A lot of points are done finest in Maya using pivots. And among the most common pivots we need is the origin (0, 0, 0). On this tutorial you’ll learn just how to relocate the pivot to the origin, each has actually its pros and cons. Take a look.

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1. Resetting the object’s transformations

If you don’t treatment shedding your object’s place, rotation and scaling information, this is the easiest and also fastest method to perform it. Don’t problem if you think your object will certainly lose its parenting configuration because it won’t.

To reset the pivot to beginning yet also resetting the various other transcreate attributes

Press and also host W, click all over in the viewport and also drag it to the left to pick the World Axis orientation in the Move Tool noting food selection.
Select the object you want to modify Choose Recollection Transformations>

2. Typing in the value in the transcreate node using the Attributes Editor

If you not feeling like relocating the pivot approximately using the computer mouse you have the right to form the worths.

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To recollection the pivot to beginning utilizing the keyboard

Select the object you desire to modify Open the Attributes Editor (Ctrl+A) Choose the transform tab (typically the first one)
Type 0 in both regional and also civilization space values

3. Using the computer mouse, snapping to the grid

For completion this approach of doing has been added as well. This is the easiest means to carry out it.

Be sure you’re in object mode (object and component mode deserve to be toggled by pressing F8) Hold D and also X, drag & drop the yellow marker to the facility of the grid, it will certainly snap.

4. (BONUS) Using a MEL command button (or shortcut)

This method of doing it has actually been included as a bonus simply bereason utilizing scripts is sometimes felt like an overkill. But, if you view yourself doing this time and also time again, creating a script and associating it with a new switch in the shelf have the right to conserve you some precious modeling time.

Running the command also making use of a button

Open the Script Editor Script Editor> Type xform -ws -a -piv 0 0 0; in the input box
Save it to the shelf Save Script to Shelf…> Go into an appropriate name, I imply Recollection pivot to beginning

Optionally you deserve to also customize the icon and also place of this button

Right click in the simply produced button of the shelf and also select Edit Change the position of it by pushing the up and down arrow symbols Change its symbol by pushing the M maya button

Running the command also using a shortcut

If you don’t mind spfinishing a hotkey combicountry with this action you can execute the complying with to develop a shortreduced for reestablishing the pivot to the origin

Open the Hotessential Editor Settings/Precommendation > Hotessential Editor> Select the Runtime Command also Editor tab in the left pane Click New, form xdevelop -ws -a -piv 0 0 0; in the substantial input box, offer it a name and also conserve. Back in the best panel, click Choose a category… and choose Custom Scripts, assign a hotessential combination for it.