And so, many thanks to Joe Jonas, of all human being, the internet is – once again – rabid at the prospect of a potential My Chemical Romance reunion. In instance you’re only simply waking up from a coma, Joe freshly declared he’d heard the emo titans rehearsing in a exercise room next to the one the Jonas Brothers were in, during a recent session in New York. Could this probably be an actual thing? Because the band also split in 2013, there’s long been proof that they’d grace us via their rerotate. Let’s look at the evidence, shall we?

When it seemed the band also themselves had actually teased it

What actually transpired wasn’t a reunion at all, however the release of a special edition of ‘The Babsence Parade’, backed with a collection of demos and outtakes from that duration entitled Living With Ghosts. Alarmed by the fuss the video teaser had produced, the band opted to shut dvery own conversation with a statement on their website. It read…


‘We’ve been really touched and also blown away by the response to the teaser trailer. We are not touring and also tbelow is no reunion planned – just a release for the anniversary of The Babsence Parade. Thank you so much for continuing to keep MCR in your mind and also in your hearts.’

When guitarist Frank Iero let slip that they still hang

Earlier this year, My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero mutual his thoughts on the last time the concept of his old band also redeveloping practically damaged the internet.

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“We wanted to perform a 10-year anniversary release of ,” Iero told the AT&T Sports Network’s Dan Patrick Show. “We had actually some demos left over and some songs that didn’t make the document and we were choose, ‘Oh, cool. We’ll put it all together.’ Eincredibly year, meet and also have a barbecue sort of thing. We’ll have actually the barbecue, youngsters will hang out and we’ll comment on business for the following year. And we were prefer, ‘Oh, that would be really cool. We should perform a small teaser trailer for it. Alappropriate, that’s what we’ll do.’ So, we told the what we wanted, and they made this trailer, and also we released it. And all of a sudden we were favor, ‘Oh, wait. Everyone’s genuine puzzled.’”

“Here’s the thing,” he ongoing. “We were always, prefer, a theatrical band also and also we wanted to continue in that fashion, however as soon as you’re not a band any much longer, it’s most likely harder to perform that. We didn’t realise.”

Predictably, Frank sharing that the band also regularly met for burgers was huge news. When all four members were spotted socialising together at a Frank Iero solo present at the Los Angeles Troubadour in May of 2017, the internet went balmy. People want this to occur. Adoration for the band also the Daily Mail as soon as slandered as being ‘a death cult’ continues to flourish, also in death.


“I feel favor that took everybody earlier,” guitarist Ray Toro told of the teaser trailer. “I don’t think we realised just how dramatic it was. We were simply searching for a cool method to announce the 10th anniversary – and also we were all just blvery own ameans by the reaction.”

“It provides you feel really great,” he continued, “because you understand so many type of years later your work-related is still appreciated and it’s finding a new audience. One of the things we hear a lot that is that civilization who weren’t also born once that album or when the band also initially started are somehow right into us. I remember once I remained in high school, listening to The Misfits. You’d never before obtain to see them live earlier then yet it ends up obtaining passed dvery own and also becomes virtually mythical in a feeling, so I think that’s pretty cool if that does happen through My Chem.”

My Chemical Romance performing at Warped Tour 2004

He added: “Here and there I think we all most likely miss making music together – however I think at the very same time we’re all exceptionally concentrated on our present projects.”

When Gerard weighed in

For the biggest part, singer Gerard Way – who in truth, is core to any type of reunion happening or not happening – has actually repeated variations of the very same message since the 2013 separation. A synopsis; he and the various other members of the band also are happier now. They’re all busy through their own stuff. It might happen. It probably won’t. But it can.

“I wouldn’t count out,” he told Billboard the month after the LA social. “But at the very same time everybody’s doing stuff in their stays currently that they’re really enjoying.”

“In some methods I don’t really miss it,” he included. “ had obtained so big it was exceptionally unwieldy. It took a toll on my psychological life and individual life. The thing I’m happiest about ideal now is everybody’s relationships with each other are really solid. That’s even more crucial than anypoint else to me.”

Each member of the band also has continually voiced the exact same message. That the end of My Chemical Romance conserved their relationships through one another. In 2017, on the eve of the release of his band Electric Century’s fantastic debut album ‘For The Night To Control’, Micrucial Way explained that his drug addiction intended that the end of the band was “very dark – I was in a fog”. It’s clear the health and wellness of Gerard’s younger brother takes precedent versus any type of MCR reunion.

Still, Micrucial is currently believed to be clean and sober… and also yet the wounds brought about by the end of MCR proceed to leave deep cuts. Unfinished business? Or factor to leave it be?

“When things begin to succeed and go really well, that’s when a lot of civilization start to have an opinion and that’s as soon as you run into struggle,” Way told The Guardian in February this year. “Everybody had actually a fucking opinion around what MCR should be. So it made it tough to number out what direction to take next. You gain recorded up in this trap of ‘Is it ever before gonna be excellent enough?’”

“We absolutely acquire supplies consistently to reunite,” ongoing Gerard. “It’s a constant point. It’s flattering, it’s really nice of people… I miss out on playing through the males, yet I don’t think so.”

When the Warped Tour had actually their say

Certainly, in March, Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman revealed on twitter that he’d tried to reunite the band for the last ever before Warped Tour… to no avail.

Mark Hoppus – he of Blink-182 and also no trousers – tried also. Sort of. After musing, ‘Whatever happened to the Jonas Brothers?’, on Twitter, days prior to the hugely successful pop rock team acquired back together (and also really, isn’t it spooky how regularly the Jonas Brothers function in this story?!), he suggested the same could occupational for the New Jersey band also.

“So the various other day I was prefer, ‘Hey whatever before occurred to the Jonas Brothers?’, tweeted the bassist. “Made a few calls, yada yada, below we are. You’re welcome, people. I’m calling Gerard following. I acquired a feeling that in 2019-2020 I have the right to make this one take place as well. Same through your divorced paleas. Hit me up.”


Still plenty of bands have split – favor MCR, with dignity, via ethics – only to uncover the spoils of a return to the limelight also tempting to ignore. When The Eagles disbanded in 1980, singer Don Henley sassist it would certainly take “hell freezing over” to gain the band onphase aobtain. Their comeback tour in 1994 was entitled the Hell Freezes Over Tour. In 2006, Ian Brvery own forcibly swarm down rumours of an impfinishing Stone Roses reunion. “If I remained in the gutter,” shelp the singer, “and my youngsters lived on the kerb, I’d go and also obtain a job in B&Q before I’d redevelop The Roses”. Five-years-later, John Squire, Mani, Reni and also Ian Brown were onstage together at Heaton Park.

When Download Festival had actually their say

Make no mistake, the money on market for a My Chemical Romance reunion would be exceptionally hard to revolve down.

“I can’t stop in specifics of financials,” claims Live Nation’s Andy Copping, Mr. Downpack Festival. “But it would certainly be incredibly substantial news if they gained ago together. The festival people demands headliners and they’re definitely a bona fide headliner. I’d have them back at Downfill in a flash. 2020 will be thirteen-years because they last played. I can’t believe just how a lot time has passed…”

Other theories concerning the feasibility of a reunion are more romantic. This is, after all, a band also whose singer announced an end to operations in 2013 through a prolonged 1,979 word online missive, including an extended metaphor around a bird trapped in his living room. My Chem was never around the money.

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Mikey (L) and also Gerard Way in My Chemical Romance

And, of course, Reddit has actually its say, too

Case in point, from the bowels of Reddit, there’s a concept mutual by the user Lufyyyyyy (most likely not their genuine name), who proposes the adhering to mind-melting idea.

“So Gerard Way sassist that he wanted MCR to follow the same path as the Smashing Pumpkins,” writes Lufyyyyyy, of Gerard’s oft repetitive statement that the lifecycle of one of his favourite bands is a trajectory he’d prefer his own team to replicate. “The Smashing Pumpkins were together for twelve-years. MCR were together for twelve years. The Smashing Pumpkins were split up for six years. 2019 will be six years considering that MCR break-up up…”

Which is a nice assumed, right… Oh wait, what’s this witchcraft?

“Then there’s the fact that the video for Na Na Na is set in 2019,” proceeds Lufyyyyyy. “And then there’s this screengrab from the video. Will California be the location they reform?”