Stockholders are not authorized to sign contracts or make service commitments on behalf of the corporation.

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Corporations pay earnings taxes on corporate​ earnings, and also shareholders pay earnings tax on the dividends obtained.
internally created equity that is earned by profitable operations that is not distributed to stockholders
Bentley Corporation got cash from issuing 16,000 shares of prevalent stock at par on January​ 1, 2018. The stock has a par value of $ 0.01 per share. Which is the correct journal enattempt to record this​ transaction?
Which of the adhering to is consisted of in the enattempt to record the issuance of 7,000 shares of $8 par value widespread stock at $19 per share for​ cash?
Pumpkin Corporation issued 5,000shares of common stock on January​ 1, 2018. The stock has no par value and was issued at $17.00 per share. The journal enattempt for this transactivity has a​ ________.

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All City​ Realty, Inc. issued 5,000shares of $9 proclaimed worth widespread stock for $12per share. The journal enattempt to document this transaction consists of a crmodify to​ ________.
A corporation declares a dividend of $0.50 per share on 16,000shares of common stock. Which of the complying with is contained in the enattempt to record the​ declaration?
On November​ 1, 2018,​ Uno, Inc. claimed a dividfinish of $4.50per share.​ Uno, Inc. has actually 29,000 shares of widespread stock superior and also no wanted stock. Which of the adhering to is the journal enattempt required to record the declaration of the​ dividend?
On November​ 1, 2018,​ Nada, Inc. declared a dividfinish of $5.75per share on prevalent stock.​ Nada, Inc. has actually 26,000 shares of widespread stock outstanding and no preferred stock. The day of document is November​ 15, and the payment date is November​ 30, 2018. Which of the following is the journal entry required on November​ 30, 2018?
If solved costs are $810,000, the unit marketing price is $60, and the unit variable expenses are $48, what is the break-even sales (in units) if addressed prices are reduced by $50,000?
T/F: Although this sounds difficult, it is frequently basic to develop actions that direct behavior or activity specifically as intended

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Fundamentals of Corporate Finance11th EditionBradford D. Jordan, Randolph W. Westerfield, Stephen A. Ross