So 5 years back, once I was first obtaining into anime and manga properly (I had enjoyed series right here and tright here beforehand, yet was only ending up being a heavy watcher then), this came up while I was talking to a frifinish of mine in the Media course I was on at the moment. And as it turned out, he was much even more knowledgeable in anime than me. And his initially and also foremost recommendation to me was Berserk.

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Of course, me being the customer whore I am, I insisted on actually buying it initially, and as till recently the cheapest I was able to uncover Berserk for was £50, I have gone without it till now, 5 years later. As such, I am exceptionally late to the party, and have actually just now watched one of the greatest functions in anime background. Yep. I’m sluggish.

“Hey men, have actually you heard of this brand-new anime referred to as Evangelion?”

To be hocolony, though, I’m sort of glad I waited so lengthy – I don’t think I’d have actually been able to totally appreciate it 5 years ago. While Berserk did have actually some mild flaws, all but one of which are utterly negligible in the grand also scheme of points, it is certainly among the finest anime I’ve seen. It’s easy to gain the wrong impression of it, particularly going off the exceptionally misleading initially episode, and think that Berserk is just a fun, action-y gorefest. It’s not. Sure, there’s the majority of violence (mainly in still panning frames, though), yet the violence isn’t actually the allude – though the level to which Berserk pulls no punches definitely helps. Berserk, at its core, revolves around one basic things – desires. Life goals, great aspirations, and also the choose. It’s a basic idea, however through a great cast of characters and their interactions and breakthrough, it’s explored thoabout and wonderfully.

Thturbulent all this, though, tbelow was one element of the series that constantly stood out.



Majestic as fuck.

Those of you that remember my (currently highly antiquated) Top 25 Characters series will certainly respeak to that Reintough von Lohengramm was, at the moment, my #1. So it was quite a surpincrease to uncover that whilst Griffith is in much the exact same vein as Reindifficult, he might actually be an even more powerful character – ironically, by being weaker as a perboy.

I’ll be going right into something spoilerriffic here, though to be honest, I’m maintaining this to a vague spoiler that you would have to be as blind as a fucking bat to not watch coming from miles ameans. With that in mind, if you have not checked out Berserk yet and also still want to go right into it totally unspoiled, then GOOD LUCK, HAHAHAHA, likewise please look amethod currently.


It was his sled. It was his sled from as soon as he was a kid.

Now, as my friend/nemesis/former CNC co-admin, santetjan from MAL, has created up a much better analysis of Griffith’s character than I might ever before hope to (uncovered here), I shaln’t bvarious other with anypoint too wide. Instead, I would prefer to emphasis on a single quote.

Griffith: “It should have actually been some sort of god.”

Guts: “More like… a demon.”

Griffith: “Is tright here a difference?”

I think this may be the single best moment of characterisation in a single line that I have actually ever watched. At this allude, Griffith has been unflinching in his eincredibly activity, always completely firm and decisive in eexceptionally move he renders, without a shred of self-doubt. However before, despite some noticeable foreshadowing that Griffith wasn’t rather as heroic as he may have appeared, we have actually yet to truly find just how much Griffith is willing to go to attain his desires. This quote is an utterly wonderful item of foreshadowing – it is our initially, and ideal hint that Griffith will certainly speak at nothing to attain his dream. To him, a God and also a Demon is the exact same thing – power is power, no matter how you achieve it.

The remainder of the Hawks, of course, are oblivious. They couldn’t have actually recognized. They can never before have suspected the horrors that awaited them.

Here, have a fully unrelated song.

And male, what horrors they were. The Eclipse is possibly one of the a lot of effective things I’ve checked out in any kind of anime – both in terms of sheer horror and in terms of plot and characterisation. And truly it made for among the best endings I’ve watched in any anime ev

Suddenly, finishing. Right in the middle of it. There is no conclusion and also tbelow is one astronomical gap in the plot leftover that has actually yet to be readdressed. It is perhaps the biggest anticlimax I have actually ever before seen in an anime.


Wait, sorry, second best.

Uhh, OK, yeah, this… this is nice. This is the end. OK. Wright here precisely am I? Oh, there’s the song, oh good. Um… there’s some points that are still unrefixed below, guys! Um, exactly how carry out I obtain home? How perform I survive? Uhh… was the first episode even real? I mean, with the finishing it doesn’t make feeling, so… was it all in my mind? What’s a Behelit? Was that type of a, Freudian point, or… um… did I escape? Did the bus run through here? I expect, obviously obtained home currently, but… just how did I get home? Um, OK, OK, mantype has no regulate, also over his very own will certainly, mankind has no control, also over his very own will, OK, I gained that. Good. OK. Now, let’s analyze that. If I had actually manage, HOW THE FUCK WOULD I ESCAPE? I’m on a big red landscape of faces! Uhhh… is this just how you finish the series? Is this wright here we go from here? OK, the manga sure as hell much better comprise for this, I’m tellin’ ya appropriate now, ’reason I’m stuck in Eclipse-land! Ya ran out of ink also, didn’t you, ya bastards.

But yeah. I guess tbelow is the manga. So that obviously totally excoffers Oriental Light and Magic for ending Berserk quite plainly one episode too shortly. Due to the fact that, as they say, “it’s an advert for the manga”! Yes, an advert. That renders feeling. Except that I DID NOT PAY £24 FOR A FUCKING ADVERT. I PAID £24 FOR A TV SERIES THAT SHOULD BE GOOD IN ITS OWN RIGHT. THAT IS WHAT I EXPECT. But yeah, OK, fine! I’ll play your game! Better go buy all 37 quantities of the manga choose the customer whore I am! Even if they are incredibly overpriced (Seriously, an RRP of £10.50 per volume? And it’s actually SMALLER than the average volume? No colour peras or anything? What the fuck, Dark Horse Comics?).

Oh, and also because Miura is busy playing iDOLM
STER or some shit, even if I execute go buy the manga, I’m still not obtaining a appropriate conclusion, because he still hasn’t finished the fucking point.

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Yep. You know what? Fuck you, Asian Light and Magic. Go back to your toy-moving kiddie shows. That’s obviously all you’re great for.