Jumping into Let It Die, developer Grasshopper Manufacture"s free-to-play PlayStation 4 exclusive, is a bit overwhelming. Frankly, whatever about Let It Die is overwhelming, taking hrs to play and also understand.

We’ve played. We understand. We’re here to conserve you time. So let’s start breaking down whatever around the game to aid get your feet under you. You might still die a lot in Let It Die, however you’ll be much better ready to perform so after analysis this.

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Table of contents The basics

Diving in and expecting Let It Die to be like any kind of other game you’ve ever before played (choose we did) is a certain way to finish up puzzled and frustrated. The game does a fine job of introducing you to core principles favor punching and also jumping, however if you’re not mindful, you’ll miss out on most the nuances of what you’re around to be doing. And things start coming at you fast after you finish the tutorial. What complies with is a "what we wish we knew" for Let It Die.

Everypoint is expendable

The first thing you need to learn about Let It Die is that everything is expendable and also whatever is replaceable. Everything. Your gear, your weapons, also your favorite fighter. The sooner you let go of your attachment to things, the much easier this game will be for you.

So what’s the point?

The point is to hack-and-slash (and shoot and burn and buzzexperienced and mainly eviscerate) your way to the height of the 40-story (or -storey if you’re Sherlock Holmes) Tower of Barbs.

How carry out I carry out that?

The same method as you execute in real life, by taking the escalator. Or the elevator.

Every floor of the Tower of Barbs will have actually at leastern an entrance and an leave (and also periodically even more than one). The exit is an escalator, so once you see an escalator, you know you’re around to move on to the following floor and fulfill even more hard adversaries.

Some floors have actually elevators that you deserve to revolve on. While you have to pay in-game currency to ride them, it’s pretty cheap and worth every penny Kill Coin. Elevators rerevolve you to your Waiting Room wright here you have the right to heal up, turn in blueprints, buy new weapons, hit your storage chest or buy buffs for your fighter. You have the right to additionally take the elevator ago as much as any type of floor you’ve set off as a shortcut past the at an early stage floors.

Use the elevators. Don’t press on and hope to make it to the following elevator or turn approximately and also try to remap your actions all the method to the Waiting Room. Just pay the fare and also ride the elevator down. You lose every little thing you’re transferring when you die, so it’s not worth the threat. Better to simply go dump your inventory and upgrade your fighters and also their devices eexceptionally opportunity you acquire.

Storage room is your adversary

Unless you’re all set to start shelling out real-world cash for upqualities, you’re going to be functioning with extremely restricted storage room — 10 slots in your Death Bag (on your perchild and also in your mobile inventory) and 20 slots in your storage chest in the Waiting Room. While that’s not nothing, it fills up quick. Nopoint stacks and also you’re going to be picking up the majority of stuff. Even the tools you have equipped on your fighter take up a slot in your Death Bag.

So what’s crucial to carry?

Early on, whatever is important. Your equipment is going to wear out practically as quick as you have the right to replace it, and you’ll be going with health and wellness potions (mushrooms and also beasts in Let It Die) as rapid as you pick them up.

As you resolve in, you have the right to begin to acquire a small even more picky about which tools you really want and also what equipment is better than what you’re wearing. You’re likewise going to be picking up blueprints and upgrade products. Let’s talk more around the kinds of items you’ll uncover.

What kinds of things will I find in the Tower?

You’ll uncover equipment, blueprints, products, mushrooms and beasts. That’s a weird list (it’s a weird game), so let’s break them each down.


Either as a drop from a defeated adversary or as a gift from a cprice, you’ll pick up gear throughout every among your trips into the Tower. Eextremely time you’re about to pick somepoint up, you’ll get a pop-up that gives you the item’s stats and a choice of equipping it immediately or storing it in your Death Bag for later.


Weapons are your main, um, weapons against your adversaries in the Tower (sorry, that sentence obtained away from us). There are one-handed and also two-handed tools that deal slashing, piercing, crushing, fire, power or poiboy damage (or some combicountry thereof).

In the pop-up details for a weapon, the first line tells you whether it needs one hand also or 2 to wield. Some weapons have demands prior to you deserve to wield them — that’s the following bit of indevelopment. Alengthy a bar graph below that, you’ll see the breakdvery own of the damages dealt.


While it’s possible (and also sort of entertaining) to take on the Tower in your underpants, you’ll most likely desire to cover up eventually. That’s what armor’s for. There are three types of armor, broken dvery own by where you wear it.

Head armor goes on your head. Pieces of head armor (or "hats" as we’ll speak to them from now on) are a small different than body or leg armor in that they provide a rise to your abilities quite than provide a boost to your defenses. You deserve to watch the increase to your various stats in the hat’s details box (hat stats, if you will). More on your fighter’s stats listed below.

Body armor goes on your torso. Leg armor goes on your legs. We hope you’re taking notes.

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Both body and leg armor provide bonoffers to your defenses versus the various kinds of damage dealt by opponent weapons.