Throughout the 2016 election cycle, Ted Cruz has actually been called many kind of unfavorable names and been compared to many unsavory world (and other creatures): the Zodiac Killer, Grandpa Munster, or, as Saturday Night Live called him, a "nasty bit weasel." Perhaps, the a lot of favorable comparison that the Texas senator have the right to case is to the rather obnoxious however still lovable Kevin from NBC"s The Office. But after a side-by-side swarm of Cruz and Kevin went viral, what does Brian Baumgartner, The Office"s Kevin, think of the Cruz comparison?

"At leastern what I tell myself, and what I do genuinely believe, he really resembles Kevin as opposed to me," Baumgartner tells "I"m not delusional." Baumgartner explains he changed his whole physical expression and also stance once he played Kevin for nine periods on the beloved, Emmy award-winning sitcom. "I think Mr. Cruz has this similar sort of relaxing face, there"s a sort of droopiness on one side of his mouth," Baumgartner states, yet that"s a similarity the Republihave the right to presidential candiday shares through Kevin, not him. "I produced a character whose walk is various from my walk; his standing posture, his normal expression are different from mine."

But Baumgartner (who newly showed up in the History Channel"s The Crossroadways of History) admits it"s not all Kevin. "I remember the first time I experienced it. I was on Twitter, and also I looked at my image in the edge of the Twitter profile, which is my normal image. ... I mean I absolutely watch the similarities," he says, noting that the photo he usually sees compared to Cruz is "what I would call one of the Kevin encounters, through the type of side mouth, curl point."

While Baumgartner says the physical similarities between Cruz and also Kevin had been stated to him previously in the election, he hadn"t assumed a lot of it. "Then, I woke up the morning after he won Iowa to around a hundred text messages — all civilization, of course, thinking they were bringing it to my attention for the initially time," he claims. "That was once it kind of came to be... probably I shouldn"t disregard it any type of longer."

Different examples were sent to Baumgartner, yet standouts were the photo and video of a side-by-side comparikid poster of Cruz and also Kevin being hosted at a Cruz rally in South Carolina (filmed for the Donnie Does YouTube channel and included below). "The video of him seeing the guy and also the look of "oh gosh provide me a break" look on his challenge really made me laugh," Baumgartner claims. That moment, for those interested, is right roughly the 1:11 mark.

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And Baumgartner has actually acquired in on Cruz-Kevin meme fun, sharing it through fans on Twitter and also Instagram with the inscription, "Well played, protester at Ted Cruz rally. Though to be fair, you are insulting Kevin"s knowledge by the compariboy."

In instance those remarks didn"t make it clear, Baumgartner is not for good old TrusTed this election. "I think it"s fun. I think it"s funny. I certainly have actually a feeling of humor around it," Baumgartner claims as soon as I ask around the Cruz compariboy, but he adds, "I"m not a supporter of his, so in that method, it renders it a tiny much less feel-great than if it were someone I actually supported."

Gun manage is among the big worries that repels Baumgartner from Cruz. "Kevin wasn"t precisely well-known for his smarts. I was having fun , yet I have actually a really, really hard time via Mr. Cruz"s stance on guns," Baumgartner claims. "I feel favor he tries to paint any kind of type of gun control favor "that side is going to take away all our firearms."" Baumgartner likewise cites a specific quote from Cruz (one that Cruz shelp at the formation of his Second Amendment Coalition): "What keeps us safe is that we are free civilization who have actually the God-offered ideal to safeguard our homes and also our households and our lives."

"I have actually a really hard time with civilization who tell me what God intended or what God believed," Baumgartner says. "That makes me crazy beyond anypoint else." Baumgartner likewise thinks this quality in Cruz — this insurance claim to understand what God thinks — is what renders him so different, personality-wise, from The Office"s Kevin.

"As daft as Kevin was, I don"t really think he would certainly ever before pretfinish to stop around what God intfinished or what rights God gave us on this earth," Baumgartner claims.

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As for which candidate is getting his vote, Baumgartner will not officially say — though he suggests he is feeling the bern. "I think Bernie Sanders is a really crucial voice. I think incredibly similarly in line through him politically, however I"m not totally all set to endorse him," Baumgartner says.

He"s even more emphatic around (probably) not voting for the GOP candidate. "I"m not necessarily tied in through one party or one certain voice... but I simply don"t view anyone on the appropriate, right currently, that is worth offering vote, also."