1 Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine

Ace of Spades is a really negative ass song... unchoose most songs put on below especially the one by lindsey lohan. once was the last time you heard lindsey lohan sing a song and also really shakira and also beywhen are pop music not rock. This is the peak ten a lot of Bad ass rock songs if I"m not mistaken.

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Not my favorite song from motorhead however still a kick ass one, virtually all of their songs have a better possibility getting here than the majority of of the songs actually in this list like born to raise hell or orgasmatron.

Okay, a lot of of the songs right here are NOT what you would contact BADASS... Ahead of this motorhead song of true rage as a true badass song would certainly perhaps only be "bad to the bone" in this list..

This and also Gimme Shelter are the 2 a lot of badass songs on this whole list. I wonder what the 2 of them would certainly sound like combined together.

3 Bulls On Parade - Rage Against the Machine

I was instantly able to bench push 700 pounds after listening to this.

I make my bed to this song.

This song is remarkable bereason of the vocals and also the powerful guitar

That chorus guitar line (rally round the family) is among the heaviest choruses of all time

4 Beat It - Michael Jackson

How is it badass? I mean, it SOUNDS cool but it"s a song about learning as soon as to run from a fight. Bad is BADass. I mean, it has half of the word in it"s title.

I especially love the little wbelow it echoes beat it, and also he pants, complied with by the guitar and gongs, it is badass.

5 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

6 Breaking the Law - Judas Priest

Badass song...first song I learned to play

7 Get in Sandguy - Metallica

This song is the definition of badass.

This is such an amazing song.

Best song ever!

8 Bad to the Bone - George Thoroexcellent & The Destroyers

Old college, brand-new institution, no college it is all the very same, Bad to the Bone...sufficient said...

Do you human being understand what "badass" means? Try listening to this song.

Definitely this is the meaning of the term "badass".

Most badass song ever before. Terminator 2 movie proofed it.

9 Walk - Pantera

How is this not number 1?

10 Back in Black Very Rare Version - AC/DC

Come on think of a time once something badass happened and earlier in black wouldn"t work-related.

One of the best

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? Walking on the Sun - Smash Mouth

The Contenders
11 Through the Fire and also Flames - Dragonforce

This song simply puts you on "Fire AND Flames". While I listen to it I always imagine the badass hero flying like a rocket roughly the landscape while fighting his rival. It is motivational and hardcore!

I remember this song from the runescape clan war montages. That time was pure bliss.

One of the the majority of badass songs in the people. Instant hype!

I love this song

12 Joker and also the Thief - Wolfmother

Badass... image entering a prison yard via hardened criminals alone without a weapon... this the song to play.. Keep in mind to people voting on this list... learn the definition of badass please

13 Dragon Attack - Queen

14 We Will Rock You - Queen

Badass song by a badass musician! I would love to day Freddie Mercury! He"s so badass!

15 Cowboys from Hell - Pantera

17 Thunderstruck - AC/DC

Classic. Overused at some sporting occasions but still a classic.

Eexceptionally AC/DC song might be collectively put at #1.

It"s not the best song of all time, possibly not even the ideal Ac/Dc song, but it certain as hell is the a lot of badass

20 Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones

Somehow, this song maneras to sound like both the 1970s and also today"s world at the very same time.

The official song of the apocalypse.

21 Man in Box - Alice in Chains

Love listening to this song in my car really loud. Layne and Jerry"s vocals on this song are great. Never gain worn down of hearing this song.

Works finest when you"re slowly gaining out of a automobile.

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23 Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ Top

This is much better than some at the peak, because it"s actually talking around a guy"s style. A lot of the others are simply cool, that does not necessarily make them badass or savage.

Several of these human being don"t recognize the interpretation of badass, I mean imagine dragons, seriously?

They have always had actually that badass biker dudes method about them!

25 Anvarious other One Bites the Dust - Queen

And an various other one gone, and an various other one gone, an various other one bites the dust!