Fuel Rewards® members with Gold Status save at leastern 5¢/gal on eincredibly fill-up at Covering.

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How It Works

Join the Fuel Rewards program. Visit a participating Covering station. Enter your Alt ID, swipe your Fuel Rewards card, or swipe a crmodify card opted in to Link & Save™ to identify yourself as a Fuel Rewards member. You’ll conserve 5¢/gal with Gold Status in addition to any type of various other rewards in your Fuel Rewards account. Members with Silver Status save 3¢/gal in addition to other rewards. Finish paying, then purchase fuel at the lower price.

Combine your savings from Gold Status or Silver Status via Fuel Rewards® savings earned from daily purchases.

For instance, if you earned 10¢/gal at a restaurant, 20¢/gal shopping digital, and also 40¢/gal on a pair of concert tickets, you might incorporate those through 5¢/gal from Gold Status to save 75¢/gal on your following fill-up at Covering.

Ways to Earn Fuel Rewards Savings
How long does my Gold Status last? New Fuel Rewards members will certainly obtain immediate Gold Status for the initially 6 full calendar months of their membership. For instance, if you sign up with on January 1, 2021, you will certainly get Gold Status via July 31, 2021. The first 3 full months of your membership is your introductory duration. You have the right to attempt out Gold Status, no strings attached. (Ex: January 1–April 30) The second 3 months is your qualification duration (Ex: May 1–July 31). You should fill up 6 times during this 3-month period to maintain your Gold Status for the next 3 months. (Ex: August 1–October 1) Fuel Rewards members who joined before June 5, 2017, received prompt Gold Status through December 31, 2017. Their initial qualification duration was October 1, 2017–December 31, 2017. How carry out I keep my Gold Status? To maintain your Gold Status, you have to fill up at leastern 6 times throughout your 3-month qualification period (check out above). That’s only 2 times per month. Each fill-up must be at leastern 5 gallons or even more to qualify. Does my 5¢/gal reward for having Gold Status incorporate with various other rewards I earn in the Fuel Rewards program? Yes, your 5¢/gal reward from Gold Status will stack with various other rewards you’ve earned in the Fuel Rewards regime. Is my 5¢/gal reward easily accessible on any type of fuel grade? Yes, your 5¢/gal reward is obtainable on any fuel grade, including Shell V-Power® NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline. Where is this market available? This Gold Status offer is available at all Covering stations that participate in the Fuel Rewards regime. What happens if I lose my Gold Status? Members who perform not qualify for Gold Status will obtain Silver Status. Members with Silver Status save at leastern 3¢/gal on eincredibly fill. Rewards for Silver Status might likewise be merged with various other rewards earned in the Fuel Rewards regimen. I currently have Silver Status. How execute I acquire ago to Gold?

Text GOLD to 83835 to download the app and sign up with the Fuel Rewards routine. Article & information rates might use. The mobile carriers are not liable for delayed or unceded messperiods.

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Gold/Silver Status Offers


Covering is the nationwide fuel provider for the Fuel Rewards® program. Participation varies by market.