1 : belonging or showing up to belong to no specific class or type : not quickly explained … a nondescript mixture of formats in the worst feasible taste.— George Bernard Shaw

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2 : lacking distinctive or interesting qualities : dull, drab Their performance was disappointingly nondemanuscript.

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How Nondescript Was Formed

It is relatively straightforward to describe the origins of "nondescript" (and there"s a hint in the first component of this sentence). "Nondescript" was developed by combining the presolve non- (definition "not") with the past participle of the Latin verb describere, meaning "to describe." It is no surpclimb, then, that once the word was adopted in the late 17th century by English speakers, it was commonly applied to something (such as a genus or species) that had actually not yet been described. Other descriptive descendants of "describere" in English include "describe," "description," and "descriptive" itself, and the rare thoughtful term "descriptum" ("somepoint that is described").

I job-related in among the nondescript office buildings downtown. Their performance was disappointingly nondescript.
Recent Examples on the Net Webwebsite Located on the second floor of a nondescript structure, Tropicalia Discos is a vinyl goldmine. — Megan Wood, Travel + Leisure, 3 Aug. 2021 The history is displayed in what seems choose a dull, simple conference room just dvery own the hall from the actual lab, which itself is tucked away out of sight behind doors in a nondemanuscript building on U-M"s North Campus in Ann Arbor. — David Jesse, Detroit Free Press, 31 July 2021 His beers were a hit, and his tranquil tasting room in a nondescript concrete building throughout the street from the city"s Coca-Cola distributor took off. — Hudboy Lindenberger, Forbes, 24 May 2021 As the runners came about the last revolve, a nondescript miler called Fermin Cacho was in the lead. — San Diego Union-Tribune, 17 July 2021 Now there’s a red-oselection shiny boring Jeff Koons balloon dog in the glass lobby of a new, nondescript glass-wall structure. — Jerry Saltz, Curbed, 13 July 2021 The iconic club, situated in a nondescript sexpedition mall southwest of downtvery own and also introduced to a nationwide audience by its inclusion in the TV drama Nashville, will organize its first display through a ticketed audience on July 16th. — Joseph Hudak, Rolling Stone, 8 July 2021 Last night the mayor’s office sent out a reasonably nondescript statement around the tarmac chat. — Lisa Donovan, chicagotribune.com, 8 July 2021 For a while, the Rise of the Moors had its office in a nondescript two-story structure on Key Street, beside Black Lives Matter Rhode Island and simply a brief walk from Pawtucket City Hall. — BostonGlobe.com, 7 July 2021

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non- + Latin descriptus, previous participle of describere to describe