If your husband loves to hear about your past lovers then there might be 2 reasons most prominently of this, one is that he is curious to understand and also other is that he wants to understand you completely in order to acquire more into you.

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If you understand your husband also and also you trust him that opening about your past will certainly not crumble your existing partnership then be open to him and also tell him all the instances which occurred via you in the previous. But don’t let the previous develop misunderstandings in between you.


If you doubt him that he will certainly, in the future, judge you after listening approximately your previous relationships then don’t commit the mistake of informing him around them bereason it will certainly hamper the smooth ongoing partnership of yours.

The connection is based upon a structure of two extremely vital pillars- one is of trust and also the various other is knowledge. If your husband loves to hear about your past lovers and you have these 2 pillars concretely imbibed in your relationship then don’t hesitate to tell him about all that.

Love heads ahead as soon as both of you exreadjust each and every little thing about yourself. If your husband also loves to hear around your past lovers and also he is willing enough to talk about it without showing any such judgment, then open up about that in front of him. Enwell-off your love by including transparency.


It is healthy to talk around your previous partnership if your husband also loves to hear around your past lovers because this only signifies that he is seriously into you and also wants to understand everything around you. Do have a conversation about this topic through him. This will certainly widen up trust levels in between you two.


What if my husband loves to hear around my previous lovers?


If you trust your husband enough then share with him. He might be discovering your previous love life intriguing because, in the finish, he got you. If you know him well and think that this point will certainly not influence your relationship then comment on it.

It will certainly make your husband also trust you more than before bereason he will get to understand that you are comfortable with him and don’t think twice before sharing anything with him. It will increase knowledge and also positivity in your relationship.

Avoid discussing your previous in your present connection if you understand your husband is possessive and will certainly acquire offended on hearing it. Don’t topple your relationship by doing this. If your husband will certainly develop negative thoughts upon hearing it then better not comment on it, simply give him clues so that he does not feel bad.

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If your husband loves to hear about your past lovers then go ahead with it if you firmly think that he will certainly not acquire offended and also share your heart out through him. It will certainly rise the depth and also intensity of your relationship by enveloping all the previous episodes of yours and him as well.