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The great news is, tright here is an actual ghold loose in this episode and it’s haunting an old frifinish of JB’s by the name of Martin Tremaine, and also is additionally a ghostly beekeeper more than likely.

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Faced with the ghostly beekeeper, Martin calls JB in New York and asks her to come down to The golden state to save him from the bees check out his newest play. JB is neck deep in proofs for her following novel but Martin tells her to come anymeans.

Martin is not brief on opinions about his newest play. His frifinish and also long-time director Barney Gunderboy thinks it’s simply a teeny little also depressing to succeed, and also actress Carol Kendall really thinks her character shouldn’t die in the second act.

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Martin tells them this is the last play he will ever before write, and so he doesn’t desire it addressed simply to market more tickets. Barney tells him audiences require happy or they require hope. He goes over to a painting of Martin’s dead wife Vivian and also claims if she were below she’d say the very same point.

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Martin rushes out of the room and also bumps right into his step-daughter Courtney, who needs to recognize why he hadn’t told her Jessica Fletcher was coming to remain, her uncle Alex is likewise coming and also it’s a little tough managing a residence without all the facts (likewise bees). Martin tells her not to change her plans with Alex, he’s feeling worn down and he’s simply going to go to bed.

In his room, he discovers his late wife’s music box playing away in the darkness. He slams it shut and heads to the bathroom.

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="size-large wp-image-2862" src="" alt="" width="500" height="379" srcset=" 500w, 1000w, 150w, 300w, 768w" sizes="(max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px" />WHEN BEES WORK TOGETHER THEY ARE AN UNSTOPPABLE FORCE

Jessica arrives at Carmel the following day, simply in time for lunch and also Martin’s favourite story about the moment Rictough Burton went to a dive bar dressed as a centurion because he’d run out of booze in his dressing room.

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="size-big wp-image-2863" src="" alt="" width="500" height="386" srcset=" 500w, 150w, 300w, 768w, 993w" sizes="(max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px" />To be fair, I don’t think there’s a story about Rictough Burton that isn’t true.

Lunch over, everyone adjourns right into the following room for port. JB has actually a chat to Alex (that man in that screencap), and tells him she’s sorry she couldn’t make it to Vivian’s funeral. He many thanks her and also claims they were cshed, the just youngsters. Jess states it’s nice he have the right to be around for Courtney, and asks if he’s staying lengthy however he tells her he has to obtain back to San Francisco the following day. Martin shuffles over and hands her his play to check out.

Later that afternoon, JB has actually finiburned the script and also has some incredibly definite opinions around it. She is soon joined by Lisa Ryder (the chick that was ghosting means ago at the start of this episode) and also her frifinish (and neighborhood cop, sure this won’t come up at all) Joe Connors. He easily excprovides himself to get ago to occupational, however Lisa sits dvery own for a chat through JB, who is frankly impressed at exactly how well Lisa copes with being blind. Lisa claims she struggled for a long time after the automobile accident that expense her her sight, but Martin was kind sufficient to let her remain on the building and also she spends a lot of of her time sculpting now and tells Jess to soptimal by the cottage any time to see her work.

Jess sits dvery own through Martin to discuss the play – Jess is worried around Martin, even even more so because she have the right to fairly plainly tell that the character of Mallory in the play is plainly based upon him. Martin tells her he has actually struggbrought about cope considering that Vivian passed away, however that he knows that that it’s the last play he will ever before write – he is going insane. Jess tells him world that are insane are typically the last to understand around it, however he states it’s true. Vivian has actually come back to haunt him, bereason he eliminated her. Jess tells him Vivian committed self-destruction however Martin won’t be relocated. He is responsible for her death and also now he’s paying the price.

Uncle Alex bids Courtney and JB farewell, he’s heading back as much as San Francisco. As he drives away, Jess tells Courtney she’s worried about Martin but Courtney claims he’s been normal – older, considering that her mommy passed away yet it’s understandable. JB states Vivian’s death should have been tough on her too and also Courtney says even more than you can imagine. Jess nods then excprovides herself – she has actually proofs to review.

JB’s search to uncover the perfect proof-analysis spot is interrupted by the arrival of a Big Dog.

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The dog’s owner, General Shark, shows up to inform JB that she is trespassing on his property, Martin’s property ends at the tree and also to tell Martin not to bvarious other sending infiltrating troops, his building is well protected.

Hashtag crackpot.

That night, Courtney is in her room with her husband also Philip, that is informing her to be nicer to her step-father, he’s leaving them every little thing in his will. Courtney tells him she’s seen the will and also his name isn’t in it. Undeterred, Philip provides to help her relax (ew) and also Courtney tells him she has actually things to execute downstairs, and leaves. On the other hand, JB and also Martin are kicking back with a cup of tea and also a brandy, and also JB tells Martin she really thinks he have to check out a physician. Martin tells her he’ll think around it and also she bids him excellent night.

Martin finishes his brandy and also adjourns to his room, just to discover the music box playing aobtain. He smashes it versus the wall, yet then notices the bathroom door handle turning. The door opens up and a number emerges.

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The number crosses the room, points at Martin and then departs, cshedding the door behind her. That’s one polite beemaintaining ghold.

Jess hears Martin yelling and also rushes to his aid. Martin starts babbling around seeing Vivian aget yet Jess tells him she saw noone on the stairs. Courtney comes in and also asks if he’s having actually one more poor dream and he tells her yes, it must have been. Jess asks her if she observed anyone on the stairs but she states no. Courtney provides Martin a resting pill and states they all simply require a great nights sleep.

Of course that was never going to happen. JB hasn’t also gotten her pjs on once there’s more screaming, this time exterior. She races downstairs and also bumps into Barney prior to opening the front door to discover Lisa standing there, alongside herself. She’s also traumatised to give them a lot so Barney and JB go to investigate her cottage and also find Philip, Courtney’s husband also, dead on the floor through a knife wound in his ago.

Carmel’s best roll in to begin investigating, however Lisa doesn’t have a lot to tell them. She woke to hear a noise in her cottage, then heard a thud and a gasp, prior to she controlled to gain out of the cottage (not prior to tripping over something on the way). She also thinks her clay cutting knife is lacking, but JB didn’t see it once she came in later on and also Joe Connor was unable to uncover it either. Joe’s boss, Sheriff McAlister desires to recognize why Philip remained in the cottage to begin through but Lisa has actually no concept – he had come a pair of times in the time of the day to say hi but that was it. Courtney likewise has no principle what her husband also was doing tright here – she just realised as soon as she woke up once the screaming started that he hadn’t pertained to bed. Martin staggers into the room bellowing that Vivian is trying to kill Lisa and collapses into a chair.

Later, JB pops in to the Sheriff’s office to obtain the latest and to find out more about Vivian’s self-destruction. The Sheriff tells her they don’t really understand why she did it, but they did understand Martin had a wandering eye, and the self-destruction itself was nasty – Vivian slit her own throat via a razor blade in Martin’s bathroom. JB mentions that Martin had been taking resting pills and also asks the Sheriff if he might analyse them and also he says sure thing. Joe Connors drives her earlier to the home and also tells her he thinks Courtney did it – from what he’d viewed Philip had his eyes on Lisa, but Lisa told Joe she wasn’t interested in dating anyone. Joe thinks she’s still gaining over losing her sight.

As Joe drops Jess back at the home Uncle Alex rolls up. He asks if it’s true and Jess claims she’s afrhelp so. Alex asks her if they understand who eliminated Martin and also she asks him simply what he’s been told. He tells her that he had a message that there was a murder, however that’s it. Jess tells him Philip was murdered, not Martin and Alex rushes into the house. JB adheres to him in to ask some more inquiries. It turns out Alex isn’t Martin’s biggest fan on account of Vivian recorded him in bed with Lisa on the day she committed suicide. Oh d-d-d-dear.

That night was both dark and stormy…

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…so Jess goes to examine on Lisa at the cottage to inspect out her sculpture/interrogate her. Jess’s theory is evidenced when Lisa tells her that Martin was driving the auto in the crash that price her her sight. They had actually been having an affair but it finished as soon as Vivian committed suicide. In a suspicious relocate, JB moves the kettle to a various burner to view if Lisa notices and also she does – she tells JB it’s because she could feel the heat. Awkward. The rain starts bucketing down and JB decides to close the home window, noticing a footprint and traces of terracotta on the window sill. She asks Lisa if her sculpture was damaged and also she claims it was cracked but is conveniently repaired. She keeps it wet to sheight it from drying out.

The lights go out and also then Jessica notices someone trying to get in the front door. They smash the panes of glass and also JB activates her fight arrangement.

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="size-big wp-image-2868" src="" alt="" width="500" height="374" srcset=" 500w, 1000w, 150w, 300w, 768w" sizes="(max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px" />Guys I don’t think this is bees.

Jess and also Lisa are saved by the arrival of Joe Connors, that pertained to check on Lisa as soon as the power went out and saw someone running ameans as he pulled up. Good old Joe.

The following day Jess pops in for a chat with Sheriff McAlister and also learns that a) Joe was on night change the night of Philips murder, b) the pills that Courtney said were to aid Martin sleep were in reality an effective anti-depressant and also c) Courtney is in line to score it all if Martin dies. JB thinks they need to search Martin’s property to watch what’s up. JB has actually a theory that Philip wasn’t the intended victim, and also that the killer came earlier to the cottage the previous night to retrieve something he had left behind. At the cottage they discover nopoint until JB asks Lisa if her sculpture is hollow – it is, Lisa states, to permit the terracotta to dry evenly.

Back at the primary home they’ve made a exploration in Courtney’s wardrobe – a ghostly beekeeping outfit. Courtney states it’s just a keepsake, but once they additionally point out they discovered her sedatives in Martin’s medicine container she comes clean. She wanted Martin to endure for what he did to her mommy, however as soon as they accusage her of killing Philip by mistake she just shakes her head and claims she won’t speak without legal advice from Uncle Alex.

Unfortunately for Courtney, Uncle Alex is simply a little busy at the minute.

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They bust him trying to extract the knife from the sculpture, yet they’d beaten him to it.

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The essential point is, the bees were innocent. And I for one welcome our bee emperors, might they be eternally benevolent and also not the sort that shoot power at civilization after being hit by lightening which is completely a thing.

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