Matt Johnkid gained his begin in music by playing the sax in middle school band and guitar in punk bands on the side. While at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute, he met Kim Schifino (drums) and they developed Matt & Kim to develop indie digital music. Renier Fee, director of marketing at Music & Arts, captured up with Matt around his early music career and also his advice for beginners. Let’s go!


What would you would certainly recommfinish any parent shopping for stocking stuffers?

For a lengthy time I had a baritone ukulele and I tuned it prefer the first 4 strings of a guitar. I assumed it was a really good instrument to play on and it felt great and it might move simple.

A melodica is an underrated instrument. For those not acquainted through a melodica, it’s choose a tiny piano that you blow right into. On our beforehand songs, favor “Daylight,” throughout all the chorprovides, there’s melodica. It’s a nice sound.

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If you’ve never before played the thumb piano, an Mbria, those things make a magical tone.

I likewise simply gained a stocking stuffer in the last year or two; it’s favor a music box however it comes these little slips of paper where you have the right to punch holes and you can make your very own tunes. They are favor paper that would go with an old player piano however it runs via a little music box that you crank.

Matt & Kim released a new album, referred to as “Almost Everyday,” in May and are currently touring to promote it. That puts you at 6 studio albums deep! What advice execute you have actually for the recently developed bands out tbelow working on album number 1?

Just make what you want to hear. If you uncover yourself in the studio, saying such points as, “I think other civilization will certainly really favor this” or “I think these people will certainly sing alengthy to this,” that’s wright here things acquire a little untrue. It doesn’t feel as truthful. The a lot of truthful point you execute is make music that satisfies you. That will resonate with other people.

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