Science tells us that being thankful deserve to make us happier and also improve our feeling of health. Over the course of their resides, our students will face many hardships, and also among the best points we deserve to carry out is help them learn the abilities they need to be more resilient. Here’s a list of heartwarming gratitude videos to watch with students to cultivate an mindset of gratitude. You’ll find videos for all age groups!

Gratitude Videos to Watch With Kids in Lower Grades

What is Gratitude?

This video explains just how to have an perspective of gratitude by harnessing the power to select thankfulness.

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What Does it Mean to Be Thankful?

Let’s talk around what it indicates to be thankful, so more happiness have the right to find it’s way right into our lives!

Kid President’s 25 Reasons To Be Thankful!

Life have the right to be challenging. It’s crucial to always take time to remember the points that make life awesome.

Two Minute Start of Day Gratitude Meditation for Kids

This short meditation will certainly teach kids just how to be thankful for their day and also leave them feeling positive and ready for each day’s adventures.

My Gratitude Jar

Kristin Wiens reads her book “My Gratitude Jar,” which tells the story of a young boy who learns the value of a everyday gratitude exercise.

Brief Gratitude Story for Kids

This brief video follows Billy as he discovers the value of time and shows gratitude for life by helping others while he can!

Practicing Gratitude

In this episode of RocketKids, Aspen offers us a small rundown on the prominence of gratitude and shares 10 things she’s grateful for best currently.

Gratitude Meditation for Kids

This youngsters mindfulness video will guide them with a journey of being aware of their body, breath, and also mind, and just how to lug a feeling of gratitude via them wherever they go.

Thankful by The Juicebox Jukebox

Show kids that we’ve gained a lot to be thankful for with this song!

Gratitude as a Learning Strategy

Use this video in your classroom to start a discussion around gratitude as a discovering strategy and also cultivate a expansion perspective.

Kids Talk Gratitude

Kids can check out firsthand just how we have the right to shape the future via gratitude, acknowledgement, and human link through some fun tasks.

A Moving Story About Gratitude

How a lot of an affect have the right to a teacher have actually on a student’s life? This video explores being grateful for educators.

The Very Fairy Princess: Attitude of Gratitude Read Aloud

This read aloud shows us how one fairy princess numbers out that gratitude is the best perspective.

Gratitude for Kids

This video covers a number of scenarios in which youngsters have the right to express gratitude in a number of methods.

Guided Meditation for Gratitude

Listen as Tania Happiness Antonio, writer of The Affirmation Station, takes students on a expedition with your grateful garden.

3 Minute End of Day Gratitude Meditation for Kids

This brief meditation will certainly teach your son how to be thankful for their day and also leave them feeling positive, calm, and looking forward to tomorrow.

Gratitude Videos to Watch With Kids in Upper Grades

Kids With Character: Gratitude

This video complies with a 6th grader as they discover factors to feel grateful eincredibly day.

The Gratitude Experiment

Does being grateful really help your well-being? This video shares a gratitude experiment that’s simple to attempt.

Gratitude for Teens

What does gratitude look like in high school?

The Science of Gratitude

Research reflects that an “mindset of gratitude” deserve to measurably enhance your as a whole wellness.

An Experiment in Gratitude | The Science of Happiness

What renders you happy? Have you ever wondered why? Join us as we take an experimental strategy on what renders human being happier.

What Teens Are Thankful For

A first-grade teacher, a best frifinish, a parent — high schoolers share their gratitude letters through their recipients.

What are your favorite gratitude videos to watch through kids? Share in the comments listed below.

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