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La PrairieWhite Caviar Eye Extraordinaire$550

Ingredients: Brimming through illuminating actives

Along via shea butter, glycerin, and also ginseng and also licorice root extracts, the formula contains an illuminating molecule dubbed lumidose, which, according to the brand, is the many potent inhibitor of tyrosinase (the enzyme responsible for the development of melanin). What this suggests is, together with moisturizing the vulnerable skin under your eyes, White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire targets gray, brvery own, yellow, red and also violet tints to brighten and also rise the reflection of light from your skin. This helps treat worries like fine lines and also dryness, while additionally including an prompt aesthetic worth (i.e. exactly how your challenge looks in really good light, however all the time).

Then, of course, there"s the gold caviar extract, the ingredient with which La Prairie has formulated numerous deluxe products. It helps to rise collagen manufacturing, elasticity, and add density to your skin, which, in turn, functions to refine your eye"s form and also stave off darkness and sagging.

As part of lutz-heilmann.info’s Clean Beauty Pledge, we looked right into the product"s inclusion of Steareth-20, which is a synthetic polymer composed of PEG (polyethylene glycol) and also stearyl alcohol. PEGs are on our list because the procedure of making them consists of ethoxylation, which produces 1,4-dioxane as a byproduct, a potentially carcinogenic ingredient according to theNational Toxicology Program. However before, they"re taken into consideration entirely safe for cosmetic usage if the contaminants have been stripped.We reached out to La Prairie to confirm this, and also here"s what the brand also had actually to say: "La Prairie hereby confirms that the PEG products in its White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire are safe for usage and perform not contain contaminants—they are rated as low danger (1-3) on the EWG chemical rating device."


Hallie Gould 

The Feel + Scent: Bouncy, thick, and fresh

Like the remainder of La Prairie"s commodities, the formula does not have much of a scent, which I love, just smells clean and also fresh. The brand also recommends pressing the depression on the height of the jar with your index finger (it"s maintained in an air-tight package to save the integrity of the actives in tact), and then using the formula with the reminder of your ring finger using a "push and also roll gesture." The cream is so thick and also bouncy you deserve to almost feel it working through eexceptionally tap. It"s comforting, soft, and also smoothing, as well as instantly illuminating. It"s a hybrid of all things great, IMHO.

Then comes the fun part: Included via the product is a cooling ceramic pearl expected to de-puff your eye area and also encourage facial massage. It feels favor heaven. Once the application component is done, you obtain a opportunity to marvel at the outcomes. This eye cream transforms me right into the glowy morning goddess I"ve constantly imagined. I understand that sounds dramatic, it is just an eye cream, but it"s so luxurious and also genuinely effective that I do not treatment exactly how it sounds.

The Before + After


Hallie Gould

The Results: Brighter, smovarious other under-eyes

I really, really love La Prairie"s White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire. It"s a luxurious, effective eye cream that delivers specifically what it claims. It targets gray (pollution), brown and also yellow (discoloration), and also red and violet tints (under-eye darkness) to increase your skin"s ability to reflect light. That"s enough to make it excellent, as under-eye darkness is my adversary, however it likewise lifts, firms, and also moisturizes the vulnerable eye are (consisting of alengthy the brow bone, cheekbone, and orbital bone.

The formula is thick and lovely, feels expensive (bereason it is), and nearly shimmers upon call. I love to use it throughout my morning skincare regimen as it is flawmuch less under makeup. It"s smoopoint, and also does a lot of the heavy lifting I"d normally ask of my favorite concealer. It"s not makeup, obviously, yet it does help—a lot.


Hallie Gould

The Value: If you"re looking to splurge, this is it

I’ll provide it to you straight: This product is over-the-top expensive. But, you already recognize that. And, possibilities are, if you"ve made it this far in the review you"re looking to splurge. This is a formula that uses visible outcomes both immediately and also overtime. That, and also it lasts for months. If you think about it in terms of price per usage, and also you use it eexceptionally day for three months, the price comes out to around $6 for each application. If I was asked to pay much less than 10 bucks for an improvement in my under-eye darkness and bags, an issue I"ve had actually with my confront for as long as I deserve to remember, I’m down.

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Our Verdict: Love it. Buy it on payday (or using AfterPay)

La Prairie"s White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire is expensive yet incredibly good. It keeps the skin about my eyes looking youthful, plump, shiny, and smooth. Plus, it comes through it"s own massage tool (I love me some lymphatic drainage) so, really, it"s even more choose a two-for-one. Plus, there are so many type of methods to finance substantial purchases virtual these days—which is incredibly valuable as soon as you can not make such a huge purchase upfront.

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