From Dude: It’s prefer what Lenin said…you look for the perkid who will benefit, and also, uh, uh…Donny: I am the walrus.

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Wtransform proceeds to berate Donny for mistaking John Lennon for Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

Presumably, the Dude is referencing somepoint that Lenin actually shelp or composed. What’s is the original quote, in full?

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Could be a misquote of:Politics begin where the masses are, not where tright here are thousands, but where there are millions, that is wright here severe politics begin. Or another from any type of of his many renowned “citings“

It’s tough to say whatthe original quote was expected to be, as Lenin’s direct quotes are regularly “re-worked” or mis-quoted.

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He might be reasoning of somepoint Karl Marx sassist and also attributing it to the wrong guy.

Or, tright here is the well-known latin expression que bono? which translates to “that benefits?” (I think). He might be misapplying this expression.

Anymethods, my suggest is that it can not be from Lenin at all and also was comprised bereason his name rhymes via John Lennon.

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Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1964, Moscow, Volume 4, pages 372–377.

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How is our government’s sensemuch less policy in China to be explained? Who benefits byit? The benefit goes to a handful of capitalist tycoons that bring on profession via China, to a handful of factory owners who manufacture products for the Eastern sector, to a handful of con tractors who are now piling up expensive profits on immediate battle orders (factories producing war tools, provides for the troops, and so on, are currently operating at complete capacity and are engaging hundreds of brand-new workers). This policy is of benefit to a handful of nobles that occupy high posts in the civil and also armed forces solutions. They need adventurous policies, for these provide them via methods for promovement, for making a career and also acquiring fame by their “exploits.” In the interests of this handful of capitalists and governmental scoundrels, our government unhesitatingly sacrifices the interests of the whole human being. And in this case, as constantly, the autocratic tsarist government has actually verified itself to be a federal government of irresponsible bureaucrats servilely cringing before the capitalist magnates and also nobles.