Hi, I understand that the idiom Look what the cat’s dragged in is offered to describe a case when a perkid has actually arrived that is taken into consideration ugly. My question is what is the beginning of this expression? Is it bereason a cat is most likely to drag somepoint into the residence that its owner probably doesn’t desire like some dirt for example?Thank you for shedding some light on this question.Nicole

Hi Nicole,

Good to hear from you aacquire. As much as I understand this originates from the habit that cats have actually of bringing things into the home favor for example a dead mouse or rat that they’ve captured. One of my sons went on holiday recently leaving the cat on its own for a couple of days. It can come and also go into the residence through a small catflap (a little catsized door) and also once they came ago they found a dead computer mouse in their sitting room, supposedly the cat’s concept of reflecting its appreciation for the care and attention they present it.

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Hello Alan. Thank you very much for your speedy reply. You have actually defined the beginning of this cat expression very vividly. Still, my question is why we use this idiom to talk about an ugly person?Best regardsNicole

Hi Nicole,

I have the right to just imagine that ugly is linked with somepoint unpleasant prefer the dead mouse or rat that the cat brought in. It’s an expression that suggests that you find the newcomer a very unpleasant perkid - I’m not so certain that it is constantly to perform wth looking ugly.

The concept of drag suggests another expression associated with somebody looking unpleasant: You look as though you’ve just been dragged with a hedge backwards.Alan

Alan, many thanks aobtain for clarifying the ugly/unpleasant problem. What about this version: Look what the cat’s lugged in.Does the definition adjust if you relocation drag with bring?Nicole

Hi Nicole,

Yes, it’s the same. Very frequently in a slightly jocular method you can say as soon as someone walks into a room: Just look what the cat’s brought in! It has a nasty edge to it, though.



Still, my question is why we usage this idiom to talk about an ugly person?

The perchild doesn’t have to be ugly, however periodically simply unpreferable or undependable in some way.

Let’s say you have actually a quite bohemian cousin that never keeps a trusted schedule. If your friends and also family invite him to a gathering, they have the right to never be certain whether he’ll come or at what time. So, you’re all sitting around, and also 45 minutes prior to everyone is expected to go home, or probably once everyone is almost finished through dinner, in walks your cousin looking favor he’s just rolled out of bed. This is one case wbelow we could say, affectionately or angrily, “Look what the cat dragged in!” Anvarious other point we might say then is, “Look what the wind simply blew in!”

Alan is ideal, though. Cats have a propensity to carry us house ugly, dead, smelly “gifts”, and also “Look what the cat dragged in,” deserve to indicate that some ugly or unpreferable perkid has just walked in, and we have to number out what to do.

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Hi Guys

The origin of the expression “look what the cat dragged in” is not completely knownHowever it is rumoured that in 1984 A 6 year old college boy from Dublin, EireUsed this expression as soon as a fellow student walked in to the class late. The teacher laughed so a lot that he later on told his friends and also colleagues, about this funny incident, therefore just how the expression spcheck out.