I recognize songs like "Noise Pollution, Feel It Still and also Number One" have actually a political sense, and in general, I think the album has that sense. But what do songs like "Easy Tiger, Live In The Moment or also Tidal Wave" refer to?

PD: English isn't my organic language, sorry if I have an error.

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I think at some suggest the band discussed the album will be concentrating on today's teenagers and also the common battles they go through.

This can be showed in multiple songs, consisting of some singles they released already. These are just going to be my interpretation on the albums and the songs, so forgive me if they don't make feeling.

The initially song on the album, Number One, obviously has actually some political aspects to it. Though, that isn't the main emphasis. As pointed out, eexceptionally song focuses on teenagers and also growing up. This song represents the feeling of flexibility which teenagers acquire as they age. It additionally appears to recurrent looking back on your younger years and also learning from mistakes, shown by the lyric "All the trails we blazed have lengthy since been paved Leadin' the contemporary age on down memory lane"

The next song - Easy Tiger - as you have the right to tell by the title, is telling teens not to rush their life and also mess up in the procedure. The lyric "tightrope, no chains, holdin' it together" seems to tell you to think around what you're doing prior to you perform it. I don't think anyone would walk on a tightrope without anypoint holding it together if they checked beforehand also.

Next up, Live in the Moment. This song is informing teenagers to carry out exactly what it says, live in the moment! Savor all the time you have prior to you end up being an adult, If you're in a relationship and also going on a day, reap the moment and also usage it wisely because it doesn't last forever before.

After that one we have Feel It Still, which by the title would certainly seem to have actually a comparable definition to Live in the Moment. Buuuut by the lyrics, it focuses on years wright here tbelow were significant social motions. We have 1966 which is the year the Babsence Panther Party spawned from riots in Chicearlier and 1966 is additionally the initially acid test year. 1986 is the various other year mentioned and it's when the Beastie Boys released "Fight For your Right to Party.", and also it's also the year where civilization began partying even more and more.

Rich Friends is up next, and also from all of the live performances, it appears to relate to teenagers who are hanging about various other teenagers that are going through a turbulent time and they don't desire to bring them down, as shown by "Hey I know I'm cool to lean on yet I'm not your gravity"; "I'm just tryn'a catch a free ride". It might likewise be interpreted as abmaking use of friends through a lot of power or money for your very own get.

Next is Keep On, which by the title and multiple lyric, is encouraging you to keep on going forward and reasoning positive while going via tough and troubled times.

Up following, Tidal Wave. From the lyrics, "Acting hard lookin' unphased tripping over landmines" represents human being who act tough on the outside but on the inside are lonely, falling apart, and also just have actually tons of problems going on in their life.

So Young is following, and given that tbelow aren't any kind of lyrics we have the right to go off of, we have the right to only assume the definition by the title in the intend time. From the title, it seems this song will be favor Easy Tiger, telling teenagers to slow dvery own and live your life without rushing and acting way older than you are.

My. Lonely up next, and also this appears to be among the deepest and also saddest songs. This song appears to explain going through a breakup, with lyrics like "There's glitter fallin' and also a banner that states welconcerned hell"; "Maybe I'm also blind to see exactly how trouble finds me"; "And though I deserve to feel this pain in my heart bereason it's (obviously / hard to see you) falling apart"

Finally we have Noise Pollution, which I think concentrates on informing people to ignore bullshit rumors that spcheck out about and also block out every one of the hate and negative vibes in your life.

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Aacquire, these are my interpretations on every one of the songs and also not everyone's going to agree via them.