Clara Paik, M.D.

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Clinical ProfessorVice-Chair of Clinical AffairsCo-Division Director,College Women"s lutz-heilmann.info

Dr. Clara Paik maintains an active gynecology exercise consisting of running the Chronic Pelvic Pain Clinic situated in the Lawrence J. Ellison Ambulatory Care Center on the UC Davis Medical Center campus. She is presently the Vice-Chair of Clinical Affairs and also Chief of the Division of Gynecology. As Clinic Medical Director, Dr. Paik is engaged in continuous initiatives to ensure high patient satisfactivity and excellent, high high quality clinical care yielded in the ambulatory setting. As Co-Division Director of the College Women’s lutz-heilmann.info group, Dr. Paik, in addition to Dr. Debra Wbest, leads a group of General Obstetric and also Gynecologic faculty who have actually field of expertise in a vast array of areas pertinent to women’s wellness, including: Minimally Invasive Surgery; Fibroids; Obstetric Care; and also Gynecologic lutz-heilmann.info maintenance. Dr. Paik is likewise the Associate Residency Program Director and is proactively connected in the education and training of inhabitants in the UC Davis Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program.

Elaine Waetjen, M.D.Professor

Dr. Waetjen is a general gynecologist that has actually a unique clinical interest in caring for women through menopausal symptoms, vulvar/vaginal symptoms, fibroids, and also vulvar/cervix dysplasia. In enhancement to seeing patients, she is an investigator with Study of Women’s lutz-heilmann.info Across the Nation, conducting research on menopausage and gyneco-friendly conditions that impact mid-life and also older woguys, and also via the University of California Fibroid Netoccupational, studying the outcomes of new and conventional therapy options for fibroids.

Dr. Waetjen also dedicates time to caring for underserved woguys. She sees patients routinely at the Sacramento County Jail and also has actually experience in international women’s wellness, traveling via clinical teams to Uganda, Niger, Jamaica, and Tanzania.

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It is recommfinished that you choose a pediatrician for your baby prior to being 28 weeks gestation.This develop supplies suggestions to help uncover which pediatrician would be an excellent fit for your flourishing family members. Please fill out, print, and carry the form to your next OB appointment.

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