One of the beauties and perks of being a blogger or influencer is obtaining "free" stuff. I put quotation marks on complimentary because the majority of of the time, brands sfinish stuff in exreadjust for a article or two, making the product the payment for the content. HAHA. You gain it?

This $520 serum that I will be talking to you about this particular day is one of those products that I gained for "free" in exadjust for a post, and also I will certainly be sharing all my thoughts around it. Is the serum really that excellent to be worth fifty percent a thousand also dollars?! Let"s uncover out!


La Prairie is a deluxe skintreatment brand established in Switzerland also, and also their purpose is to sell a course to rejuvecountry. I"ve never before heard of this brand prior to till I was offered the chance to try some of their products out, and my gosh, I was shocked via their prices! When they said luxury, they weren"t kidding! #dasesspensive!!! They have actually already sent me a few commodities from various collections, however the one we are concentrating on this day is their White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion which is a brightening serum. It is part of their White Caviar Collection, and a 30ml bottle is worth a whopping $520. You check out that correctly! Five . Hundred .Twenty .Dollars .

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They contact it Liquid Light, and its exclusive formula is shelp to tarobtain age spots, redness, and greyness: the 3 chromatic light-barriers to a luminous complexion.

It claims to give us youthful, luminous skin in 4 weeks, and also it also clintends to aid fade the appearance of dark spots, diminish redness, and shields skin from pollution.




It smells heavenly! It has that expensive smell (which it should, bereason das esspensive!), and also I do not really understand how to define it. But in instance you were wondering, it DOESN"T have actually a floral scent, and I favor that.A little goes a lengthy method. The serum itself appears pretty thick when pumped out of the bottle, but it actually feels extremely watery once applied on the confront. So you just require fifty percent a pump.Because it is watery, it glides on the challenge via ease, and also the skin absorbs the product almost instantly. Feels incredibly lightweight.It dries down to a tacky finish, and also I favor that it does, because the moisturizer that I"ll be placing over it will certainly stick better to my skin.Now, to answer the question "DOES IT WORK?"..... it does! I did alert that my red spots went away in simply one week, and my complexion looked brighter. I supplied it day and night for a entirety month, and also it didn"t break me out. But is it worth $520? My answer is a large no. I"ve tried other serums that offered me the very same outcomes, and also those weren"t even a fraction of the price of this white caviar serum. If you execute want to splurge on skincare and you have that extra $500 lying roughly, then by all suggests, acquire this product bereason it works! But if you are on a budget, I would certainly tell you to skip on this one.


So after I"ve double-cleansed, exfoliated, and toned my challenge, I apply this serum all over my face and also neck, then I go ahead and also put on my eye cream and also night time moisturizer. I still use this product to this particular day, and also I"m so in love with exactly how my skin looks right currently. My skin isn"t perfect, bereason I battle via pores and blackheads on my nose area, but the rest of skin feels really soft and looks clean.

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I don"t have a before photo bereason my skin didn"t really look that poor prior to, however this is exactly how my skin looks currently, after a month of using this serum.

Have you tried any type of La Prairie products? What are your thoughts?

Are you the form to splurge on a $500 serum, or would certainly you quite discover more affordable choices? Let me recognize down below!