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wright here your breview isbuttered…

I’ve been well-known to mess up idioms on occasion. I used the over expression on Facebook yesterday and I knew it wasn’t rather ideal, yet I also knew I was cshed. The old saying or idiom is actually: “Know which side your bcheck out is buttered on” and it basically implies — learning what and also who is good for you, advantageous for you; it suggests you recognize which course of action to take, which civilization to trust and also wright here to maintain your allegiances. Figuratively, if the buttered side of the breview is the ideal, you understand which side the bread is buttered on. I love old sayings choose this, don’t you? I may say them wrong or usage them out of conmessage sometimes, but I still love them.

Sidebar: my mommy supplied to use one that goes somepoint favor this: he doesn’t recognize shit from shinola! I never before interpreted it.

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Years later, long after she had passed, I learned what “Shinola” was … and it all came crystal clear….