Big Sean raps on this party-ready hip-hop song around discovering from your mistakes and rising from the ashes of any type of setbacks in life. Last night took an L, however tonight I bounce back. Wake up eincredibly morning, by the night, I count stacksThe song is dedicated to Sean"s ability to rise over taking a Loss. It also has actually the inscription "Take No L"s", which is featured on the single"s cover.

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The phrase "bounce back," meaning to acquire back in the game after somepoint poor has happened to you, comes from the idiom, "bounce back harder than prior to."
The I Decided album has actually an overarching story running through it of renewal, yet Big Sean does not desire to over emphadimension the message. "You don"t desire to overdo it. I"m not trying to sit below and preach to civilization," the rapper told Entertainment Weekly. "You can get across through a song prefer "Bounce Back." We"ve all bounced ago from somepoint prior to, so that fits my story perfect, yet you never before would have recognized that from hearing it by itself."
Big Sean percreated a tidied-up variation of the song during his musical guest appearance on the January 21, 2017 episode of Saturday Night Live. Although this was the Detroit MC"s initially time as the musical guest on the show, he previously attfinished it in 2010 as soon as Kanye West performed.
Big Sean popped up in a 2018 commercial for Quicken Loans wbelow Keegan-Michael Key demystifies confusing jargon. When teenager plays the song in the vehicle, his dad asks him what it implies to "take an L." Key describes it ("the rap singer took a loss, and currently he"s OK again"), before Sean shows up through his cameo.
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