1. How long have actually you been a member of the Eastern Chamber of Commerce?I simply joined in July 2021.

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2. Why did you join the Oriental Chamber of Commerce? Any expectations?I newly resituated to Las Vegas and would certainly favor to network via expert business owners, and to promote the success of our neighborhood. I would prefer to be our members’ go-to perkid for all points real estate.

3. What committee execute you presently volunteer with?I am not on a committee currently, yet I am interested in volunteering through the Membership Committee.

4. What is your current occupation?I am a Real Estate agent through Addicted Realty below in the Greater Las Vegas Area.

5. What carry out you perform at Addicted Realty and what situations would certainly I pertained to you for something?.We are a full-business actual estate company that specializes in helping clients buy, sell, and also rent. We likewise have a huge residential or commercial property administration department. We think that everyone deserves to very own their own residence and also job-related closely via Veterans and the minority area.

6. What lead you to this career?My companion and also I are presently going via the procedure of purchasing a house. I wanted to learn the procedure and also then simplify it. It is a wonderful endure, and also I am glad to assist guide others via it.

7. What is one point many world don’t understand around you?I have a double career in the aviation sector.

8. What is your favorite sport to watch, and which team carry out you root for?My favorite sport is baseball, and also I am a die-difficult Dodgers fan…yes, I’m from L.A.

9. What would we most most likely find you doing on the weekend?Showing dwellings and also building relationships with clients. If I’m not functioning, I love beginning my day early on by going on a hike and then lounging by the pool through some impressive regional take out.

10. If you can choose a superpower, what would it be? Why?My superpower is to fly. I hate driving in traffic!


11. What is your favorite area to eat around here?I am still busy trying new places all over town, but tright here are many good locations in Downtvery own and also the Arts District. The food scene right here in Las Vegas is amazing!

12. What is your favorite Oriental Restaurant in Las Vegas?Currently my companion and also I are obsessed via Sidestreet Pho and Grill. They have actually delicious and authentic Vietnamese cuisine that reminds me of Westminster in L.A. You need to attempt their Bo Kho – Sidestreet Beef Stew.

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13. What is your favorite TV present or movie?My all-time favorite TV display is Will and Grace. I can watch it and also laugh for hrs.