as the title asks What does thriving from strength to stamina suppose ?A Google search returns interpretation for the word strength and also not the expression.


During my very own lifetime our popular cinema has auspiciously grvery own from stamina to strength

Source : Acceptance speech at the Brisbane Doctoprice ceremony




Progress from one success to one more higher level of success. Origin

From the Miles Coverdale"s Version of the Bible, Psalms 84:7:

They go from strength to stamina and also so the God of Gods apeareth vnto the in Sion.


I think the customary expression is going from stamina to strength, quite that flourishing...

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(the previous phrase is the one I hear more regularly and also has actually 4 times as many kind of Google outcomes, for what that"s worth).

Other than that I can"t add anypoint to mplungjan"s answer.



A Brit Box tv display from England called Escape to the Counattempt claims this, “the county has 145 old human being trees registered that are growing stamina to stamina.” Meaning they were extremely old and they had actually been declared immune to disease and unusually solid in character and kind.


to gain more in knowledge and also to accept things that seem not feasible and also to include power to meaning of will certainly interpretation the will to do and not the wrong way of living to get ahead what won1t kill you have the right to make you stronger=toughness to strength

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Can anyone authenticate the claim that "grungy" was supplied to intend "envious or jealous" in 1920s slang?
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