A PEDO who abused his 10-year-old stepdaughter “rewarded” her with McDonald’s and sassist he wanted to make her his wife.

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Roger Vye, 55, shelp he wanted to take Jasmine to Turvital to marry her and that he wanted to be via her - not her mum.



The sicko ruined her childhood but currently Jasmine has actually lastly obtained justice after he admitted many kid sexual offences against her and also was jailed for 16 years.

Speaking solely to The Sun Online Jasmine, currently 22, from Kent said: “Vye tried to treat me like his wife and also robbed me of my childhood.

“I’m glad he’s now behind bars, he doesn’t deserve his freedom, as much as I’m involved he can rot in hell.”

Vye wasn’t her real dad yet Jasmine claims as a son that’s how she observed him.


She added: “He was eight years older than my mum and I was 4 once they gained together. I couldn’t remember a time before he remained in our lives and I pertained to his as a father figure.

“I’d look approximately him through huge trusting eyes as he’d take me to institution, cook dinners, and also perform every little thing else a parent would certainly.”

When Jasmine was 10, he took her to the fun fair in their local tvery own, and also kissed her in a mirror maze.

She added: “As I got to the bottom his hands all of a sudden got my small body and also prior to I knew it his tongue was moving around inside my mouth.

“Flinching in shock I pumelted him away while speaking softly he told me, 'I’m sorry you don’t feel that means. But I uncover you even more attrenergetic than your mommy.’

“Dumbstruck, my head spun in confusion. As we relocated on to the next ride inside I was screaming, I couldn't believe what had simply taken place.”

But as they returned to the vehicle Roger started aacquire.

She said: “He told me that he was so attracted to me and also that at some point he was going to make me his wife.

“Swpermitting tough I looked away. I couldn’t understand also why he was telling me this, I was just 10.”

With no principle exactly how to manage it Jasmine tried to erase it. But over the coming weeks Vye’s abuse escalated, in the auto, various other times the living room.

He’d touch her inappropriately, occasionally penetrating her with his fingers.

Jasmine recalled: “I didn’t favor it and it hurt however Roger was clever and also made me feel I was distinct by dealing with me to new phones and sweets.


“We’d leave to drive to school at an early stage and also he’d park in hidden country roadways wright here he’d touch me and also make me watch him touch himself. In return I’d obtain a McDonald’s breakquick.”

She added: “He’d tell me that he wanted me not my mum. As time passed he additionally told me that he was planning on taking me to Turkey and marrying me.”

One evening after Jasmine had actually just began second institution Vye sassist he had a long distance delivery task and he told her mum that he’d take Jasmine via him.

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Jasmine said: “He was grinning and also holding a packet in his hand also. He said, ‘this will certainly make you a womale,’ explaining what the prophylactics were for.