This song was among 2 dehowever singles from Marvin Gaye"s initially album, The Soulful Moods of Marvin Gaye. The various other was the little-heard pop ballad "(I"m Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over," attributed to "Marvin Gay." The decision to release 2 very different songs in the same week was the outcome of 2 clashing egos. The stubborn 21-year-old singer refoffered to record anypoint yet a Jazz album, however Motvery own CEO Berry Gordy persuaded him to add a couple of R&B numbers in the heritage of the label"s signature sound, among them being "Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide." Although the latter track came to be a regional favorite in Detroit, neither broke onto the charts. Later that year, Motown darling Mary Wells tape-recorded the song for her own dehowever album, Bye Bye Baby I Don"t Want to Take a Chance.

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Just before signing via Tamla/Motown Records and releasing his dehowever album in 1961, Marvin Gay made a subtle change to his surname by including an "e," though the factor remains unclear. Some stories insurance claim Gaye was influenced by the King of Jazz, Sam Cooke (whose own decision to include an "e" is still debated), while others claim the singer wanted to stop any whispers around his sexuality. Regardless, one little bit letter noted the distinction between a fledgling crooner and a rising R&B star.
Mellow YellowDonovan

The "electrical bananas" in the Donovan song "Mellow Yellow" were vibrators.

Disco LadyJohnnie Taylor

Even though Johnnie Taylor"s "Disco Lady" was the first US #1 via the word "disco" in its title, it wasn"t a disco tune. He was simply singing around disco.

OnlineBrad Paisley

The video for Brad Paisley"s "Online" is a mini-Seinfeld reunion, featuring Jachild Alexander, Estelle Harris, and also Patrick Warburton.

NastyJanet Jackkid

Janet Jackboy wrote the lyric to "Nasty" in response to random males calling her "baby."

No More DramaMary J. Blige

The Mary J. Blige song "No More Drama" samples the layout to the accordingly dramatic soap opera The Young And The Restmuch less.

Walking On Thin IceYoko Ono

John Lennon"s lead guitar work-related on Yoko Ono"s "Walking On Thin Ice" showed to be his last artistic act. It was upon their rerevolve house after completing laying down the track that Lennon was murdered by Mark David Chapguy.

Sam PhillipsSongwriter Interviews

Collaborating through T Bone Burnett, Leslie Phillips changed her name and also left her Christian label behind - Robert Plant, who recorded one of her songs on Raising Sand, is a fan.

Loudon Wainwideal IIISongwriter Interviews

"Dead Skunk" became a stinker for Loudon once he felt press to make an additional hit - his latest songs attend to mortality, his child Rufus, and picking up poop.

Jack Tempchin - "Peaceful Easy Feeling"They"re Playing My Song

When a waitress wouldn"t take him residence, Jack composed what would certainly end up being among the Eagles most enduring hits.

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Danny KortchmarSongwriter Interviews

Danny played guitar on Sweet Baby James, Tapestry, and also Running On Empty. He likewise co-wrote many kind of hit songs, including "Dirty Laundry," "Suncollection Grill" and "Tender Is The Night."

Grammar In LyricsMusic Quiz

Lyrics do not constantly follow the rules of grammar. Can you spot the ones that don"t?

Tony Banks of GenesisSongwriter Interviews

Genesis" key-guy re-examines his solo career and also the early days of music video.