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TypeReleasedRecordedRYM RatingRanked Genres
ArtistT. Hecker
25 June 2002
December 2001
3.12 / 5.00.5 from 400 ratings
#430 for 2002, #1,998 overall



slowdiver Apr 03 2005 4.50 stars
Hurricanslash Mar 26 2020 3.00 stars
So, favor... this is Tim Hecker, "covering" Van Halen, incredibly beforehand in his career. Throw any kind of thought that you might understand what this sounds choose out the window, because this job sort of defies simple explacountry. My Love is Tim actually taking many Van Halen samples and cutting them up, twisting them into his usual noisy drones, making an extremely depressing, downtrodden project in the progress. The textures are surprisingly heavy, given that he samples Eddies guitar a lot, creating a suddenly tense and chaotic atmosphere. I guess this is exceptionally topical, because that's not the just thing Tim samples on below. This task is littered via a lot of news snippets talking around in-band tensions in between the Van Halen members, being mirrored by the track titles. This is actually an audio-imagining of the exceptionally, exceptionally rocky history of Van Halen, and, for what it's worth, it sounds pretty exact, from whatever we understand went down in that band also. It's a weird detour, and also even weirder concept for Hecker, however it achieves what it wants to do, and also I can just respect that.Yeah, this is definitely a task more for the hardcore fans. It's simply a really stselection EP, a large action amethod from his cold soundscapes of Haunt Me, and also simply seems incredibly random. However, it functions some cool concepts, and you might even gain a kick out of this if you're a Van Halen fan. Just, offer it a try if you're interested.
I mean I wasn't expecting too much from this EP for whatever before reason; I dunno, I guess I've never before been a big fan of his deyet Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Aacquire and also since this is his earliest EP I wasn't hopeful of the sonic direction I assumed it'd take. That being shelp, his sophomore LP Radio Amor is a solid effort, and luckily Rotten appears to be more a Radio Amor precursor than anypoint else.There's a tremendous amount of discord here that we've end up being intimately familiar via through Hecker's continuing discography yet these at an early stage functions seem to have actually a certain immaturity and also brashness to them that lacks the subtlety and nuance of some of his later work; I suspect this might be somepoint to carry out through the exceptionally wet, noodling synth work that creeps its method in quite than the dry, anechoic sequences that adhered to. The heavy consumption of chopped tv and radio snippets throughout is what sets this apart from a lot of of his various other material, excepting Radio Amor, and also it's not a terrible inclusion; the soft intimacy of the interwatch in "Midnight Whispers" renders for a nice interlude, whilst the constant buzzing in the pseudo-melodies of the crumelted and dystopic opener "Introducing Carl Cocks" makes for a spine-tinglingly overwhelming endure, immersed in a people of advertisements in the dark vacuum of capitalism. I perform find myself a tiny disappointed that we don't really see anypoint even more potent than the opener though, and also it feels a little favor the fight's drained out of it the further we progress; "Hello Detroit" lacks the deliberate chaos and compulsive, jittering activities, resigned alongside the closer to adright here to more regimented and also miserable downtrodden drone and also ambient.These things aside I think it's a solid effort; for such a very early Hecker release it still feels nicely conceptual and also tightly created, and absolutely represents the springboard right into his following album which I think is good, especially provided that I think Radio Amor is his initially actual, good manufacturing under his very own name. Definitely worth a listen if you've gone through much of his other material
If this had been the first Tim Hecker album I'd bought, it would have actually taken a LOT of persuasion to buy any even more. (Of course anyone who knows me knows that's as bollox as the music on right here is. He's a Kranky mainremain now, and also fucking terrific ... so what was he reasoning with this shite?!)
a kind of atypical tim hecker release. the topical nature and use of copious vocal samples offers this kind of a negativeland kind of feel, however it's also cut by hecker's trademarked noisy drone. it's a fun AND challenging listen, something you don't acquire all the moment...recommened!

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