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At Lifetime Dental Care we carry out high-top quality treatment in a friendly atmosphere. Lifetime Dental Care will certainly provide our patients through the the majority of progressed techniques in dentisattempt. Our focus is constantly on you and your well-being.

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New Patient Information

Are you a new patient to Lifetime Dental Care? Please click listed below to downpack the forms necessary for your initially visit to our office.

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The Best Diagnosis and also Treatment That Dentistry Has to Offer

We desire you to understand that in our office you deserve to intend to be treated through respect at all times. We strive to provide the finest diagnosis and therapy that dentisattempt hregarding offer. We believe that these goals have the right to be met via a continuous and also open dialogue between you and our whole team.

We encourage you to involve yourself in your own therapy and also ask concerns throughout our connection. In our opinion, an indeveloped and also involved patient is the majority of most likely to attain the highest level of healthcare. We look forward to working via you to attain this goal.

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Teeth Whitening Technology Without the Sensitivity

The ONLY whitening device making use of controlled warming heat in a global closed system mouthpiece! Call today to schedule your following whitening appointment or FREE consult! 410-879-4363

Rapid appointments.Superior results.No impressions.No trays.No messy strips.

Very thoturbulent and also sort and took the time to explain whatever about my proceeding treatment. Best office ever!!

Friendly, prompt & proficient team. Excellent skilled care ceded via an individual touch. Highly recommended!

Lifetime Dental Care

Address1201 Agora Dr, Suite 2BBel Air, MD 21014


Hours of OperationMonday: 8:20 AM – 7:00 PMTuesday: 8:20 AM – 5:30 PMWednesday: 8:20 AM – 5:00 PMThursday: 8:20 AM – 6:00 PMFriday: 8:20 AM – 2:00 PM