I began backpacking in nine grade, hating eincredibly minute of it. The borrowed equipment was heavy and uncomfortable. I vowed never before to perform it again till a frifinish and avid enthusiast enlightened me. I now celebprice 10 years of finding out joyful backpacking. I go on 4 overnights, 2 2-days and at least one lengthy 5-6 day expedition. I am a three season camper as a result of an aversion to excessive cold. I lug about 25-30 lb (11-13 kg) for overnights and approximately 60 lb (25 kg) for long trips. My playground has the hills of Colorado, Utah and also a little bit of Idaho.

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Other details:This is an all-sport, "non-freeze" confront protector via an SPF of 30, according to the manufacturer. The label states it is right for water or winter sports and offers UVA/UVB wide spectrum defense versus sunburn in ... the most excessive weather problems.The active ingredients are:Avobenzone 3.0%Octinoxate 7.5%Octisalate 5.0%Octocrylene 6.8%in a beeswax base (with a few other things however no petroleum!!!).


The manufacturer recommends this product for water, winter or extreme weather, yet having newly learned of a pair of my outdoor buddies" battles through melanoma, I don"t prefer to take any kind of opportunities. I usage Kiehl"s challenge protector on my face, shoulder, neck, ears and chest anytime I"ll be out in the direct sun for more than 30 minutes. I discovered this wonderful product about 2 years back and also have actually used it on a number of multi-day backpacking trips consisting of a number of that forced scurrently take a trip.Recently I supplied this product on a three day camping expedition at elevations in between 10,400 ft (3170 m) and also 11,800 ft (3600 m). The sun is incredibly intense at better elevations. I have actually discovered that while the manufacturer says reapplying the product after 40 minutes of sun, I deserve to normally go a lot longer in between applications. Due to the fact that the product has actually no icky petroleum in it, I can reuse several times on a 3 day trip and also not have actually my confront break out favor a pepperoni pizza by the end of the pilgrimage, if I can"t quickly wash. Also, it has actually never brought about my eyes to sting as soon as I begin to get sweaty while hiking. I have never before provided an additional sundisplay, whether designed specifically for encounters or not, that didn"t sting my eyes when I started to sweat.Kiehl"s "Non-Freeze" Face Protector does live approximately its name. While on a backpacking trip beforehand in the spring, the temperature dipped down to 20 F (-7 C) and I checked the product. It was dark so I didn"t have to use however wanted to inspect for the sake of testimonial. The waxy product was still easily removed from the container and spread smoothly on my skin. Anvarious other attribute I appreciate about Kiehl"s is that as soon as the temperatures climb, it doesn"t melt. I have actually brought this product in temperatures in the low 90"s F (50"s C) and also it has continued to be in a solid waxy form. In the heat it gets a small creamier, but it has never before melted into a liquid phase.I have likewise supplied this product on back-fill trips that encompass scurrently travel. The albido or reflective effect of the scurrently combined with the intense sunlight deserve to usually revolve me right into a sunlight dried tomato if I"m not mindful. The Kiehl"s has been a blessing and has blocked so much sunlight I didn"t also obtain a light tan out of it.

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I really love Kiehl"s Face Protector. It has actually never before stung my skin or eyes, it does a tremendous project of blocking out the sun and also protecting my skin. I have actually never had a rash or break out of acne from it. It appears to continue to be put when I begin to sweat and is long lasting and also has no smell other than a beeswaxy smell.The container is tiny 1.4 oz (40 g) and it doesn"t include as well a lot weight to my load. The product is additionally conveniently spread on my skin, so a tiny goes a long method. I try to make it last as it is a bit pricey, but then I like to keep my skin healthy and balanced, so I"ll pay a tiny extra for that.I don"t favor to put petroleum assets on my skin (ew!!!) and also thankfully this is not in a petroleum base.


1. Doesn"t sting my eyes2. Small, straightforward to pack container3. Spreads easily4. Doesn"t sting my eyes5. NO PETROLEUM6. No perfumey smell7. Did I cite does not sting my eyes?


1. A little pricey