Motivated by John Gray"s best-marketing self-help book, the board game "Men Are From Mars, Woguys Are From Venus" pits the two genders together in an all-out test to watch just how well they know the various other. The goal in this game is to effectively reach Planet first by guessing how the various other team will answer a question. To play, you"ll need at least a pair of couples.

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Sit on opposite sides of the table from your opponents. Men sit on the Mars side, while woguys sit on the Venus side.

Place the yellow hourglass token on the Venus tile of the board, and also the yellow cone token on the Mars tile.

Give the males the red cones and the women the teal hourglasses. Each team member need to use these markers to “vote” on just how the “Card Reader” will certainly answer. Each team is offered three votes per question.

Open the card box and place it wbelow each player deserve to reach it. The red cards are review by the guys and also the teal cards by the woguys. The categories are "Communication," "Gender-Bender," "Island also Fantasies," "Family Affairs," "In the Flesh," "The Dating Circuit" and also "Scoring Points." Give each team a “My Two Cents” chip.

Start the game through the women’s team. Have one team member choose a card from the teal deck. Read the category, question and also possible answers out loud.

Select an answer and store it surprise from all other players. Each question has actually three alternatives plus a Cave/Well choice. Select either Cavern (for men) or Well (for women) if you perform not feel comfortable answering the question, or if you perform not agree with the obtainable alternatives. Dial the answer right into the Voting Selector.

Vote among your team on where to location the 3 Voting Tokens. The men’s team locations their tokens on the Cavern side, while the womales area theirs on the Well side of the board. Choose either A, B, C or Cave/Well.

Reveal your answer if you are the Card Reader. Score one point for every correct vote your team made.

Read the “Venus Only” or “Mars Only” cards out loud. These cards have the right to just be voted on by other members of the reader"s team. If all the votes are the same, the team have the right to relocate forward three spaces. If the vote is incorrect, the opposite team moves forward 3 spaces rather.

Use your “My Two Cents” chip if you are certain exactly how the Card Reader will answer. If the vote is correct, double your points.

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Once you have actually offered your "My Two Cents" chip, you cannot use it aacquire for the remainder of the game.

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