When you arrive at the Citadel in Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition, you have actually the choice to visit Aria, who has been kicked out of Omega by Cerberus. Despite being kicked out, she still holds sway with many type of, and also tright here are mercenary groups almost everywhere that are willing to join in the fight versus the Reapers if you have the right to sway them. The Eclipse is run by Jona Sederis, but her terms could be as well high. You have some selections here.

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Meeting Bailey and also speaking via Sederis

Upon receiving the mission, you’ll must head as much as the Citadel Embassies level and also soptimal via Commander. He’ll have the ability to provide you access to Sederis. You have the right to uncover him in the C-Sec office, the room to the left of the elevators, appropriate prior to the Spectre and Planet Councilor offices.

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Speak via Bailey once you enter the office. He’ll define to you that Sederis is crazy and also ended up being even crazier after he locked her up. In spite of the Council pushing to let her out, Bailey organized his ground and also refoffered to carry out so. Since Aria demands her, you’ll need to check her for yourself by speaking via her. Head down to the Presidium Commons floor, and also go to the C-Sec Outpost place.

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Talk via the Turian assistant in the office, and also he’ll give you accessibility to Sederis. Upon speaking via her, she’ll explain exactly how her adversaries are going to die, and also heads will certainly roll once she gets out tbelow, which you have actually no choice to perform because she holds every one of the cards. However, she mentions her second in command. You have 2 selections here: releasing Sederis, or speaking with her second in command also, Sayn. You can uncover Sayn on the Docks: Holding Area level on the Citadel. Sayn will certainly be at Cargo Hold: A.

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When speaking through Sayn, it does not issue what options you pick. You have the right to convince him that he’s still in charge if Sederis is left in jail. By the finish of the conversation, you’ll have actually gained Eclipse’s assistance, however without Sederis leading them. Make sure to go back to the elevator and also go with the scanners to finish the search. It’s done Bailey offers you a contact.

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Should you go with Sederis or Sayn?

Regardless of the decision you make, there are no negative results based on your alternative. If you select to release Sederis, you obtain Renegade points. If you pick to let her rot in jail and also encourage Sayn to take regulate, you’ll get Paragon points. Both outcomes give you some suffer points and also credits at the finish.