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Hi My Name Is Trey I Have a Basketball Video Game Tomorrow describes a viral Vine in which a child states the title line. The Vine prospered most renowned 2 years after it was first posted, appearing in numerous remixes on YouTube.


On June 12th, 2015, Vine user GUCCIPOPTART posted the video which reflects a child saying "Hi my name is Trey I have actually a basketsphere game tomorrow… I"m a allude guard…" The Vine obtained over 22,000 likes and also 13,000 revines (shown below).


The Vine obtained a reputation as among the site"s the majority of memorable of the adhering to few years. For example it was contained in a thcheck out of best Vines by Twitter account
memeindex on October 28th, 2016, obtaining over 2,900 retweets and 5,500 likes (displayed below).

43) hi my name is trey I got a basketball game tomorrow I play suggest guard

— memeindex (
memeindex) October 28, 2016

Remixes of the Vine likewise appeared over the following a number of years. One of the earliest examples, posted by Joey Holt on June 1fifth, 2015, obtained over 695,000 views (shown listed below, left). Another posted by nochillvids on January 4th, 2016, got over 38,000 views (presented listed below, left).

On January 1nine, 2017, YouTuber 69 grams of Clout posted a compilation of remixes made with the Vine, obtaining over 4.4 million views (shown below).

Reposts to YouTube have actually likewise grvery own very renowned. For example, YouTuber Slomrr"s repost gained over 2.7 million views (presented below, left) and also YouTuber one flabby boi"s rewrite-up acquired over 1 million views (displayed listed below, right)





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