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Lava flows are frequently finer grained than intrusive igneous rocks. Why?What form of magma is the majority of most likely to quench (congeal) to a organic glass? What are the features.Sizes, forms, and also arrangements of mineral grains and various other rock-forming constituents make up what basic element of igneous rocks?What texture describes just how magma cools and also consolidates without development of mineral grainsWhat texture describes just how mineral grains are of approximately equal dimension and also coarse sufficient to be seen without a microscopic lense or magnifying glassWhat texture explains how rock has actually 2 or even more, distinctly different-sized populations of mineral grainsWhat texture describes how a magnifying glass or microscopic lense is required to check out individual mineral grainsWhat is an open up cavity in a volcanic rock that was filled by a gas bubble when the lava was still mostly liquid called?Consider Bowen"s reaction series. Which mineral would certainly you expect to view as a phenocryst in a porphyritic basalt? What is the indistinguishable aphanitic or phanertitic rock to granite? What is the tantamount aphanitic or phanertitic rock basalt? What is the tantamount aphanitic or phanertitic rock diorite?What igneous rocks exhilittle bit aphanitic texture?In a porphyritic volcanic rock, which mineral grains are the last to crystallize?Visible quartz and also potassium feldspar grains are the major constituents in which igneous rock?What igneous rocks have actually a pyroclastic texture?Which rocks have actually a very vesicular, volcanic glass?Which igneous rocks are written mainly of ferromagnesian minerals?Which minerals crystallize beforehand in Bowen"s reaction series?What is the leading feldspar in basalt?Diamonds occur greatly in which of the following geologic settings?What to geologists look at under a microscope?Which igneous rocks are characterized by very coarse mineral grains?What are vesicles?What texture shows a single, lengthy duration of cooling and also crystallization?What has actually the very same mineral complace as andesite?Which rocks crystallizes from a water-rich magma?What perform pumice and also obsidian have actually in common?Describe an aphanitic texture?Which igneous rocks exhilittle bit phaneritic texture?Which texture would be the majority of unlikely to happen in an extrusive igneous rock?Which igneous texture shows two, distinctly different sizes of mineral grains?Which phaneritic, igneous rock is consisted of mainly of olivine, pyroxene, and also calcium plagioclase?What igneous rock is named for a influential, volcanic mountain array in western South America?What is the dominant lava form erupted from volcanoes in Hawaii and Iceland?Which igneous rock or magma has the lowest silica (SiO2) content?Which of the adhering to igneous rocks is thneed to be common in the Earth"s mantle but rare in the crust?Which minerals happen in vertical, intrusive pipes recognized as kimberlites?What tiny, intrusive igneous rock bodies often contain gem-top quality crystals of minerals such as beryl and tourmaline and high concentrations of reasonably rare facets such as lithium, boron, and also beryllium?What weight percentage of silica (SiO2) typifies granites and also rhyolites?Yellowrock National Park is the majority of famous for what?What term denotes the larger mineral grains in a porphyritic igneous rock?What basic term denotes molten rock below the Earth"s surface?Diamonds are connected through what certain, ultramafic rock?What type of magma, generally erupted alengthy oceanic ridge devices, originates by partial melting of mantle peridotite?Pegmatites consist of what dimension mineral grains?What igneous texture refers to rocks written largely of mineral and volcanic fragments?An essential reactivity series reflecting the expected order in which minerals crystallize from magma was called for its originator. Who was he?Name 2 igneous rocks via glassy textures.What kind of igneous rock is both glassy and highly vesicular?Which process describes exactly how the removal and also isolation of early-created mineral grains deserve to reason the composition of the continuing to be magma to change?Igneous rocks are classified on the basis of what 2 primary characteristics?What igneous rock comprises the active volcanoes of Hawaii and Iceland?What are the igneous textures?What are the igneous compositions?How does temperature transforms influence mineral crystallization?In 1980, what was the first Cascade Range volcano to erupt because Mt. Lassen, California, in 1915-16?Which statement is true?a high viscosity magma will certainly flow even more readily and quickly than a low viscosity magmaa low viscosity magma will circulation more conveniently and easily than a magma through high viscosityIn general, what forms of magma will certainly be more most likely to erupt explosively?Which basaltic lava flow has a reasonably smooth, unbroke up, ropy surface?What is a major dissolved volatile constituent in both magmas and volcanic gases? (think in regards to elements)How carry out volcanic bombs originate?Which natural phenomenon occurs for many kind of years after significant explosive volcanic eruptions such as Tambora and also Pinatubo?What is the difference in between a caldera and a a crater?What fate befell the "Lost City of Atlantis" mentioned in Plato"s writings?What is the the majority of numerous kind of magma erupted at oceanic spanalysis centers?The 1991 Pinatubo eruption in the Philippines brought about brilliantly colored sunrises and also sunsets to be checked out for the following few years. What led to this phenomenon?Which ocean basin is rimmed by the a lot of subduction zones?What was the a lot of powerful, explosive volcanic eruption of historic time?What is linked with deep mantle warm spots?Why would a plume of solid silicate rock rising progressively from deep in the mantle begin melting as it neared the base of the lithosphere?Describe seamounts and also islands of the deep sea basins?Pockets of magmas deserve to be formed by the melting of deep continental crust heated by the intrusion of other magmas. Describes this process?What sensations accompanied the year without a summer (1816) in components of The United States and Canada and also north Europe?Which aspects are normally the many abundant gases emitted throughout basaltic volcanism?What kind of volcano has actually massive gently sloping volcanoes built of succeeding, basaltic lava flows?What kind of volcano has actually large, fairly steep-sided cones written of lavas and pyroclastic layersWhat type of volcano has actually little basaltic cones developed during one, short, eruptive episodeWhat type of volcano are the volcanoes of southwestern Alaska and also the Aleutian IslandsWhat type of volcano are the big volcanoes of HawaiiWhich statement about the May, 1980, eruption of Mount St. Helens is false?in the time of the eruptive duration, the mountain height was considerably accumulated by new lava flows and pyroclastic debrisplumes of ash climbed high right into the atmosphere in the time of the major eruptive eventsmudflows accompanied the major eruptive eventsthe most effective explosive event was predelivered by a huge landslideWhat 2 factors tend to rise the explosive potential of a magma body beneath a volcano?What type of basaltic lava flow has its surconfront spanned with sharp-edged, angular blocks and rubble?Which one of the following statements concerning volcanic blocks and bombs is true?blocks are damaged fragments of solid rocks; bombs have actually smaller sizes than lapillibombs are guided to Planet by laser beams; blocks autumn anywherebombs are ejected as magma lumps; blocks are ejected as solid fragmentsbombs and blocks are both smaller than lapilli and also cindersWhat has the best result on post-eruption, global climatic change?What destroyed the city of St.

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Pierre, Martinique in 1902?Which of the complying with statements concerning cinder cones is false?they are little volcanoes via fairly steep sidesthey are constructed largely or totally during one eruptive cyclethe cinders and other pyroclastic pposts are consolidated into welded tuffthe cinders a lot of commonly are basalticThe Columbia Plateau in Washington and also Oregon is what form of volcanic feature?Which type of eruptive activity is the majority of most likely to be highly explosive?Which among the complying with statements is not true?melting temperatures of silicate rocks rise through boosted pressuremelting temperatures of silicate rocks are lowered by little quantities of waterbasalt magmas in basic have actually greater temperatures than rhyolite magmasonce magma reaches the surconfront, its liquified gas content increasesWhich type of volcanism is typical of mid-oceanic ridge systems?Kilauea and also Mauna Loa are what type of volcanoes?What type of volcano is Mount St. Helens?What is constructed practically totally of pyroclastic materials?The 1943 eruption of Paricutin in Mexico was characterized whereby among the complying with sets of volcanic phenomena?The average complace of rocks making up a large composite cone or stratovolcano is comparable to which magma?Which volcano is an extremely big, gently sloping mound created largely of basaltic lava flows?What finest defines Shiprock, a famed volcanic attribute in New Mexico?Which area has the best concentration of currently active volcanoes?What is the dominant lava type erupted alengthy mid-ocean ridges?What is the correct desigcountry for the geologically current, volcanic task in the Yellowstone National Park area?How are the Icelandic volcanoes concerned plate tectonics?What ideal explains volcanism in the Cascade Range, northwestern U.S.?Describes the substantial Hawaiian volcanoes?At low pressures and also in the lack of water, rhyolites and also granites start to melt at around what temperature?Which geographic areas attributes geologically young, rhyolitic welded tuffs and a very huge, connected caldera filled greatly with piles of rhyolitic lava flows?What volcanic occasions created Crater Lake, OR? When did they take place?List the correct order of igneous rocks of decreasing magma viscosity?Why execute magmas increase towards Earth"s surface?What is the biggest, recognized volcano in the Solar System?What are the two arrays of basaltic lava flows?What occasion comes before a summit eruption of Kilauea on Hawaii?What is the name for the biggest, discordant body of intrusive, igneous rock?Which intrusive, igneous rock body is tabular and also concordant?What is the name of a close to surchallenge, intrusive, igneous rock body that outcomes from local inflation of a horizontal sill?What finest explains the bedrock in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California?Xenoliths are linked the majority of closely through which magmatic procedure and also igneous rock body?Compowebsite volcanic cones are additionally called.What is the most abundant gaseous component liquified in a lot of magmas?Vents that emit just warm gases and vapors are referred to as.Large, volcanic depressions created by subsidence and collapse are recognized as ___________.Which basaltic lava circulation has actually a reasonably smooth surface?What term describes a liquid"s flow characteristics?What term defines fragmental volcanic material?What term denotes a basaltic lava flow extended through angular, congealed lava rubble?What term defines a dangerous, quick moving, hot, rough cloud of volcanic gases and fine-sized, pyroclastic particles?What is the the majority of likely feeder conduit for a basaltic fiscertain eruption?A reasonably tiny, summit depression on a volcano, marking a former eruptive vent, is called a what?What term denotes the huge volcanic depression lived in by Crater Lake, Oregon?Which form of volcanoes comprises the Cascade and Andean Ranges?What term describes pyroclastic pieces intermediate in size in between ash and also bombs?Which among the three significant kinds of volcanoes is composed nearly exclusively of pyroclastic debris?What type of volcanoes are Kilauea and the various other massive Hawaiian volcanoes?Which igneous rock comprises the Hawaiian Islands and also the majority of various other islands of volcanic beginning in the oceanic basins?What is one more term for a volcanic mudflow?Which kind of volcano is closely connected with convergent plate boundaries and also subduction zones?What volcanic rock, frequently of rhyolitic composition, creates by compactivity and also squeezing together of pshort articles in a warm, pyroclastic-flow deposit?Which tabular, discordant igneous rock body intrudes along a crack or fissure?What is a very huge, discordant pluton, generally of granitic composition?What tabular, igneous rock body is intruded concordantly in between layers of older sedimentary rock?What is a little, igneous rock body eminserted at shenable depths by uplift and also arching of the overlying, older strata?What basic term explains bulbous masses of igneous rock that crystallized listed below the land surface?Rerotate to the Igneous PageRerotate to the Volcanic Activity PageRerevolve to the Plutonic and also Other Igneous Activity PageReturn to the Lecture PageRerotate to the Class Page