTOR7Name a food you wouldn"t eat if the head was still attached.91FISH/EEL46SHRIMP5CHICKEN16CRAWFISH3PORK/BACON10TURKEY3BEEF8We asked 100 married men...Name something you wish your dog can provide your wife lessons in.91LISTEN/OBEY43SIT DOWN/STILL6LOYAL15BEGGING5BEING PLAYFUL/FUN9GREETING ME5LICKING ME8Name somepoint a male nudist could do to obtain all set for a hot date via a woguy.91SHAVE/MANSCAPE42TAN5BATHE/SHOWER22COMB HAIR/BODY HAIR4BUY/WEAR CLOTHES8EXERCISE/PUSH-UPS4OIL UP6Name something a perboy might have actually on their face that would certainly be difficult not to stare at.91MOLE/BIRTHMARK39BIG NOSE4VOLCANIC ZIT22FOOD/"EGG"3WART11EYES/BLACK EYE3TATTOO9You might have actually trouble getting babysitters if your residence doesn"t have what?91TV/CABLE33A FRIDGE/FOOD4WIFI/INTERNET29LOCKS/DOORS4ANY CHILDREN IN IT12A BATHROOM3HEAT/AIR6Name something grandpa has dreams of Judge Judy doing to him.91YELL AT/INSULT23FIND IN HIS FAVOR11SPANK HIM/WITH GAVEL16HANDCUFF HIM9SENTENCE/TO JAIL15"GO TO MY CHAMBERS"3RIDE HIM14Name a component of people"s bodies that things get stuck in.91TEETH/MOUTH22HAIR12EAR17LOG LAUNCHER6BELLY BUTTON15CLEAVAGE/CHEST5NOSE14If they reput the Statue of Liberty via a statue of Steve Harvey, name somepoint he might be holding in his hand also.90MICROPHONE52BOOK/BIBLE5CARD/"MISS COLOMBIA"15COGNAC/BOOZE5$$$/WALLET/CHECK6BIG FAT CUBAN2BURRITO/FOOD5To tempt a stallion, name somepoint sexy that a filly has and also knows just how to use it.90FINE FLICKIN" TAIL33LONG SLENDER LEGS6SILKY HAIR/MANE24THEM TEATS!5HOT TROT/GAIT9FACE/EYES/CUTE GRIN5THAT POPPIN" BOOTY8Name some information about you that"s none of anyone"s organization.90INCOME/FINANCES28SOCIAL SECURITY #3LOVE LIFE/RELA"SHIP23MY STRANGE ODOR2WEIGHT19MY WEENIE SIZE2AGE13Name a city wbelow you check out the majority of boobs.90LAS VEGAS28NEW YORK8MIAMI19WASHINGTON, D.C.6LA/BEVERLY HILLS18FT. LAUDERDALE3NEW ORLEANS8Name something a pet lover does via their lover or their pet.90RUB/PET/STROKE27SLEEP/SHARE BED7CUDDLE/HUG20GO FOR WALKS6KISS/SWAP SPIT16FEED "EM5TALK/BABY TALK9Name something you reach for when you realize you"ve put on a couple of pounds.90SALAD/DIET FOOD26A NEW SCALE9FAT CLOTHES/SWEATS15DIET PILLS7EXERCISE GEAR/EQUIP.14FATTY FOOD/EAT UP!7BOTTLED WATER12We asked 100 males...Name something that"s harder to carry out if your underwear is too tight.90BEND OVER25SIT DOWN7WALK/RUN20TAKE "EM OFF/CHANGE5TAKE SQUIRT/BATHROOM18SING IN LOW PITCH3EXERCISE/SQUATS12Wbelow does a naked cowboy store his gun?90HOLSTER24HIS BOOT8IN HIS HAND21HOME/UNDER PILLOW7HAT/UNDER IT13HIS ARMPIT4BUTT/UP IT13Now that rock stars are old men, what carry out womales at their concerts throw on stage?90LOADED DEPENDS23WALKER/CANE6THEIR TEETH20MONEY4LINGERIE/GIRDLE19GERITOL4VIAGRA14We asked 100 single guys...It"s bad if a woguy dumps you. It"s worse if she states it"s because of your what?89SMALL WONDER/SEX61CLOTHES/STYLE3PERSONALITY/OF MOP11YOUR BODY3DEATH BREATH5AWFUL MOM3HOOPTIE CAR3Name a location you go on vacation when you"re damaged.89HOME/BACKYARD47LAKE/RIVER/POND5BEACH13ZOO4PARK9MALL/WINDOW SHOPPING4FRIEND"S/RELATIVE"S7We asked 100 women...Name a food that excites you as much as sex.89CHOCOLATE/CANDY43COOKIES5ICE CREAM15CREME BRULEE/CUSTARD3PIZZA11TACOS3STEAK/PRIME RIB9We asked 100 single men...Name somepoint you execute to pump yourself up before a day.89SHOWER/GROOM37TUNES/BELL BIV DEVOE7WORK OUT17POP VIAGRA6DRINK/SHOTS9COLOGNE6MIRROR/TO REHEARSE7Name somepoint that droops.89THE DAIRY DEPT.35ITCHY & SCRATCHY6EYELIDS/EYES21CHIN6PLANT/FLOWER9CLOTHES/HAT3MY MASSIVE GUT9Past or present, which Amerihave the right to president would look ideal bare-chested on a horse?89BARACK OBAMA33DONALD TRUMP5JOHN F. KENNEDY29ABRAHAM LINCOLN5RONALD REAGAN8GEORGE WASHINGTON4BILL CLINTON5If a guy and woman were literally joined at the hip, name somepoint it would certainly be difficult to perform.89BUTTER THE BISCUIT32SLEEP5PEE/PEACEFUL DUMP32LEAVE EACH OTHER3EXERCISE/SPORTS8SHOWER3DATE OTHERS/CHEAT6Fill in the blank: Grandma put real pot in grandpa"s pot pie and he ______ed all night.89SLEPT/SNORED29TALKED4GIGGLED25POOPED3MUNCHED14DANCED/NUDE3FREAKED/WAS "BAKED"11We asked 100 single womales...What sort of sea creature did your last day remind you of?89OCTOPUS29CRAB7SHARK/FISH19WHALE7DOLPHIN/PORPOISE12CLAM6STINGRAY9Fill in the blank: Your mother never hesitates to tell you that she doesn"t favor your ______.89HAIR/70"S PERM29FRIENDS8ATTITUDE/TONE17FACE/BEARD7MATE/SPOUSE14TATTOO2CLOTHES/BOOTY SHORTS12Grandma can comsimple that grandpa"s principle of a romantic night is going where?89EAT/CRACKER BARREL27SPORT EVENT/GOLF6TO BED24BOWLING6BINGO12SOFA/WATCH JEOPARDY5SHOPPING/CVS9What would certainly you carry out if someone threw a drink in your face?89WIPE IT OFF18GET MAD/YELL/CUSS14HIT THEM17LICK IT OFF! YUM!5LEAVE/WALK AWAY16LAUGH4THROW ONE AT THEM15You"re in a cemetery. You watch somebody crawling out of a grave. What carry out you do?88RUN!/LEAVE50VIDEO/BOOMERANG IT5SCREAM11JUST WATCH5CALL 9117FAINT4HELP OUT/LEND HAND6Name a area that would go out of company if males disappeared from the earth.88STRIP JOINT47BARBER6HOOTERS10SPORTS/VENUES5BAR/BREWERY10GUN STORE/CLUB4CLOTHING STORE6What could a nurse be about to execute to a rude patient that would make her say, "We have the right to execute this the basic means or the tough way"?88STICK "EM W/ NEEDLE36DRESS/UNDRESS "EM4TAKE TEMP19MOVE "EM/PHYS. THERAPY4ENEMA14STRAP "EM DOWN3RAM IN A CATHETER8Name somepoint a cheap womale might put in a male stripper"s G-string.88A COIN/PENNY36COUPONS6PHONE #/BIZ CARD17FAKE MONEY6$1 BILL10CONDOM4AN I.O.U.9At a cannibal restaurant, name a component of a man that someone could comordinary is in their soup.88WEENIE & WALNUTS34TOE/FEET5MOUND OF HAIR21NOSE4HIS NAILS10BONES4FINGER/HAND10If a stripper came dvery own the pole as Mary Poppins, name somepoint that could pop off of her.88HAT/BONNET30DRESS/SKIRT6UMBRELLA25BUTTONS6BRA10BLOOMERS/UNDIES4FRILLY BLOUSE7The running of the bulls is dangerous. The running of what type of animal wouldn"t be?88BULLDOGS/DOGS30MICE3CATS23SNAILS/SLUGS3BUNNIES22HAMSTERS/GERBILS3TURTLES4Name something a skydiver would hate to run into on the method down.88BIRD/GEESE30POWER LINE/POLE5PLANE/PROPELLER19MOUNTAIN/VOLCANO4SKYDIVER/THEIR EX16BUILDING3TREE11We asked 100 womales...Name somepoint your male does in the morning that reminds you of a caveman.88SCRATCH27BELCH6BLOW HIS TOOT FLUTE19EAT4YAWN15PLOD AROUND/BAREFOOT3GRUNT/GROWL/YELL14Fill in the blank: For some guys, no woman might ever take the location of his love for what?88SPORTS/FOOTBALL25FOOD/BACON9HIS MOM20CARS9BOOZE11HIS DOG4MONEY10Name somepoint a boy learns to do so at some point he"ll be able to pick up girls.87FLIRT/SMOOTH TALK47SING/PLAY INSTRUMENT4BE A GENTLEMAN16KISS4HYGIENE/GROOMING7GET BUFF/FLEX3DRIVE6We asked 100 single womales...If a jerk hits on you, whose phone number could you give him rather of yours?87POLICE34MY BOSS"S8FAKE ONE13MY MOTHER"S5MY EX"S12PIZZA JOINT"S4MY FATHER"S11A man knows his marital relationship is over when his wife brings what to bed with her?86LOVER/HIS BUDDIES48BOOK/KINDLE5VIBRATOR/TOY14GREAT DANE/PET5STUFFED ANIMAL/DOLL6BODY PILLOW3CELL PHONE5A wife would certainly gain upset if her husband also went wbelow via his mommy rather of via her?86VACAY/HONEYMOON38MOVIES5DINNER/SPAGO19CONCERT/BEYONCE4STORE/JEWELRY SHOP10TO BED4BAR/DANCE CLUB6We asked 100 single woguys...You realize it"ll be a brief evening once your date meets you carrying a what?86GUN/WEAPON36LAPTOP7BABY17BRIEFCASE5CONDOM/X-SMALL10PURSE3DOG8There"s nopoint much better than a big juicy what?86STEAK35ORANGE6HAMBURGER24MELON/WATERMELON5PEACH7KISS3APPLE6Name a sort of dog you"d be surprised to watch a chihuahua pick a fight with.86PIT BULL35ROTTWEILER6GREAT DANE17ST. BERNARD6GERMAN SHEPHERD12BULLDOG4DOBERMAN PINSCHER6Other than in bed, where"s the a lot of romantic place to make love?86BEACH35CAR6COUCH/LIVING ROOM16GRASS/PARK/WOODS3SHOWER/TUB16JACUZZI3FLOOR/BY FIREPLACE7We asked 100 married women...If your husband asked you for a divorce Sunday night, what"s the initially point you"d execute Monday morning?86CALL LAWYER/FILE34LEAVE/MOVE OUT8EMPTY BANK ACCT.17BURN HIS STUFF/CAR4CRY10TALK/CHANGE HIS MIND3PACK HIM UP/KICK OUT10The poor news: You"re on a deserted island also. The excellent news: What just wamelted up on shore?86BOAT32PHONE5HOTTIE/JASON MOMOA19LIGHTER/MATCHES4FOOD/CAN OF SPAM17TREASURE3BOOZE/COCONUT RUM6Name a question grandma asks a 90-year-old male on a date that starts via "Are you" what?86SINGLE/WIDOWER?29HEALTHY/DYING?8FRISKY/PACK"G VIAGRA?15DEAF?3AWAKE/TIRED?14HUNGRY?3ALIVE/BREATHING?14What could a mortician execute through your body if he found out your household refprovided to pay?86CREMATE/BURN IT27BURY IT/IN BAG4DUMP IT/IN LAKE27FREEZE IT4SELL/DONATE IT12LET IT ROT3RETURN/ON DOORSTEP9A man must wait until his divorce is final before informing his wife that she"s what?86OVERWEIGHT27C+ IN BED6FACIALLY CHALLENGED26BOOOORING3CRAZY WITCH/NAG15A LOSER3BROKE/NOT GETTIN" $6A wife might train the dog to bark whenever her husband also touches what?86FRIDGE/FOOD25PURSE/CHECKS8TV/REMOTE19PHONE/HERS4HER/HER BADONK17A BIMBO3BOOZE/HER WINE10Name something you do not desire your dog to stick his tongue in.86MY FOOD/DRINK19MY EAR9MY MOUTH16SOCKET/OUTLET9THE TOILET15A BUTT/HIS/MINE5HOT STEAMY DOODY13We asked 100 married womales...Name an pet you"ve viewed mating on video that reminds you of exactly how your male provides love.86DOG18HIPPO11HORSE18TURTLE4APE/MONKEY17SLOTH4LION14We asked 100 married women...Fill in the blank: I"ll offer up my ______ once you pry my dead fingers from it.85RING/JEWELRY35MONEY/CHECKBOOK7PHONE17CAR4COFFEE/TEA/MUG10CHOCOLATE4COMPUTER8Name somepoint you really shouldn"t laugh in the middle of.85FUNERAL32A JOKE4SERMON/PRAYER24SCARY MOVIE/DRAMA3AN INTENSE BOINK14MEETING/INTERVIEW3A SADVERTISEMENT STORY5We asked 100 married women...Name a word to explain a sexy male that no one calls your husband also.85HUNK29FINE5HOT23GIGOLO4HANDSOME14SMOKIN"3SEXY7Name something that provides a kiss passionate.85LOVE/FEELINGS27LONG/LINGERING9UNTAMED TONGUE22CHEMISTRY/LUST5THE LIPS/GENTLE10THE SETTING/MUSIC3TOUCH/A DIP9We asked 100 married guys...Name something specific you bought your wife to wear and she shelp "over my dead body," so you"re saving it for her funeral.85DRESS/MINISKIRT27SHIRT/CROP TOP5THONG16MAID OUTFIT5NIGHTIE15PANTS/PANTSUIT3BIKINI14Name someone you could send this postcard to: "Having a good time -- glad you"re not right here."84EX41PARENTS6BOSS/COWORKER16ANNOYING FRIEND4IN-LAWS7SIBLING4SPOUSE/MATE6If you live to be 100, what do you think you"ll be doing on Saturday night?84SLEEPING37BOOZING/RUM & ENSURE4TV/SVU RERUN28EATING3SEX/CHASE 21 YR-OLDS5GAMES/GAMBLING3DANCING4A really poor pickup line for a guy to use at a bar would certainly be "I have a" what?84WIFE/MATE29CAR/"76 GREMLIN6DISEASE/DISCHARGE25GUN/STUN GUN5BIG/TINY/LIMP TOOL9LOTTA $/NO $4KID/BUNCH OF KIDS6We asked 100 women...Name a state wbelow you"d have the ideal possibility of finding Mr. Right.84NEW YORK27TENNESSEE5CALIFORNIA23ALASKA4TEXAS15FLORIDA3WASHINGTON7Name a particular exercise you could be self-mindful around doing at a nudist gym.84JUMPING JACKS25DOWNWARD DOG6SQUATS/KNEE BENDS24SIT-UPS/CRUNCHES6TOE TOUCH12SPRINTS/JOGGING5PUSH-UPS6Name something you"d have actually if you were part guy and part horse.84A TAIL19HOOVES8MANE/HAIR19STRENGTH/SPEED7BALONEY PONY17SADDLE5FOUR LEGS9To cover his tracks, name something a man might pay for in cash.83HOTEL/HOURLY MOTEL53DRUGS/WEED3STRIPPER14FOOD3HIS BOOZE HABIT4LINGERIE/UNDIES3FLOWERS3At the beach, name something a huge male keeps in the folds of his belly.83SAND39SUNTAN LOTION6FOOD/TUNA SANDWICH12COLD BEER4SWEAT11KEYS4WALLET/CASH7Name something your dog can hear you execute once he"s trying to sleep.83EAT/GET FOOD38TALK/ARGUE7"HAVING SEX"12PEE/FREE TRAPPED TURD5SNORE10WALK AROUND4WATCH TV7You simply opened a save referred to as "Steve Harveys "R" Us." What does it sell?83JOKES/GAGS33FAKE MUSTACHES5SUITS/DUDS/SHOES26TOUPEES4TOYS/STEVE DOLL7RAZORS/SHAVERS2ADVICE/HIS BOOKS6If Steve Harvey ended up being president, name somepoint he might install in the Oval Office.83STUDIO/AUDIENCE33BATHROOM/BIDET5TV/MOVIE SCREEN15HIS CLOTHING LINE4FURNITURE/MIRROR13PICS/SELFIES3FRIDGE/BAR10Name a reason a woguy might be glad that her boyfrifinish dumped her.83MAN-WHORE/HAS WIFE26BAD BREATH/SMELLS9"BROKE JOKE"/JOBLESS16HAS RAGING STD5SHE HAS NEW STUD14CON/IN PRISON4DOUCHE/CONTROL"G9We asked 100 single woguys...You"re talking to a cute guy at a party. What does he tell you around himself that causes you to lose interest?83LIVES W/ PARENTS20HATES ANIMALS6NO JOB/BROKE ACTOR19SPORTSAHOLIC5HAS WIFE/MATE15FAN OF FINE FELLOWS5HAS EX/DUMPED TODAY13Name a complaint that Mrs. King Kong might have around her husband also.83TOO HAIRY17STRONG/DESTRUCTIVE8TOO BIG...EVERYWHERE16ANGRY/TEMPER7LOUD/NOISY14TOO STINKY7PICKS UP BLONDES14I was shocked to hear that Susan was a stripper by night and a what by day?82TEACHER43PTA MOM/HOUSEWIFE6LAWYER9COP5LIBRARIAN7SECRETARY/ASST.5NUN/CLERGY7Name something a wife could carry out to her cheating husband"s underwear.82BURN/WITH HIM IN "EM39ICY HOT/BENGAY6CUT/SHRED "EM13HOT SAUCE5THROW OUT/ON LAWN8WRITE ON/"HE"S MINE"4ITCHING POWDER7Name a poor area for a pair to begin a gropefest.82CHURCH37CAR/STOPLIGHT5STORE/GYMBOREE13PARENTS"/TABLE4BUFFET LINE/CAFE12THE MOVIES4WORK7Many type of years back, name a game youngsters played external.82TAG33RING AROUND ROSIE4HOPSCOTCH15RED ROVER4HIDE-AND-SEEK13JUMP ROPE3KICK THE CAN10Before a date, name a food a flat-chested woman might stuff in her bra.82ORANGES31COTTON CANDY5BREAD/BUNS19CHICKEN BREAST5GRAPEFRUITS9MARSHMALLOWS5MELONS/WATERMELONS8Name someone who sucks money out of you choose a vampire sucks blood.82THE IRS/GOV"T30DOCTOR/DENTIST4MY KIDS28CABLE/TV SERVICE3MY SPOUSE/MATE8LOSER SIBLING3BANK/CREDIT CARD6What was the last point you turned down?82FOOD/DESSERT26DRINK/SHOT9BED/SHEETS14JOB OFFER6SUBPAR SEX12VOLUME/TV/PHONE5A DATE/INVITATION10When you die, name a component of your funeral that you worry your cheap family members could skip.82CASKET20HEADSTONE8RECEPTION/FOOD/BAR17WAKE/VIEWING8FLOWERS12BURIAL/CEMETERY6WHOLE CEREMONY11If a nurse were a magician, what could she pull out of a patient"s bottom?81ANIMAL/DONKEY3730 FT. HANKY/SCARF4MONEY/CHANGE17HIS LIVER/ORGANS3FLOWERS10STETHOSCOPE3MEDS/A CURE!7A medical professional would have a tough time not laughing if a patient had actually what stuck in his nose?81FOOD/CANDY32MEGA BOOGER4A FINGER19A MARBLE3PENCIL/PEN/CRAYON15A CONDOM3COTTON BALL/SWAB5We asked 100 woguys...Name something you and also your dog have actually in prevalent.81CUDDLY/AFFECTIONATE25CRAVE ATTENTION9LOVE SLEEP/NAPS15LOYAL FRIENDS7OUR HAIR/SHED12CURIOSITY/EXPLORE4LOVE FOOD9Name somepoint a wife can force her husband to go to at leastern as soon as a year.81IN-LAWS"/FAM EVENT23MALL/STORE7DOC/DENTIST19DANCE/ADULT PROM4CHURCH17CHICK FLICK3BALLET/MUSICAL8Name somepoint you must never do at a funeral.80LAUGH/JOKE52FART/ON CORPSE3FLIRT/BOINK WIDOW7START A FIGHT3DANCE/ON CASKET6STRIP/STREAK3DRINK/GET SLOSHED6Name somepoint that can make an unattrenergetic man seem choose the sexiest male in the people.80$3.5 MILLION29BOD/LICKABLE ABS5"TUDE/HUMOR18BRAINS3KINDNESS/MANNERS16GREAT SMILE3CLOTHES/PIMP SUIT6Fill in the blank: I can not believe I just experienced my ______ smoking cigarettes a joint.80MOM/DAD19SPOUSE/MATE9KID/GRANDKID16NEIGHBOR8GRANNY/GRAMPS11PASTOR7SIBLING10We asked 100 single men...Name a factor you aren"t such an excellent catch.79I"M OVERWEIGHT18MY UGLY MUG9I"M PO!17WORK TOO MUCH9I"M LAZY10I"M OLD7I"M BALD9Men need to have to be apverified by a panel of women before they can wear what?76SPEEDO/PICKLE PINCHER29TANKS/MIDRIFF TEES6SANDALS/CROCS15THONG/BRIEFS5SHORTS/CARGOS9HATS/FEDORAS4JEANS/SKINNY JEANS8"Derriere" is one. Name another nice method to define the body part you sit on.75BUTT/BUTTOCKS25REAR/REAR END9TUSH/TUSHY12BOTTOM6ARSE9BEHIND5BOOTY9Name a movie monster who"s the strong, silent form.75FRANKENSTEIN23JASON VOORHEES5KING KONG15THE WOLFMAN4GODZILLA13THE BLOB3HULK12We asked 100 men...Name a bad halittle bit you have actually that you hope some womale will certainly uncover endearing.75SNORING18SLEEPING LATE7GAS-BLASTING18SMOKING CIGS5BOOZING15WALK"G AROUND NUDE3WATCHING SPORTS/TV9We asked 100 married women...Thinking only of your man"s naked body, what pet does he remind you of?74GORILLA/MONKEY29CHEETAH5BEAR18LION4PANTHER/JAGUAR7DOG/PUPPY4GIRAFFE7Fill in the blank: I"d be shocked if my neighbor asked to borrow what?73MY SPOUSE/MATE21BANANA HAMMOCK8MONEY/A MILLION15MY MASSIVE VIBRATOR5UNWASHED UNDIES10SUGAR/FOOD5MY CAR/PORSCHE9We asked 100 women...Name a particular word you"d use to describe both an apple and also a male.72SWEET20RIPE/OVERRIPE6JUICY19FRESH4DELICIOUS10FIRM4ROUND9Name something a woguy could pack in a coffin to prepare for the immortality.71MAKEUP34WINE/BOOZE4OUTFIT/THONG9CELL PHONE4BIBLE/BOOK/KINDLE8HAIRBRUSH/COMB4MONEY/AMEX8Name a reaction you can have actually if you got really scared.71SCREAM33HEART POUNDS/RACES6SHIVER/SHAKE8CRY5PEE/"GROW A TAIL"7JUMP5GASP/HYPERVENTILATE7If a wedding took place in a deli, name somepoint the guests could throw rather of rice.71BREAD/BAGELS18LETTUCE6MEAT/HAM17PASTA6CHEESE10OLIVES5SEEDS/RYE/POPPY9If grandma got high, tell me somepoint she could execute.71DANCE/A JIG16FALL ASLEEP6BAKE/& EAT IT ALL16SING/LIZA MINNELLI5GIGGLE15TELL STORIES/SECRETS4STRIP/SHOW JUGS9You understand more Italian than you think.

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Give me a word in Italian.69CIAO27PASTA6PIZZA9VINO5BELLA/BELLISIMA9ARRIVEDERCI5SPAGHETTI8Name somepoint that helps take your mind off your troubles.68BOOZE, HONEY!22SEXY TIME6TV/FLICK/YOUTUBE14DRUGS/FAT BLUNT6READING9FOOD5MUSIC6Name something that"s significant and also white.65POLAR BEAR19BELUGA WHALE6CLOUD16PERSON5SNOWMAN8GREAT WHITE SHARK5HOUSE/WHITE HOUSE6Besides a perprevious, what occupation would certainly be a good fit for Steve Harvey?63SALES/USED CARS21TEACHER5THERAPIST/COUNSELOR12WRITER/NOVELIST4PASTOR/PREACHER11DIVORCE LAWYER4MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER6Name a Hollytimber hunk around whom a cannibal could say, "He looks good sufficient to eat."58BRADVERTISEMENT PITT23RYAN REYNOLDS3GEORGE CLOONEY13TOM CRUISE3THE ROCK10SCHWARZENEGGER3TOM SELLECK3Besides Steve Harvey himself, name an actor you"d prefer to see play Steve Harvey in the Steve Harvey movie.57CHRIS ROCK12WILL SMITH5EDDIE MURPHY11SAMUEL L. JACKSON4DENZEL WASHINGTON11JAMIE FOXX4KEVIN HART10Back to index