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Let"s go, it"s your boy LD, A.K.A. watch your girl pussy, homieY"all missed me, do not you? I remain via a boner, I"m generally hardMy dickheads, I"m sorry, for keeping you waitingJust understand that I miss you (I love y"all)Been leaving you all out to dry in the darkLike a cum loaded tissue (that"s recommendation to semen)I woke up this morning prefer fuck it, I got to address all the fans (I do)I require y"all to recognize I got plans (I do)I require y"all to understand I been slaving amethod on my debutI"m taking a page out the playbook of Jay, Big and also Dre, Nas and also YeIf you examining rap prefer I examine it thenYou would certainly know what the fuck I been tryin" to say (classic)It"s harder to wait (it is)But it"s gotta be great (it do)And then as soon as I drop that shit all y"all gonna be prefer "Lil Dicky we made it!" (we made it)To everyone listening I think that it"s cool that we understand what they do not (they don"t)It"s not about if, only when and also it"s fun to be in on the jokeJust did my initially shows, nervous as shit, never been on the roadStarted in Philly I signed my initially titty, I eliminated dat shitStill I ain"t fucking no hoes (prefer no pussy, it"s sad)A part of the reason is namong the venues equipped with a shower (it"s so inconvenient)So I leave for an hour and when I come ago ain"t no bitches approximately (them bitches be leaving)I fuck through this soundRapping like Migos is fun for a clownI can say anypoint and also at the end of my statementThis cadence will certainly make it profoundLike for instance, ya male is around to go ham in the kitchenI"m fixin a sandwich (woo)All it is is some turvital and mayo however tell me that shit ain"t dramatic! (on ciabatta)It"s stupid emphaticStomach is fucked I been poopin" erratic (damn)New Santa Monica dude I simply relocated in in MarchAnd I"m bout to get into some MadnessDon"t confusage what my arrangement isI never go out (it"s depressing)I intended that my brackets about acquire sandyThe beach on my home (ehh, even more prefer three blocks away)I"m freshly an Uncle (Uncle Dicky)My bro had actually a baby (he did, she cute)I"ll be on by the moment she deserve to talkHer first words"ll be "Dicky we made it!" (that"s a BABY)Can"t wait to be famous (oh)That shit gon" be wild (I bet I"ll fulfill Drake)I"m lookin" at Jachild Sudeikis like who my Oliusing Wilde (I need an actress)I love Anna Kendrick (legitimate feelings)She never before tweet ago (not once, ever)I number she"s busy or think that I"m creepyBut baby I"m not! (unmuch less you prefer that shit)I simply have actually this vision wright here both of us living prefer Bonnie and ClydeThat"s you as a singer and me as a rapperWe can be prefer Jay and also Beywhen for whites (that could be so cool)That would certainly be the lifeI"d buy the Sixers and also make you my wifeNah I"m simply kiddin", I"ve just been smittenWith entirely fictional characters right? (obviously we"d have to gain to understand each other)You could be a grouch (that would suck)You could be so expect (I hope not)You might be the kind that need warning via dental to prevent the cream (some bitches hate the taste of semen)That"s graphic as fuck (I suck my own dick)But some bitches is bougie (I"ve kissed other men)Foroffer me, I just wanna make this pitch perfect I love all your movies (these ad-libs are fun)I need me some pussy (I"d buy it)I"m scared of the AIDS (the virus)I wish I was recklessThere"s rappers that"s been acquiring head up on stage (Danny Brown)I"m means also afrassist (my dick is a pussy)My dick been enragedBut soon as soon as I"m fuckin in public write-up nut, he"ll look up atcha boy and also say "Dicky we made it!" (get "em D)I"m just fuckin wit the flowYou recognize I still be on that ya ain"t really fuckin wit da boyI gained 150 various methods to reduced datLove rapSoon they"ll be fuckin wit the dork favor a humpbackYeah I"m bout to carry the fun backEincredibly other rapper need to go and acquire a dunce capNow I gained a one trackMind till I run rapMine till I"m doneWack rhymes better run rap (run ho)Mafucka shit is done wrapped (over)You ain"t wanna check out me come earlier (nah)Y"all hot for a summer in July in ArizonaLil Dicky literally is wright here the sun atKnowing y"all, gotta present you wbelow the sunlight at (hot)All of y"all been poor wbelow my child at? (hot)Where my child at? (hot)Wright here my son at? (hot)Where my child at? (hot)Come gain spanked, ho!My New Year"s resolution is to speak to these rappers hoesAnd mean thatI intend that shitY"all some hoes (y"all some hoes)Y"all some hoes (y"all some hoes)Adios (that"s Spanish)