When you are all set to play, choose Campaign and create a brand-new game save for the opening story.

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The Prologue serves as a mini tutorial, tells a little more of the story, and also introduces you to a couple of personalities. Use LS to move around the map, and A to speak to various other personalities. Move eastwards and also talk to the Hunter to collect Hunters (Hunter Core Units). These are one of the core units you will usage battles. Keep following the route eastern, and also then north, till you reach a portal.

Throughout this next conversation, a Demon shows up southern of your place and also strikes you. This serves as the first fight tutorial.

Notes:- The battlearea is separated right into 2 components, Top and Bottom.- The enemy"s army stands all set on the top of the display screen.- Your army stands all set on the bottom of the screen.- The object of battle is to strike the Enemy Zone (optimal and bottom of screen) with your strikes. - The move counter is shown at the base of the display screen.- An attack formation is developed by placing 3 core units of the very same colour on peak of each various other.- Only systems at the bottom of a column have the right to be got. - Grab and also release systems via A to relocate them around the battlefield.- Attack formations have a blinking charge number once produced.- Attacks are weakened by adversary devices.- Success the fight by depleting the enemy"s health bar (optimal right).- Your hero will regenerate HP after each and also eincredibly fight.- Call reinforcements by pressing LT or RT.- Prematurely end your turn by pushing X.

After winning the battle, you will certainly get some XP. Gaining XP will cause you to level up and also boost in toughness and abilities. Continue complying with the instructions and also move ago towards the camp, prior to which you will satisfy one more demon. Move to their place to begin the fight.

Notes:- Place 3 core devices of the same colour side by side to develop a defensive wall development.- Your own assaults will pass over your wall surfaces.- Sylvan walls recuperate a little amount of HP each revolve, as component of a special wall capability.- All wall surfaces have a different special capacity.- The unit counter in the bottom appropriate shows you how many kind of reinforcements you have.- When a unit leaves the battlefeld, it is included to the unit respond to.- Idle systems are instantly ruined by any kind of incoming strike, but they also minimize the power of those assaults.- Each unit has actually a various amount of protective toughness.

Once aacquire, follow the path back to the camp and also fight yet another demon.

Notes:- Rerelocate a unit or a wall by pushing B.- Removing devices costs a relocate, unmuch less it creates an attack or a wall surface. In which case you get one bonus move for the variety of chains created.

Continue relocating towards the camp for some dialogue. After the dialogue, your character hides from Azexes, whilst other characters moved through the portal.


Bounties: 5

Artifacts: 10

Battle Puzzles: 4

Side Quests: 2

The Irollan project is all that is easily accessible to you for currently. Select that to begin your first story. Open the Map Menu by pressing X. Here you have the right to see quests. Your first is "Warning the Elves". Move forward and you will fulfill Trixie, a Pixie, that will join your squad. You can now usage Pixies as an additional core unit (Pixie Core Units). Units have the right to be equipped via the Hero Menu by pushing Y and moving to the Army Tab via RB. A demon will certainly also have actually showed up, and also will certainly be your initially proper fight.


- In the bottom left is a spell meter. When full, you have the right to cast a hero spell.- The MP in your spell meter rises when you hit the adversary, and also once you get hit.

Defeat the demon for the "Young Hero" achievement.

Young HeroVictory a battle in the Sylvan campaign


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After the battle, you will be asked if you want to watch tutorial about Links. Select yes.


- To make a connect, develop 2 strike formations of the exact same colour.- Linked attacks have to launch on the exact same revolve.- Linked assaults gain a bonus, making them stronger. The more strikes you attach together, the better the bonus.- Linking deserve to be offered on all unit types.

Continue to the east and talk to the character through a gold "?" over their head. This suggests the current primary pursuit. Silver "?" symbols show a character pertained to a side pursuit. A bronze sword symbol suggests a current quest-related battle, whilst a silver sword symbol suggests a side quest-associated battle. Tbelow is also a distinct skull icon for bosses.

The character to the ideal is Findan. Talk to him for another cut-scene. After some even more dialogue, you will get another kind of core unit, Bears (Bear Core Units) After this, go appropriate and collect Leaf Plate (Artitruth 1/10) from the chest. This is your initially artireality. You deserve to either equip this currently, or equip it later on in the Hero Menu, on the Artitruth Tab. The Leaf Plate boosts your hero"s HP by 25%, so you should equip it now.

Move earlier west towards Maethorn, and defeat the demon that appears. After the fight, Maethorn will offer you five of a new unit kind, Deer. The Deer is an Elite unit, which functions differently to the core systems you already have actually (Deer Elite Units).

Notes:- Elite devices, such as Deer, have the right to be offered to produce an Elite assault by placing 2 core systems of the exact same colour behind it.- Elite systems have special abilities. For example, the Deer can jump over enemy wall surfaces.- Special abilities are noted in the Military Tab of the Hero Menu.- The supply of Elite units is restricted, and they can die throughout battle.- To resupply, they have to be purchased from Unit Dwellings. - Elite systems not just die via adversary strikes, however also as soon as they are rerelocated from the battlefield.- They deserve to additionally be offered to develop attached attacks, if their strikes are synchronised with other strikes of the exact same colour.

After the battle you are presented the area of a Unit Dwelling. You need to use these whenever before you need Elite or Champion (not found yet) units. Note that each Elite systems has actually its very own certain dwelling. The one you are presented is for Deer.

Your brand-new pursuit is "Anwen"s Ambush". Move downwards to the rock archway, and also push A to uncover a path with the mossy tree. Here, you will certainly challenge your initially boss fight, but first go appropriate to collect some sources. These are the sources (also won in battles) that deserve to be supplied to purchase Elite and Champion devices later. Now move towards Kullor, beating the demon before him. After the demon fight, you will certainly be shown an additional tutorial on Fusion.

Notes:- To fuse, develop an strike directly behind an existing strike. Both assaults need to be of the very same kind and colour.- Fusion assaults will certainly constantly use the fastest charge time.- Fusion attacks incorporate the total power of all formations used.- Tbelow is no limit to the amount of strikes that have the right to be fsupplied.- Walls have the right to additionally be foffered to create stronger walls by developing a wall surface formation on optimal of an existing wall.

After the tutorial, fight and defeat Kullor, your first boss, whom will start with a wall. Use your Elite systems to jump this hurdle. After the fight, you have actually a new search, "Druid Tree Attack". Before moving on, open the chest for another artireality, Golden Roots (Artireality 2/10). You can just wear one artitruth at a time, so take your pick.

Go out the cave and move north in the direction of the Druid Tree. As you move north, talk to the Bounty Agent on your appropriate for a side quest; "Cromir". You should uncover and return him. He is actually basic to uncover. Go southern, and then west in the direction of where Maethorn was struck to find him. You have to initially fight him (Bounty 1/5). After beating him, return to the agent for your reward. You deserve to accept an additional two quests from the Bounty Agent right away; "Skullbrow" or "Cuthlion". Both work in the exact same way as before; you should discover and defeat the called perkid.

On your right, you will pass a Deer Unit Dwelling, so feel cost-free to spend some cash below. On your left are some resources and also a cave. In this cave, you can discover a demon guarding one more artifact; Deer Antler (Artifact 3/10) and Skullbrow, one of the opponents for your bounty search. Be cautious though, Skullbrow is level 5, so you may desire to rerevolve here later on to defeat him. If you deserve to defeat him, go earlier to the Bounty Agent to collect your reward (Bounty 2/5).

Continue northwards when you"re ready. A villager will certainly appear. Move left to collect some resources, and then continue northwards to meet a Druid. You will certainly receive 3 Druids (Druid Elite Units). To the left of the Druid is a Druid Unit Dwelling, so you have the right to buy even more if you so please. There is also an elf to the right, blocking entrance to a cave. Don"t battle him yet, as he is probably as well tough for you at this moment in time. Continue northwards to the tree.

Collect the sources over you and then fight the Griffin Knight. Continue up the tree defeating the 2 Knights sawing the tree. In this battle, aim your devices to especially strike where the Knights are standing. Keep in mind that they perform move left and ideal one room. After this fight, go appropriate and also defeat the Knight guarding the chest for another artitruth, an Elder Staff (Artitruth 4/10). Now go earlier left, defeat the Knight and also continue to the inside of the tree. Inside, you will certainly find Sir Strata, an additional boss. He has actually Champion units, so beware of these. Try to get rid of the effective units beforehand, and you must quickly defeat him! It need to also be listed that you should prevent attacking the bit dude via the flashing shield (Euny). He moves from left to right, and ago again. Bare this in mind as soon as setting up assaults that take multiple turns.

After the fight, you are given a brand-new quest; Stop the War. Open the chests on left and best of the room for money and one more artireality, Doubling Cape (Artifact 5/10), and also then leave the room for an additional cut-scene/dialogue, after which you will have actually provided leaf gliders to go to a brand-new location. If you wish, you deserve to go upwards to return to the Druid Tree if you needed to stock up on Elite systems.

Before relocating earlier dvery own, move best and defeat the Elf blocking the cave (assuming you are levelled sufficient now). Once you have actually done so, enter the cave. Inside, tright here are some sources, as well as a new kind of Special unit; Unicorns (Unicorn Special Units). Once you have actually purchased the amount of Unicorns you want, leave the cave. Move downwards and talk to the Druid. He will certainly offer you Emerald Dragons (Emerald Dragon Champion Units). There will be a tutorial for using these units.

Notes:- Champion assaults are created by placing four Core systems behind a Champion unit.- The Core devices need to match the colour of the Champion unit. - All Champion systems have unique abilities. The Emerald Dragon sprays acid on the battlefield. - Champion units are also significantly even more powerful than various other units.- As with Elite systems, the supply of Champion units is restricted.

Equip the Emerald Dragon and also relocate even more downwards. Ignore the red-headed guy for now. Talk to the Treant, Twigleaf, to his ideal, and then battle him (Side Quest 1/2). Defeat him and also he will sign up with you. In this battle, there are two already-charged Champion devices. You must defeat them before they strike. You do not necessarily have to defeat them to win the battle. As lengthy as you don"t lose after they assault, you will certainly win. I recommfinish establishing up Elite and Champion systems in line them, so they are drained or beat before they assault. Keep in mind that they might recoup some health after each rotate. Success the battle, and also you will certainly collect two Treants, the last unit-form for this project (Treant Champion Units). Immediately to the appropriate is the Unit Dwelling for Treants have to you want even more.

You deserve to currently go back to the Bounty Agent to start 2 even more side-quests; Sparky and also Angrod. Sparky is the red-headed male you passed previously (Bounty 3/5). He is level 8 at the moment, so you can attempt to battle him if you want. You have to be able to defeat him now, especially if you usage your Champion units effectively. Collect your bounty and also then go to the location ideal of wright here you met the Treant.

In this new area, there is an additional Bounty Agent to the appropriate. You have to have built up all bounties now though. Instead, move upwards and also battle Varkas. Defeat him for an additional cut-scene.

Go left to talk to Nelir for your initially Battle Puzzle. These are various than continuous battles. You have actually simply ONE turn, through three moves. In this one revolve, you need to damage eexceptionally foe unit on the battlefeld. Creating chains will be necessary, so bare this in mind. If you acquire stuck, the walkwith have a message overview and also a video for each puzzle. Tbelow is an accomplishment for completing them all, so finish them as they show up. Nelir has actually two Puzzles, so beat both while you are right here.

Nelir #1. First rerelocate the Bear below the Dragon to create a wall surface of 4 Hunters. Now move the 2 Bears on the left to form the Champion Dragon unit. With your remaining 2 moves, relocate the 2 Bears on the right to the Elite Deer unit (Battle Puzzle 1/4). Video crmodify to YouTube user, Eougne.

Nelir #2. Move the Bear on the right to listed below the Bear on the left. Rerelocate the Hunter above these Bears to create a Core Bear attack. Rerelocate the Bear in the optimal appropriate. Now simply relocate the Pixies to develop the Core Treant unit (Battle Puzzle 2/4).

Beat both of Nelir"s Puzzle Battles, and he will offer you an artireality, Treant Sap (Artireality 6/10). From Nelir, go best and also defeat Sir Nathanson in a friendly battle (Side Quest 2/2). After defeating him, open the chest for an additional artireality, Dragon Scales (Artitruth 7/10). Move upwards. To the appropriate is the Unit Dwelling for the Emerald Dragon. To the left is Cuthlion, one of the bounties (Bounty 4/5). Defeat him, collect the Boost Boots (Artitruth 8/10) from the chest, and then collect your bounty from the Bounty Agent (either one will do).

Move ago upwards in the direction of Varkas for one more battle. In this fight, you need to safeguard the large acorn on the battlearea, while still beating the enemy. After the dialogue, go left to collect the loot. Now go best to exit the area. Here, you have to deal with a tiny puzzle to cross the river. Push A to push logs right into the river. To reset the puzzle, press all logs in. Push the 3rd log first, then the fourth, then the second, and also then finally the initially. Remember to open up the chest on the island before crossing for the Ring of Life artitruth (Artireality 9/10). North of the river you will certainly uncover Unit Dwellings for Druids and Treants. Restock if you wish, and then move upwards.

Work your way up the route, beating Demons as you go, until you fulfill Kregulation and Virk. Battle these as well. After that, Azexes will show up. Get him! There are various things you must be aware of for this fight. Firstly, you have to aim your assaults at him. Tright here is no Enemy Zone at the earlier of the location. His body (and location for harming him) take up simply 2 squares. Secondly, his assaults charge up for 3 rounds. You should try to either remove these assaults by aiming your very own assaults at them, or safeguard against them. I recommend doing both. Thirdly, Azexes moves around the location. When you check out the yellow ring, that is where he will move to. You have to think about planning ahead by developing strikes to the location wbelow damage Azexes after he moves.

Winning this fight will unlock Findan for use in Multiplayer. Irollan is now noted as finish. The Holy Griffin Empire is now accessible. However, there are still some things to carry out in Irollan. When you gain the chance, save, quit and refill Irollan...

Make your means to the Druid Tree as soon as more. As you are climbing, you need to discover one more person (a Ranger) through a Puzzle Battle. Talk to them and complete both of their Puzzle Battles.

Ranger #1. Start by removing the wall above the yellow Druid. Next, move the Bear listed below the yellow Druid to the blue Druid. Remove the Pixie to develop a Druid assault. Finish off by moving both Hunters to the yellow Druid (Battle Puzzle 3/4)

Ranger #2. Start by removing either of the 2 highest possible Hunters to create a wall surface and also a Hunter attack. Remove the only Bear that continues to be for one more Hunter assault. You now desire to create two Deer strikes. Move one Pixie to the Deer+Pixie. Now move the various other Deer to the left, beside the Pixie. Finish off by relocating the 2 continuing to be Pixies to the left-most Deer (Battle Puzzle 4/4).

For completing both puzzles, the Ranger will provide you Vine Gloves (Artifact 10/10). You need to now have actually all artifacts from this campaign.

Continue up the Druid Tree and you should discover Angrod on the left side. He is the last staying bounty (Bounty 5/5). Defeat him! Now return to either Bounty Agent to collect your reward. You have to now have completed all quests in this campaign.

Suggested location for Unstoppable Army!

If you wish, you could go to the cave to the west of the first Bounty Hunter to grind out your Hero and also Unit levels. There is an achievement for maxing out all Hero and also Unit levels in any kind of project. Hopetotally by currently your Hero is near level 10 (mine was level 9), and the majority of of your Units are level 5. These are the max quantities. Equip your un-max-levelled systems and also relocate approximately the previously mentioned cave. You will occasionally be ambushed by a level 4/5 demon. Keep winning until all units have actually been maxed out. You can also pick to do this earlier if you wanted to make the finish boss in the project a lot much easier.

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If you do not want to carry out this success currently, it might be sensible to return to it after completing all projects, simply in case you reach the success normally, or discover a much better place to grind in a later campaign. For each project, a room has actually been said at the bottom of the web page.