Michael Jackson has actually publicly been linked through the following womales since the 70’s:

When I heard Diana Ross was acquiring married, I was happy for her bereason I knew it would make her extremely joyous. Still it was difficult for me, bereason I had to walk around pretfinishing to be overwhelmed that Diana was obtaining married to this guy I had never met. I wanted her to be happy, but I need to admit that I was a little hurt and also a small jealous because I’ve constantly loved Diana and also always will.” (Moonwalk, 1988)

“As far as how intimate they truly ended up being, this is where his music– virtually always semiautobiographical– must sheight for itself. Go listen to the wistful lyrics of "Remember The Time,” released in 1992. That song was, as Michael told me, written through Diana Ross in mind; the one great love that, as much as he was came to, escaped him.

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“ (You Are Not Alone, Michael: Thunstable A Brother’s Eyes, 2011)


My initially real day was via Tatum O"Neal. We met at a club on the Sunset Spilgrimage referred to as On The Rox. We exchanged numbers and also called each other frequently. I talked to her for hours: from the road, from the studio, from residence. Ours emerged into a genuine cshed connection. I dropped in love through her (and also she via me) and we were very cshed for a long time. We still talk now and also then, and I guess you’d have to say she was my initially love.“ (Moonwalk, 1988)

I am mindful that Tatum has actually publicly distanced herself from being Michael’s childhood sweetheart, however I don’t think my brother argued that they shared a blazing passionate love affair. It was nothing however puppy love. But what matters is that, in my brother’s heart and also mind, Tatum was his first girlfriend.“ (Jermaine Jackkid, You Are Not Alone 2011)


I laughed at media suggestions they were “faking it” bereason we all knew in the family members the intensity of their connection and just how they constantly wanted to be together. Michael’s joy couldn’t have been faked. The intimacy you check out in the video for You Are Not Alone was art imitating life; a sweet glimpse as to exactly how straightforward they were through one an additional and also just how they preferred to laugh. Reports that we “loathed” our brother’s brand-new wife could not have been further from the truth; she was just ever taken on and also tbelow was never one iota of a doubt that she had Michael’s best interests at heart. She prospered especially cshed to Janet and also Rebbie. When my sisters spfinish time via Lisa Marie and heard her stop around Michael, they always came away saying the very same thing: “That girl is crazy around him!” (Jermaine Jackson, You Are Not Alone, 2011)

“Very much. And I really loved that duty and also I loved taking treatment of him. It was the highest point of my life, among the incredibly highest points of my life. When points were going really well and also he and also I were joined together and he and also I had actually an expertise around some of the world and the points that might go around him and also he was via me on those things and also we were a unit and I might take treatment of him. In spite of what people speculated while I was with him that I wanted a career or was trying to execute something, it was absolute BS. I’ve never before been comfortable being front and centre, honestly don’t prefer being front and also centre. Loved being alongside him, taking treatment of him. I was on such a high from doing that. It was an extremely profound time of my life. So it wasn’t anypoint – it was genuine, as far as that goes.” (Lisa Marie Presley on Oprah, 2010)

I know Lisa was excellent. She was a sweet perboy. But it is hard to tie me dvery own. I can’t continue to be in one place one time so that’s why I don’t understand if I can really be totally married all the time.” (Michael Jackkid, Rabbi Schmuley Tapes, 2000/01)

She really loved Michael and he adored her. Michael told me they as soon as common a passionate kiss, and also she told me she was at once exceptionally a lot in love through him.

I think she really wanted to marry him however, although he had a crush on her, he was as well shy.

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Later, he confessed to me he have to have actually made eincredibly relocate. If they had actually got together, I believe Whitney would not have actually done drugs or come to be a semi-recluse.” (David Gest, 2012)

To name just a couple of. Apart from that, he himself has proclaimed why the majority of his relationships don’t reach the press:

Tright here have been the majority of wonderful woguys in my life, women whose names wouldn’t suppose anypoint to the readers of this book, and also it would be unfair to talk about them bereason they are not celebrities and also are unaccustomed to having actually their names in print. I worth my privacy and therefore I respect theirs as well.” (Michael Jackchild, Moonwalk. 1988)

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