Like, actual tears.

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Let me simply say that I’m not a crier, I am hardly ever relocated to tear up, I’m not wired prefer that. At leastern not because I began flourishing bear-bear, for those that want to bring up those Ijanikin days.

Lest I digress, the tears came on my means to work this morning. It was on the bus from CMS to Lekki Phase 1 that the moment occured.

As I left the home previously, I determined to listen to Jon Bellion’s The Human being Condition album.

I had not heard the LP in a while and Weight of the World had actually been playing in my head as I got ready for the day.

Now it’s news enough that I cried but it’s the why that I wanted to share. As Jon’s LP played, tbelow were moments wright here I reconnected via some old favourites, where I mentally travelled back to the first time I heard those songs and just how they made me feel at those times. Then it got to the last track, Hand also of God.

That component when the choir starts to sing a medley of songs on the album was specifically wright here I lost it, it took everything in me to not bawl in the bus. Good thing I had an handkerchief, I simply preserved dabbing my eyes.

It felt great to cry, I’ll admit. Been a trying couple of days and also I had hosted so much shit to my chest, it was only a issue of time prior to everything would certainly come bubbling to the height.

When the artist said My mom says, “Your entirety life’s in the hand of God” I felt that. Seems our mothers need to meet, excellent minds execute think aprefer. I had actually to simply remember that at the end of the day, na God hand also I dey. I concern too a lot, I store also much shit to myself, yet las las I go dey albest. Crying assisted me to drop a whole lot and also let my shoulders remainder. I’m only humale and also shit will certainly happen however it won’t last.

Dear Reader,

What is that thing or those things weighing you down? Do you need to talk about them? Do you require someone to just listen? Do you desire to just cry your eyes out and also you require someone to save the tissues coming ? I’m here, you’re not alone, but many importantly I just want you to understand you’ll be fine, we’ll all be fine. God no dey sleep for heaven.

I don’t understand that this would certainly assist yet right here are the lyrics to the hook of the song:

Tears at a funeral, tears at a funeral, I could break

Angry at all the points, angry at all the things I can’t change

When you’re shed in the world, lost in the universe

Don’t shed faith

My mom claims, “Your whole life’s in the hand also of God”


Also, remember to smile.

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