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Supermale Homeweb page reviewer Thomas Dreyfuss reviews episodes from the “Justice Organization Action” Animated Series, airing on Cartoon Network.

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Check out his review of the 22nd episode of Seakid 1 in which the JLA uncover themselves in risk of shedding Wonder Woguy when the goddess Athena comes to Planet with an offer Diana can’t refuse – filling the position of the Goddess of Truth on Mt. Olympus.

Rating – 4 (out of 5): It took twenty-two episodes however we lastly have actually a JLA episode dedicated to Wonder Womale. And simply in time for the character’s huge live activity movie (which I’ve currently viewed #BelieveTheHype). Now the point that makes Wonder Woman tricky to adapt as a character is finding a balance between her fighting prowess and also boundmuch less love (We’re talking Agape here, not Eros). So far, this series has actually leaned also tough on Wonder Woman being this badass warrior princess which is understandable given the show’s time constraints and also core demographic of boys ages 7-13. But a Wonder Woman without compassion is a dull Wonder Womale. See also, the Injustice 2 variation of Wonder Woman who’s a complete badass in regards to presentation and gameplay, yet her bloodthirsty actions and angry demeanor make her completely unsavory in a cosmos wbelow Superman’s a dic…tator.

But in “The Trouble via Truth,” we gain a brief glimpse of Wonder Woman’s compassionate side and likewise a rare appearance of DC’s variation of Athena. You watch, the start of the episode plays out favor a typical superhero adventure. The terrorist organization recognized as H.I.V.E. has armed a cobalt fusion bomb somewright here in Metropolis and with Supermale stuck on New Genesis, it’s up to Batguy, Green Arrow, and also Wonder Womale to discover it. The twist is that Athena (Greek Goddess of Wisdom, War, Craft, Warcraft, World of Warcraft, and so on.) descends from the heavens to tell Wonder Woman she’s been chosen to be the brand-new Greek God of Truth which leaves Wonder Womale with appointments around abandoning the life she’s built with the Justice League.

Now everything around Athena is awesome. I love that they made her a sassy Aunt who’s wise beyond her years. I love that she gets under Batman’s skin and also undermines Environment-friendly Arrow’s archery abilities through her very own. I love that she has actually the mechanical owl from the original Clash of the Titans which is such a cool, nerdy recommendation for cool nerds like me to capture. Best of all, I love that they acquired Jessica Wchange to voice the character which by the means, makes her the second Arrested Development actor to portray a DC version of a Greek God after Jakid Bateman voiced Hermes on Justice League Endless. Now Jessica Walter is renowned for illustrating intend characters on Archer and also Arrested Development but while Athena is more of a cool aunt than a disgranting mommy, the verbal kung fu and also feminine ferocity fits right in line with Walter’s ideal job-related.

But ago to Wonder Womale. Aside from the abovementioned fighting, we perform obtain to view Diana inspire people through Athena’s words and also Wonder Woman’s actions. Unfortunately, her climactic enrespond to through the Hive Master left a poor impression on me. The villain pulls the old “self destruct my base so I have the right to escape” routine however fairly than having Wonder Womale use her Lasso of Truth to compel Hive Master exactly how to shut dvery own, she simply sticks the man to the bomb via the intent of leaving him for dead. Now in fairness, Wonder Woguy does justifies her actions stating that she kbrand-new Hive Master would certainly be selfish enough to deactivate the bomb. And in retrospect, tright here was no means DC Entertainment would grant of Wonder Woman murdering a male on a kids cartoon. But for a hot second tbelow, I was shocked to see Wonder Woguy display screen such callous overlook for a humale life.

“The Trouble of Truth” wraps with Athena realizing Wonder Woman’s place is on Planet inspiring mortals through her actions and also helping the Justice League. There’s even a fun visual gag with Eco-friendly Arrow wanting to take Cupid’s area as the god of love. It’s a fun episode all at once, however every little thing I loved about Athena just reminded me of what’s doing not have in this variation of Wonder Woguy.

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