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"Ladies and also Gentlemales, We Got Him" is a quote originally uttered by American diplomat Paul Bremer in the time of a 2003 press conference announcing the capture of Saddam Hussein. In 2018, the scene, coupled via audio from the Breakbot song "Baby I"m Yours", started to be extensively provided in miscellaneous remixes on YouTube paired via clips of world being apprehended or caught off-guard in some fashion, frequently in the conmessage of FBI operations or ligma jokes.

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On December 13th, 2003, the United States conducted the effective Operation Red Dawn military procedure, which led to the capture of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.<1> The following morning, diplomat Paul Bremer, at the time the USA Administrator in Iraq, announced Saddam"s capture at a Baghdad push conference, informing the crowd, "Ladies and gentlemen, we gained him."<2> On July 10th, 2010, a clip of the press conference was uploaded by the CSpanClassics YouTube channel, which got even more than 1.57 million views and also 3,600 comments over the following eight years.


On April 19th, 2018, YouTuber krazyspongebob13 uploaded a video clip featuring the press conference clip listed below a screenshot of a news headline around the deletion of the "Despacito" music video (displayed below).

On August fourth, YouTuber LEGEND uploaded a green background theme video featuring the Bremer clip paired with the audio from the Breakbot song "Baby I"m Yours", with the song loudly distorted at the finish (displayed below).

On July 23rd, 2018, YouTuber Dolan Darker uploaded a video clip entitled "PEWDIEPIE GOT LIGMA", in which PewDiePie asks around the definition of the term Sugondese after which the Bremer clip is heard (presented listed below, left). The same day, an additional edit was uploaded, featuring Tyler "Ninja" Blevins inquiring about rumors of his death from ligma in an Instagram comment (shown below, right).

Other than its usage in the conmessage of civilization falling for ligma jokes, the clip has actually likewise been supplied in edits including FBI or SWAT operations (examples shown below). Many of these edits are accompanied by extra footage of an SWAT raid from the 1:00 note in the video "How to Smokebomb a Party".<3>




Bremer"s Response

On December 10th, 2018, The Daily Beast publimelted a profile of the meme in which Paul Bremer was interregarded about his reactivity to ending up being a meme.<4> Bremer revealed that he had actually learned around his meme condition from his granddaughter and included that he was "not a meme male, so I was watching them with excellent curiosity".<4> The short article additionally mentioned that he was taking "his new internet fame in stride".

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