(keeps plural & third person present) (keeping existing participle) (kept past tense & past participle )

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1  v-link If someone keeps or is preserved in a certain state, they remain in it. The noise kept him awake...  V n adj/prep To keep warmth they charred lumber in a rusty oil barrel...  V adj/prep For several years I retained in touch through her.  V adj/prep 
2  verb 
If you save or you are preserved in a specific place or place, you remajor in it. Keep amethod from the doors while the train is moving...  V adv/prep He kept his head dvery own, hiding his attributes...  V n through adv Doctors will certainly keep her in hospital for at leastern one more week.  V n prep 
3  verb 
If you keepoff somepoint or keepamethod from it, you avoid it. If you keepout of something, you stop obtaining affiliated in it. You can additionally say that you keep someone off, amethod from or out of somepoint. I managed to stick to the diet and save off sweet foods items...  V prep/adv The best way to save babies off sugar is to go ago to the organic diet and eat numerous fresh fruit.  V n prep/adv 
4  verb 
If someone or something keeps you from a particular action, they prevent you from doing it. (=stop) Embarrassment has actually preserved me from doing all sorts of things...  V n from -ing 
5  verb 
If you attempt to keepfrom doing something, you try to soptimal yourself from doing it. She bit her lip to store from crying...  V from -ing 
6  verb 
If you save something from someone, you execute not tell them about it. She kbrand-new that Gabriel was keeping somepoint from her.  V n from n 
7  verb 
If you store doing something, you carry out it consistently or proceed to do it. I save forgaining it"s December...  V -ing I turned earlier after a while, however he kept walking...  V -ing   Keep on means the same as store., phrasal verb Did he offer up or save on trying?...  V P -ing 
8  verb 
Keep is provided via some nouns to suggest that someone does something for a duration of time or proceeds to carry out it. For instance, if you save a gripon somepoint, you proceed to organize or regulate it. Until last year, the regime retained a tight grip on the nation...  V n One of them would save a look-out on the road behind to warn us of approaching vehicles...  V n 
9  verb 
If you store something, you continue to have it in your possession and also carry out not throw it away, provide it away, or offer it. Lathan had to select between marrying her and keeping his task.  V n 
10  verb 
If you save somepoint in a certain area, you always have actually it or keep it in that area so that you have the right to usage it whenever before you require it. She maintained her money under the mattress...  V n prep/adv To make it much easier to contact us, save this card handy.  V n adj 
11  verb 
When you save something such as a promise or an appointment, you carry out what you sassist you would carry out. I"m hoping you"ll keep your promise to come for a lengthy visit...  V n 
12  verb 
If you keep a document of a series of occasions, you write dvery own details of it so that they deserve to be described later on. Eleanor began to save a diary...  V n 
13  verb 
If you keep yourself or save someone else, you assistance yourself or the other person by earning sufficient money to administer food, apparel, money, and other vital things. She might just about afford to save her five kids...  V n I simply cannot afford to keep myself...  V pron-refl The pay was enough to save him in whisky for a day or 2.  V n in n 
14  n-sing 
Someone"s store is the price of food and also various other points that they require in their daily life. poss N Ray will certainly earn his save on neighborhood ranches while researching...  
15  verb 
If you keep pets, you own them and take treatment of them. I"ve brought you some eggs. We store chickens...  V n 
16  verb 
If someone or something keeps you, they delay you and also make you late. `What preserved you?"—`I went in the wrong direction."  V n 
17  verb 
If food keeps for a certain length of time, it continues to be fresh and also suitable to eat for that time. Whatever is left over might be put right into the refrigerator, wbelow it will certainly save for 2-3 weeks.  V 
18  verb 
You deserve to say or ask just how someone is keeping as a method of saying or asking whether they are well. only cont She hasn"t been keeping too well lately...  V adv 
20 If you keep at it, you continue doing somepoint that you have actually began, even if you are exhausted and would certainly choose to soptimal. ♦to keep at it 
 phrase V inflects It may take a number of attempts, yet it is worth maintaining at it...  
21 If you store going, you proceed relocating alengthy or doing something that you have started, also if you are tired and also would certainly like to speak. ♦to save going 
 phrase save inflects She compelled herself to store going...  
22 If one point is in keepingthrough another, it is suitable in relation to that point. If one point is out of keepingthrough another, it is not suitable in relation to that thing. ♦in/out of keeping 
 phrase v-link PHR, PHR via cl, oft PHR via n His office remained in keeping with his terminal and also endure...  
23 If you save it up, you continue working or trying as tough as you have been in the past. ♦to save it up 
 phrase V inflects You"re doing a great job! Keep it up!  
24 If you save somepoint toyourself, you do not tell anyone else about it. ♦to keep sth to yourself 
 phrase V inflects I have to tell someone. I can"t save it to myself...  
25 If you keepyourselftoyourself or save toyourself, you stay on your own a lot of of the time and also execute not mix socially with various other people. ♦to keep (yourself) to yourself 
 phrase V inflects  (Antonym: socialize) He was a quiet man that maintained himself to himself...  
26  → to keep someone company  → company  → to save a directly face  → face  → to store your head  → head  → to keep pace  → pace  → to store the peace  → peace  → to store a secret  → secret  → to store time  → time  → to save track  → track keep back 
1  phrasal verb If you save ago component of something, you execute not use or give away every one of it, so that you still have actually some to use at a later time. (=set aside, host back) Roughly chop the vegetables, and save ago a small to chop carefully and also serve as a garnish.  V P n (not pron), Also V n P 
2  phrasal verb 
If you store some information earlier, you execute not tell all that you recognize around something. Neither of them is informing the whole truth. Invariably, they keep somepoint earlier.  V n P, Also V P n (not pron) save down 
1  phrasal verb If you store the number, dimension, or amount of somepoint dvery own, you perform not let it gain bigger or go greater. The prime aim is to keep inflation down...  V n P Administration expenses were retained down to simply £460.  V P n (not pron) 
2  phrasal verb 
If someone keeps a team of civilization down, they proccasion them from gaining power and condition and also being completely complimentary. (=host back) No matter what a woguy tries to do to enhance her instance, tright here is some obstacle or attitude to store her down.  V n P, Also V P n (not pron) 
3  phrasal verb 
If you save food or drink down, you manage to swpermit it effectively and also not vomit, even though you feel sick. I tried to offer her somepoint to drink yet she couldn"t save it dvery own.  V n P store on 
2  phrasal verb If you store someone on, you proceed to employ them, for example after they are old sufficient to retire or after other employees have actually shed their tasks. Sometimes they store you on a little bit longer if there"s no one quite all set to step into your shoes...  V n P save on about  phrasal verb If you say that someone keeps on about somepoint, you expect that they keep talking about it in a boring method.  (BRIT) INFORMAL (=go on about) He preserved on around me being `defensive".  V P P n store on at  phrasal verb If you store on at someone, you continuously ask or tell them something in a way that annoys them.  (BRIT) INFORMAL (=nag) You"ve constantly acquired to save on at civilization about that...  V P P n She kept on at him to acquire some qualifications.  V P P n to-inf keep to 
1  phrasal verb If you save to a dominance, plan, or agreement, you carry out exactly what you are expected or expected to perform. (=stick to) You"ve got to keep to the rate limit...  V P n 
2  phrasal verb 
If you keep to somepoint such as a course or river, you carry out not relocate away from it as you go somewhere. (=stick to) Please keep to the courses.  V P n 
3  phrasal verb 
If you store to a certain subject, you talk just around that topic, and do not talk around anything else. (=stick to) Let"s keep to the topic, or you"ll acquire me too perplexed.  V P n 
4  phrasal verb 
If you save somepoint to a particular number or quantity, you limit it to that number or amount. Keep costs to a minimum.  V n P n store up 
1  phrasal verb If you keep upthrough someone or something that is relocating close to you, you relocate at the very same speed. She shook her head and started to walk on. He retained up through her.  V P via n, Also V P 
2  phrasal verb 
To save upvia something that is transforming means to be able to cope with the adjust, generally by altering at the same price. ...wage increases which store up via inflation...  V P with n Things are transforming so fast, it"s hard to save up.  V P 
3  phrasal verb 
If you keep upvia your job-related or via various other people, you control to perform or understand all your job-related, or to do or understand also it and also various other world. Penny tended to job-related via her lunch hour in an effort to save up via her occupational...  V P with n Life is challenging for kids who aren"t maintaining up in college.  V P 
4  phrasal verb 
If you store upthrough what is happening, you make sure that you understand about it. She did not bother to keep up with the news.  V P via n, Also V P 
5  phrasal verb 
If you keep something up, you proceed to perform it or provide it. I was so hungry all the moment that I could not save the diet up for much longer than a month...  V n P They threat losing their homes because they have the right to no longer save up the repayments.  V P n (not pron) 
6  phrasal verb 
If you save somepoint up, you proccasion it from growing much less in amount, level, or degree. There will be a major catalyst among TV networks to keep requirements up...  V n P Opposition pressures are maintaining up the push against the government.  V P n (not pron) 
 , save fit Keep-fit is the task of maintaining your body in excellent problem by doing special exercises.  (mainly BRIT)  n-uncount oft N n 

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